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Countdown to RTM.......

Well, I have decided to start my countdown to RTM....

I am hoping to continue until November 3rd and lose another 9lb.

Obviously this is depending on how I am feeling over the next few weeks and the weekly losses.

I am pleased to say my "dappy" spell is over - just as well as I am about to go on a driving lesson! ha ha

Today, I bought myself a minature hot water bottle in a cute knitted cream cover with a fizzy red heart on it from River Island :) I plan to take it every with me! I am really feeling the cold!

Therefore, 19 days to go....

Normal Kat xx :D
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Is back in the saddle!
Well done you, I'm sure you'll crack it easily.

I have a few of those self heat pads you can get from the chemists for aching muscles. They can last about 8 hours. I have been known to have several pairs of hands down the back of my trousers I can tell you, and not mine either!! But only on cold, cold days out and about when I'm nice and toasty.
Hi Kat

I'm sure you'll find the focus of a countdown useful. I have. And it's great when you tip past the halfway mark :D. Glad to hear your dappy spell is over.

I feel the cold too and have several sets of the boil and click type hand warmers that can be placed in pockets and various spots about the body. Also my electric underblanket is used EVERY night! :cool:

With every warmth.... xx
i found i needed a def date in my mind when i was near to RTM, it just made everything seem real!
good luck on the last couple of weeks of abstinence!
daisy x


I will do this!
fabulous kat, can't wait to read your rtm thread! You have been such a help and support to me on my ll journey so thank you x
Thank you all for your comments.

Gemma, I will do an RTM thread although I am too lazy to be as detailed as Jez :) I love her posts! I will also continue to support everyone else as I think it is such a vital part for us all!

Kat xx


Playing the Angel
Yay Kat, can't wait for you to start so we can compare notes!!! It is gonna be soooo exciting. The cold is killer - I have found the cutest thermal socks at primark though and some little thermal vests ;P Also need to get some of those little clicky hot pad for hand things like TI mentions - once I get cold I just cannot seem to get warm. Lol, we asked LLC about it in group on Tues and he said that it something we will have to learn to live with as thin people!!! Well I am happy to live with it but I need to get as much warming stuff as I can - we missed the heatwave in the summer, or rather didn't feel it too badly because of being in ketosis, winter is gonna mke up for it and we are gonna suffer!!! Realistically it is not even really cold yet! "shiver"

Soooo excited for ya babe!!! Counting down with you :) *hug bounce hug some more*

Well....here we are on a Friday night!

18 days to go!

Rik went out to get a chinese tonight and it smelt lovely mmm, he had chicken chow mein and sweet & sour chicken balls. He put it on the plate and bought it into the lounge. I looked at it and thought it looked nice then thought mmm mushroom soup LOL so off I went! Quite satisfied once I had had it!

It amazes me how we change in our head. I know we do a good amount of eating with our eyes but that never used to satisfy me like it does now.

For example, I look at the chinese on his plate, a good amount he piled on and I would have eaten that myself before but this time I looked at it, thought it smelt good then quickly thought he was greedy and how it would give me a bad belly! lol


Kat xx
Hi Kat
wow 18 days will just fly past in a flash.
I know what you mean about eating with your eyes ....I went for 'lunch' with my mum, sister & son today and was happy to sniff and have my peanut bar! My diet even rubbed off a little on the others who stopped when full today where usually they would have ploughed through the huge portions until feeling stuffed & yuk.
Well today brings me to 16 days!

I have had another fabulous weekend. last night was a fab night. I got to shake a whole new body in a whole new outfit :)

I love LL!

Kat xx
14 days to go - 2 weeks WOW!

I am not nervous about eating. In fact I am somewhat excited to be moving onto the next stage. I do think that it is a huge step after what will be almost 6 months!

My partner and I had a conversation at the weekend and as a result of it we have bought a table and chairs. We do not have room for it but will store it in an easy access place and get it out for meals. It is an important part for me to be able to sit and enjoy a meal.

I have WI tonight - I wonder what that will bring. I am not thinking too much about it at the moment. I will find out soon enough.

1lb would be slightly disappointing but going in the right direction! 2lb would be great, 3lb would be fantastic and anything beyond that would be a total surprise so we shall see!

Kat xx
Well the countdown really is on! I lost another 4lb this week, I really have been so lucky with my losses week to week!

My LLC has said she would like me to consider RTM next week but I have said in 2 weeks. I still want 5lb and I set that goal and a date goal of Nov 3rd and I am focused on it!

I do have the RTM books tho! Woo hoo

Kat xx


Playing the Angel
Woohoo, yay for the blue book, how exciting to have it, read it and enjoy, I loved reading mine pre RTM, still love it now. Get a little journal ready etc....

I have had a lil peek tonight. She gave me 4 books, one of them is a journal. I will have a more detailed look at the weekend but I won't start planning anything just yet!

Kat xx
Well, 13 days to go! woop woop

I have to say I am more excited about reaching my goal at the moment than RTM as much as I am excited about that all the same!

Less than two weeks to go!

Kat xx
10 days and still counting. I am yet to look anymore in my blue books. I have them right besides me and I am sure once I get down to the last few days I will start checking it out! I do not feel like there is a rush for me to madly start planning!

How very exciting!

Kat xx
Well days are down to single figures now! ( to go! I have still not picked up my RTM books - maybe because I am unsure when it is happening. Although it will either be next week or the week after.

I guess in my head I still have 5lb I want to lose on abstinence and until a few more go I will not think about it any further.

Who knows what WI will have in store this week - I shall wait and see on Tuesday!

Kat xx
Well, I am going to continue yabbering away to myself here on my countdown to RTM, afterall we are taught at the start of LL that this is an "I not we" journey!

Today means I have 8 days left to go! In the grand scheme of things that is nothing at all and I am so proud of myself for coming this far! Yay me!

Kat xx

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