Could you do it like this as if you have 36 points a day

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  1. Flowerbags

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    I'm not sure if I'm thinking straight here but is it possible, say you have 29pp and your 49 allowance, could you just work it out as 36pp a day and carry upto 7 over a day if you haven't used them?

    With me it's just psychological.
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    Yep. You can use (or not use) those 49 points any way you like. But you must always have your 29 a day and not carry them over. Anything above the 29 and dipping into your 49 you can hang onto for the rest of the week. Does that make sense?
  4. Rachel217

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    I started WW when there was a Points range (i.e., 20-27) so this was a no-brainer for me. It makes it easy for me to manage my budget, because I am not one of those people who goes out for a big dinner every week, so I don't usually have to "save up" for a trip to the Chinese buffet. Having not much of a life does have benefits! ;-)

    Another positive is that you are encouraging yourself to eat every PP available to you, which is a good thing because you do not want to get too used to eating teeny tiny amounts. This will make maintenance easier and more sustainable as a permanent way of life and not a "diet".
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  5. size102b

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    Propoints is like fast start 29 a day which was like fast start the 49 propoints is like what would be the unused fast start points taken off like say
    old plan 20 points a day on fast start =16 so 4 less a day 4 a day x 7 = 28 points like the 49 now.
    I think it is much better now as we learn to use our daily allowence for filling foods and if we need extra we have the 49 in reserve,for me its better as in my mind Im logged into 29 daily pp the 49 will be used for when I really need them,as my weight has slowed this new plan is good as in I hope it kickcs my lbs off again.
    They say in europe the 49 is less for different weights so maybe we will have that here next so in certain weight groups we will have less but they may not ? x
  6. Flowerbags

    Flowerbags Member

    lol, I like that. It sums me up as well.

    I guess I'd rather go on the assumption I have upto 36 points a day and when I have a some left over I somehow I feel I've had 'a good day'. I can carry what's left over for a day when I'm struggling as long as it's no more than 7.

    Like I say, it's all psychological really and lifestyle dependent. Our leader was saying that some bottles of wine are 19 points. I guess for some, who like their vino, that's fab 'cause they can take it out of their 49 points for the week. For someone like me who's pretty much teetotal I'd rather break it down for each day. Horses for courses I guess.
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