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Count down to university - must get the weight off!

Soooo, a food diary for me to record my achievements and failures. I will try to keep it updated...

I'm not sure that it will be of interest to anyone but myself, and maybe not even interesting to me!

I have to sort myself out again, after my success last year getting weight off I have been slow and rubbish since before Xmas and it's time to finish what I started.

I'm starting university in September doing an adult nursing course which means I need to be very fit and healthy. I had planned to defer until next year so that I would be healthy enough for the hard work ahead but recently questioned whether I was using the extra year to allow myself to slack with the diet. When I went for my interview I spoke to the course leader about my weight and whether she thought I should wait for another year, she was lovely and said that if I continue as I had last year that it wouldn't even be an issue come September and that she was surprised I asked. I asked why and she said because I don't look very overweight, oh the wonder of clothes! I told her that the scales said differently but it was a nice little boost to my confidence. I'm sure she was just trying to be nice!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings for now. That is my new motivation, I have a new life to lead which I'm very excited about and one which is very achievable once I take back control.

Starting today, with WI on Tuesday I'm not sure I can claw my week back but I will try very hard. I'm already over my syns for the week so will have no more (maybe not a good idea but a day or two will do me no harm).

Very low fat natural yogurt
2 benefit bars (B)

Boiled eggs


Chicken wrapped in bacon
Green beans
Small jacket potato (B)

Milk for coffee (A)
Copious glasses of water!
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Hello Laura, im intrested ;) love looking at peoples food diaries.
You have done so well already, what a weight loss.
Im trying to loose weight so that we can have IVF(as well as just wanting to feel and look better) so it is making me more determend to stick to it this time round Couldn't you allow yourself just 5 syns a day instead of 0???
Lots of luck . x
Hi Nellylou, What a wonderful motivation you have for losing weight, I hope it goes well for you and that you get the treatment you need to help with your future. We all need extra motivations at times don't we.:)

You're right that I should have some syns, I will find something small to add to my list. Thank you xx
Today has been a funny old day; college times back to front with no break for lunch which meant I picked up some crisps instead - never a good idea. Goes to show how disorganised I am and how little will- power I have once I'm hungry.

So it's a red day again and looks like this:

2 weetabix (B)
250ml semi milk (A)

Lunch if you can call it that....
2 packs of crisps (10syns)
2 apples and a pear

Pork chopJacket potato (B)Mushrooms
Could have been much better, I hate how there's nothing good to buy at college. It's all pasties and pizza if you miss normal dinner time and even then there's not a great deal I can buy if I've forgotten to bring something.Oh well, tomorrow is WI after a poor dieting week so it's nearly behind me and I can start again. A fresh new week is what I need, I've been shopping so I'm all ready for 100% again. Can't wait.:D

2 weetabix (B)
250ml semi (shared with coffee throughout day) (A)
natural yog.

Cottage cheese
6 sesame savour bakes (B)

2 packs crisps (12 syns)

Just got back from WI and lost 2.5lbs which I'm thrilled with because the rest of the week was far from perfect.

I'm really excited to start a new week and make it 100%, it's been a long time since I've managed 100% but this will be the week!

I've bought the new mag so will have a look for new recipes. Now I have a kitchen again my life will be much easier, it's been a nightmare without.:(

2 weetabix (B)
nat yog.
250 semi (A)

Rice salad

Crisps (12 syns)


Will find something for another B later....
Hey Laura, How are you getting on? I have been trying Extra Easy and think its working. Although had a little gain this week as went a bit off plan at the weekend! :sigh:

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