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Count Down.


synful soul
Only 2 weeks to go to my long awaited hospital appointment. It can not come fast enough. We are counting the days.

I can not wait to be told that whatever it is is benign ( please God ).

I cannot wait to go to bed without it being my last thought.

I can not wait to wake up in the morning without my first action being to feel where the lump is.

I can not wait most of all to be rid of the constant fear of the return of cancer and the possibility of losing my voice let alone my life.

I am not a negative person. My glass is always half full, but this long wait has really worn me down. 3 months is just to long to wait.

Sorry if this comes over as a miserable ,negative posting. I promise you I am neither. Just a concerned old biddy who can not wait for normal service to resume.
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Gold Member
Fillymum I'm sure you're in everybody's thoughts and prayers.

I'm positive that it will be something and nothing and have everything crossed for you.

Am sure the relief when the wait is over will be immense, and hat's off to you for being so patient in such a time of worry.

Big hugs xxxxx


Gold Member
I think you have coped remarkably well given the circumstances and the unreasonable waiting times. I have kept up to date with this, whilst not posting (mainly because I was very new when you first posted and couldn't really add anything to the millions of people telling you to go and get it looked at straight away!)

So - I hope you get the news you want, that it is nothing serious, and that it is fixed as quickly as possible.

And even if your post does come over as a bit negative (it doesn't btw) so what? No one here is every going to have a go at you for that x


synful soul
Sure you will be fine. Would they keep you waiting 3 months if they thought it wouldn't be?
Thanks mumtheshopper, (HUGS) xx

Unfortunately yes, they would and they have.

My appointment was requested as being urgent. The state of play at our hospital is such that 3 months for an urgent appointment is normal.

I know of people who have normal appointments for non-life threatening conditions who have waited nearly a year.


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You have done unbelievably well in dealing with the pressure. You are in my prayers, candles are lit and I'm all crossed that it's all good.

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