Could someone take change of my finances please?


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Write a shopping list online, print it and just take the won't have enough for junk that way!
If you do have to buy junk as part of your syns, try and say what one thing do I want to have today and get it. That way you are not depriving yourself but you are also not buying loads of stuff in and having it at home. I try and say what one thing do I want to do today it maybe walking or getting some syns in but I just try and focus on that one thing till the next time xxx


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order your shopping online.. then review your basket before confirming..
you are a lot less likely to impulse buy that way and will be able to see what junk you've added to your shopping, unlike at the supermarket where the junk might get covered in the trolley by other stuff and ignored..


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Thanks for the kind replies but its not my actual shop thats the problem!! Sorry im just in a fowl mood, (see diary for why if interested) its petrol stations that are becoming my downfall, as there is one by work which isnt chip and pin and im using so much i have to fill up all the time! Thanks anyways peeps x