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could you help me please


is getting better at it
hello, i so really want to lose weight but i have a problem, my other half, he cooks most of our evening meals and will use packet stuff from the freezer not fresh cooked stuff. its ok some of the time when i tell him what i want for dinner or if i cook it the night before but sometimes i just cant decide what i want or do not have time to cook anything.

he doesnt really help me at all and i try to keep it quiet when i am trying to lose weight as he starts buying me chocolate and things and i have no will power at all, do you think i should try and eat my meals using no syns so when i do get given tortilla wraps and breaded chicken coujons i will be prepared and then not think to my self i have blown it and give up again.

i have asked for help in the past but it dont last very long

sorry for the ramble

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What helps me stay on track is to plan my meals for the entire week. I don't necessarily plan on what to have on a given day, but I know what I have to choose from for that week. Hope that helps a little. Good luck!
On ww I used to do my menu for week then do shopping list and get it all at a weekend and then cook in advance what I could and freeze. I am trying to do the same on sw and will go shopping tomoro for next weeks meals and cook what I can on Sunday.


Desperate to be slim!
I plan my meals for the week, and my OH now cooks from scratch if I need him to (generally I cook and he washes up)
The first couple of time I wrote out a rough recipe for him to follow, but now he will make chilli, bolognaise and SW chips on his own, as well as anything from the SW recipe book we have as long as I have got all the ingredients in.
Maybe talk to him and explain that you don't want him to buy you chocolate, and him trying to make low syn meals would make you much happier than a bar of chocolate!
Good luck!!! (And don't give up!)
PS: I always keep breakfast and lunch as syn free as possible, and can then use syns if necessary in the evening. It works for me... I've just had a wispa that I've been fancying for weeks for 11 syns, but that will be all my syns for the day.


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It sounds like he doesn't want you to lose weight. Maybe you should try talking to him about it, explain why you want to get slimmer, perhaps he's feeling insecure.
Hi Metro,

I have to agree with dehli. It does sound like he doesn't want you to lose weight. Can I ask, does he have a weight problem too? If so, perhaps if you inspired him to get on board too then he may not be threatened by it (that's if he is).

If you really want to do it, you will! Best of luck.

K x


is getting better at it
thanks for the replies, yes he is big to and wont entertain the idea of dieting so i am in the middle of planning my meals for the week and have told him i will either cook it all teh night before so it only needs to go in the oven or i will do it when i get in from work which he is happy about as he can stay in bed longer (he works nights).
Good for you! You never know, when he see's all this great food you're eating he may change his mind.

Hope you enjoy your first week Karen.

Kerry x
I am lucky in that my lot eat what I do so they are happy to help out. Hubby does a mean risotto :) oh and cooked brekki and he is wanting to loose weight too and has lost 2 stone already so it helps me a lot.

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