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Countdown to Summer diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by vicki_dg9, 21 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. vicki_dg9

    vicki_dg9 Member

    Hey everyone :)

    I started SW on March 1st this year and have lost 12lb so far but I still have just over 2 stone to reach my target.

    I'm doing the Easy Extra plan which I find great although I might try a few red and green days along the way!

    Easter is a bit of a struggle - I have two little ones there is chocolate everywhere!! I love chocolate a bit too much ;-)

    Good luck to everyone on losing weight! I would love to be happy with my holiday photos this year rather than looking like a blimp :-(

    Yesterdays food:

    Breakfast: muller yoghurt and apple

    Lunch: mugshot and 2 x ryvita with light laughing cow ( half HE B and half HE A )

    Dinner: Lean roast beef, roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips (done in fry light), gravy (2 syns)

    Snacks: low fat alpen bar ( half HE B )
    Kit Kat (5.5syns)
    2 slices of packet ham
    2 x mini eggs ( I'm guessing 3 syns?? )

    Plus NAS orange juice and diet coke to drink

    Total syns: 10.5

    I need to stop snacking so much!
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  3. vicki_dg9

    vicki_dg9 Member

    Breakfast: 1 x 400g slice of whole meal (1/2 HEX B) with lean roast beef and an apple

    Snack: low fat alpen bar (1/2 HEX B )

    Lunch: 2 x ww sausages (1 syn), scrambled eggs and baked beans. Malteaser bunny (8syns) and a muller yoghurt

    Dinner: homemade burgers with extra lean mince and SW Chips plus a custard cream ( 3.5 ) for pudding

    Not nearly enough super free!! I really struggle with that element :-( Must try harder!

    I used HEX A as semi skimmed milk for coffees

    Total syns: 12.5
  4. tinks*

    tinks* Silver Member

    Hi Hun,

    Here to subscribe, well done on your weight loss so far. Is this the first time you have done SW? I bet its hard having the chocolate around. Thankfully my little one is only 5.5 months old, so no chocolate yet. :)

    Your food sounds delish, can't beat homemade burgers, I prefer them to shop brought ones.

    I have found snacking more, gives me better weight losses.

    Hope you have had a great easter.

  5. MissBecks

    MissBecks Member

    Hi vicki and tinks,

    vicki - your weightloss so far is fantastic, massive well done to you! Your food sounds v tasty too especially the roast beef dinner and the homemade burgers, I had homemade burgers too tonight and, like tinks, I agree they are the nicest burgers I have had nom nom!

    Anyway, am enjoying reading your thread and hope you all have had a nice Easter break.xx
  6. tinks*

    tinks* Silver Member

    Well you can't beat a Mc Donalds or Burger king burger lol ;)
  7. MissBecks

    MissBecks Member

    True!! But I'm sure the stuff that went into my burger tonight was much less scary lol! ;)
  8. vicki_dg9

    vicki_dg9 Member

    Hey Tinks* and MissBecks!!

    Aw thank you for the lovely words :) :)

    Yeah this is my first time with SW - I wish I had joined years ago! It's so simple and I'm never hungry. I used to always do Scottish Slimmers but I would get so far and get fed up of being hungry and put all the weight and more back on - totally endless!!!!

    Have you guys got food diaries? I hope mine helps me to keep track!

    Il update my found later tonight x x x
  9. tinks*

    tinks* Silver Member

    Haha defiantly x
  10. tinks*

    tinks* Silver Member

    It's my 2nd time and I do love it, as you can eat normal food. I love my food lol. I stopped last time as I went in holiday then got pregnant. This will be our year! :)

    That's the good thing about SW you can eat lots and it doesn't feel like a proper diet, compared to others around.

    Yeah I have, it's called flab to fab.

    Hope you have had a good day x
  11. MissBecks

    MissBecks Member

    Hey guys,

    yes SW is definitely the best 'diet' I have been on in terms of what you can eat and enjoy for free!

    I haven't got a food diary up yet but might start one, I have been writing down my food since yesterday. It is as follows...

    Breakfast - Vanilla choc Mullerlight and Kelloggs Chewy Delight Bar (HEB)
    Lunch - homemade tomato soup with tinned plum toms, celery, carrot, red pepper, onion, veg stock
    Tea - homemade SW burgers using extra lean minced beef, onion, beef stock, egg with SW chips, 2 x rashers of bacon (all fat removed) and 2 x cheese slices and carrots, brown sauce

    Snacks - Strawberry Activia yogurt 100g, strawberries, 1 Jaffa Cake, 22g bag of salt and vinegar Snack a Jacks
    Drinks - water (lots and lots!), diet coke, fruit tea, 3 x cups of tea with dash of skimmed milk

