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Countdown issues?

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Hey all

I have been doing SW since April and have bought 3 lots of the 6week countdowns during this time (from 2 separate consulants as I changed groups).

I am week 4 of 6 this week, and told my consultant that I would be taking a holiday next week as I am moving house. She told me holidays are not allowed when you are on countdowns unless they are pre-booked in advance of purchase of countdown!! Sick is also not allowed (unless in extreme cases).

I think this is highly unfair, as what happens if something comes up where you genuinely need holiday (such as moving house - I only found out I was moving 2wks ago, or last minute holiday, or you have to go away with work?).

I explained to her that I had never ever been told this before, and lucky the lady who does the cash who sold me the countdown said she had never heard of it either. Because of this I was allowed to take my holiday.

My consultant showed me the booklet the vouchers come in and it does mention this on the T&C's there but again I've never had this booklet as the vouchers take ages to come in! And she keeps them!

Also she said that if you are on countdown and need to WI elsewhere (as I do often, due to work) then you should pay for that week as it's unfair for the consultant whose class you are at as they will not get any money! And then you should speak to your consultant who will arrange to extend your countdown!

It all seems really crazy to me and has really put me off buying a new one. But then why shouldn't I be able to take advantage of the offer?

Sorry for the long post but I'm rather annoyed!

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well iv never heard of that.i just bought a countdown and its just finished.I was allowed to take a holiday and am going to buy another countdown next week:)
im hoping im still allowed to take holidays as i might have another one coming up but i wont find out for another two weeks.
The only 'mistake' we made by buying successive countdowns - and we were allowed to take our holidays off with no problem - was that we were both aiming to reach Target on the last day of our existing countdown. Problem was that, thanks to Scan Bran, we both reached it two weeks earlier than expected...!!!

Really galling this week, as I've been struggling lately, and will almost certainly have to PAY for my syns!


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We are told right at the start when you buy a countdown that you have to book your holiday at the time of purchasing the countdown. Our consultant makes us very aware of it. I think the logic is that a countdown is meant to motivate you to come for the successive weeks without a break.

Once your class is computerised, it is strictly enforced as the computer will keep track of everything.
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Iv never heard it either, as far as im concerned buying a countdown is a choice you make, mainly to encourge you to keep going, and i find alot of people buy them to set themselves a target also, like gaining club10 or half a stone in the time they are on countdown, Now, i dont know whether my consultant is just really nice and flexible, BUT iv never heard of anything like this and quite frankley, it sounds like shes mroe fussed about the money than helping you change your life. if your attending another group because you cant make the one you usually attend, then why should you not use your countdown when youv paid for it?! thats rediculous. Screw the money, they all get paid at the end of the month don't they, and wouldnt be any different from one of thier regulars not coming that day?!


*hugs* i'd suggest you contact HQ and tell them about it, I'm sure they'l agree she didnt handle it very well, and will make the T&C more available and people more aware of them to avoid it happening again. x

Mrs V

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My Mum has just had this happen to her, as she has been asked to work the night of the class that she attends.
When she spoke to her Consultant, it was arranged that the Consultant would call into Mum's on the way home from another class...that way Mum wont miss out at all.


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Argh this really p*ssed me off to. My first C sounds like yours and I lost 2 weeks from a 12 week countdown. Even when I told her it had not been explained to me (and again with the coupons not being issued) she didn't budge.

At new group I made sure to get the date I knew I'd miss in the diary when I got another 12 week countdown and my C was great. Again I didn't get the coupons, but she made a note on my weight chart slip for the weeks counted on CD. Because of this the lady who does the cash is able to pre-warn people their CDs are running out so they bring cash/buy more.

And I agree - you're paying upfront but lose holidays whereas if you paid as you went you can take a last minute holiday no worry.

I'm afraid you do have to book your holidays upfront when buying a countdown. We are on the computerised system and they do need to be booked onto the system when purchasing the countdown.
When computerised you don't get the vouchers as the computer knows how many weeks you have, you just get a slip saying when your countdown runs out.

I don't really see why it's unfair to have to book holidays upfront but you should have been told this when you bought your countdown that's for certain.

I guess each consultant is different when it comes to flexibility but I do know that at my group, if it's not prebooked, then you lose that week from your countdown. (and my consultant is a really nice lady, she just follows the rules!)


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So it all boils down to communication really. But if you get the chance of a cheap holiday, or if your DD/DIL has a baby unexpectedly, (well a week or 2 either way) you're penalised? That's the trouble these days. I've never bothered to buy one to be honest as you save very little.

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