    Daily Syns - 7

    Breakfast - Bacon sandwich (all fat removed) in a wholemeal roll (HEB) with brown sauce, followed by bowl of strawberries in 100g Strawberry Activia yogurt
    Lunch - yesterday's homemade tomato soup with tinned plum toms, celery, carrot, red pepper, onion, veg stock
    Tea - SW burger (frozen from yesterday), mash potatoes made with veg stock, carrots and OXO beef stock gravy

    Snacks - banana, strawberries with Hartleys NAS strawberry jelly crystals (1.5 syns) and Mullerlight, apple, Snack a Jacks (this evening), Jaffa Cake (hopefully stays at just 1!)
    Drinks - water (trying to have as much as poss but maybe not doing as well today), green tea, NAS fruit squash, tea with sweetener and dash of skimmed milk (x 3/4 -depends on this evening)

    Daily Syns -10

    PS will check out your diary Tinks! xx
    Last edited: 22 April 2014
  12. vicki_dg9

    vicki_dg9 Member

    Mmmm your diary looks fab and so yummy!!

    Here's mine for today:

    HEXa - semi skimmed milk for coffee
    HEXb - 2 x ryvita and a LF alpen bar


    2 x ryvita with 1 Laughing cow light triangle (1.5 syns)


    2 x burgers made with extra lean mince (yesterday's leftovers :) )
    Baked beans
    Tesco quavers (4.5 syns)


    SW bolognese: extra lean mince canned tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, garlic, Worcester sauce and some chilli
    Hovis digestive (3.5 syns)

    4 x mini eggs (3 syns)
    LF alpen bar

    Total syns: 12.5

    Lots of mince today!! I'm trying to be frugal and getting the most from my pack of mince lol. All this chocolate in the house is killing me! It's weigh in day tomorrow at 7.30pm. If I lose weight I'm treating myself to a creme egg; although I'm not too hopeful as I went spectacularly off plan on Saturday night when I went out for a meal :-( il let you know how I get on!

    V x
  13. MissBecks

    MissBecks Member

    Thanks Vicki, yours does too! Sounds like you have done your best to get lots of superfree in today ahead of WI tomorrow so well done. The bolognese sounds yummy and check us out using up our leftover SW burgers.;)

    Really hope you lose tomorrow night, I have everything crossed for you! I'm sre going off plan Saturday can't do too much damage, I mean, you have stuck to it since then and this is a way of life, we have to enjoy ourselves after all! Good luck and let us know! xx
  14. tinks*

    tinks* Silver Member


    Both if your foods sound delish. It never even crossed my mind to use left over burgers. Good ideas I'm the same I try and get as much out if a pack of mince as I can lol. Every penny counts lol.

    Good look for WI xx
  15. vicki_dg9

    vicki_dg9 Member

    1.5lbs off tonight :)

    Il update my food tomorrow as I'm off to bed! I'm shattered!

    Night night x x
  16. MissBecks

    MissBecks Member

    Yay vicki!! Well done, you must be really happy, girl done good!!

    Hope I can emulate your success tomorrow....

    Goodnight xx
  17. Cheekypasterfield

    Cheekypasterfield Rather comfy here

    Hiya here to subscribe.

    Well done on your weight loss x
  18. vicki_dg9

    vicki_dg9 Member

    Thanks Becky, good luck for today!!

    Yesterdays food:

    HEXa: 2 x Laughing cow light triangles and 150 skimmed milk for coffees
    HEXB: 2 x slices of wholemeal bread from 400g loaf

    2 x wholemeal bread with 2 laughing cow triangles

    2 x ww sausages ( 1 syn )
    muller yoghurt

    slow cooked beef bourginion: lean beef, carrots, onion, turnip, beef stock, 150ml red wine, garlic, thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper and a wee drop of veg stock. It was blooming delicious!! The best thing ive ate since starting SW!! The whole thing is 6 syns but i had half so thats 3 syns for such a delicious hearty dinner.

    I also treated my self to a snack size Mars Bar (Hubby ate the creme egg i had my eye on :eek: ) which is 8 syns plus a packet of crisps at 6 syns. A litte bit naughty i know but i always do that on weigh in night if i have a loss as a wee incentive :D

    Total Syns: 18
  19. vicki_dg9

    vicki_dg9 Member

    Thanks hun! x x
  20. vicki_dg9

    vicki_dg9 Member

    Been at work today for a 12hour shift. Thankfully there is no shope near so i can only eat what i bring!!

    HEXa: Semi skimmed milk for coffees
    HEXb: 1 x LF alpen bar and 1 x HiFi bar

    Muller yoghurt

    Hoops and Crosses crisps (4.5 syns)

    The rests of my beef dish from yesterday (3 syns)
    twix finger - (6.5syns)

    I used my HEXb as snacks to have with my coffee

    Take care x xx
  21. Cheekypasterfield

    Cheekypasterfield Rather comfy here

    Excellent day for you x

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