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Total Solution Countdown to the big 30!

S: 18st13lb C: 18st13lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well i thought I should start my diary before I start the plan on Sunday. Going to be going at it for about 7 weeks until my bday on 17 June when I'll hit the big 30 & hopefully be a lot lighter. At the moment not sure what path I will take with my weightloss after that but it's vital for my health that I make a start in loosing weight.

Took delivery of my shakes yesterday & unboxed & examined them this morning- like little space packs! Also weaning my daughter at the moment so that is an additional challenge!

Good luck to everyone. X
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Welcome and good luck! :)


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Good luck Tasha x
S: 18st13lb C: 18st13lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
How is everyone? Thanks for your good luck wishes guys!
Well a bit annoyed as I originally planned to start today then changed until tomorrow when hubby arranged for us to meet with friends. Thing is as it turned out we couldn't all meet at the same times! So I could have started today after all! Never mind, I've had a nice day & am feeling half excited half scared about starting tomorrow morning!
Couple of things i would really appreciate some help on are what other parents who need to feed their babies/ kids do to avoid the food temptation? What works for you?
Also how about timing your packs, those of you that are doing TS & have them 3 times a day how do you spread them out?

So Just to start tomorrow with the big weigh on in the morning- have a rough idea but will get an exact figure tomorrow & update my profile! :D


Doing it exante style :)
S: 19st7lb G: 11st0lb
Good luck for day 1 :)

Keep logging on here, it'll pass your first few days :) xx
S: 18st13lb C: 18st13lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Clair - just looking fwd to getting through those first few few days & coming out the other side! Hope you have a good week too xx :)
S: 18st13lb C: 18st13lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Righty o' here we go!
Weighed in this morning 18st 11 eeek! Though I knew it was going to roughly be that but it's still hard to see & even harder to type out here. Hope that's the last time I see that number!
Anyway on with the show...starting off with a choc shake as there is so much debate about them; my verdict...I love it! It goes quickly though doesn't it? Also sitting here with my 1.5 ltr of volvic and cab hear stirrings from my baby upstairs. Will get the shake done then go & see her. Shes got baby porridge this morning.
Would still be great to find out how you all usually time your packs during the day??

Also wondering if I should dig out the tape measure & measure myself.
Hope you all have a sunny Sunday xx


Doing it exante style :)
S: 19st7lb G: 11st0lb
Yeh for the start today :)

Don't worry you'll soon be well away from the 18 stone Mark :)

I usually freeze 500ml of water 30 mins before my shakes due then make it with the 500ml of icy water, seems to last longer and tastes so much better.

Through the week I have my shakes at 8am 1pm 6pm but on a weekend (this is my hardest time coz usually weekends were binge time) I have my first shake at 1pm then have the next at about 5pm then I have my bar cut up into tiny pieces about 7-8pm
I'm sure you'll find your own routine Hun :)

Hope today goes well xx


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Exante really works!

I know that exante really works - good luck!
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Hi there! I think you'll figure out what's best for you in terms of how you spread them out. For me I find that a shake at 8-9am, 1-2pm and 5-6pm works best for me with lots of water and green tea in between. But I'm certain it varies for different people. Definitely take your body measurements it's an absolute must-do before you start! Despite the numbers falling down on the scales, most importantly you'll want to see how your body shrinks. Some people on this forum says it's a good pick-me-up when their having a bad week.

Good luck on your first day. We are here for you when you need us!
Lozza xxx
S: 18st13lb C: 18st13lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks guys!
The iced water idea is a really good one. Have actually made some ice so I can put that in the shakes for added crunch- I love ice in drinks so that should
Make it more enjoyable. Also made up my shake with a bit extra water so it filled a nice big glass. Am keeping my drinking water out of the fridge though, can't stand that too cold. Funny isn't it?

Thanks for the timings guys. One of the things I guess is quite nice is that you don't actually have to think about food or what you are eating. I felt for a long time it's been a worry/battle trying to make the best possible choice with lots of guilt attached. This is straightforward in that sense. Right going to set myself to some cleaning whilst listening to love songs on Radio 2! Baby has chattered herself back to sleep! Xx


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Hi Nearly30.
I have a milkshake at about 9am. Soup at 3pm & a bar at 9pm. I know it sounds like a long time between them, but I tried 9am, 1pm & 6pm, but was starving by 9pm. Evenings are also the worst for me, as once the kids go to bed, I tend to snack a lot. So knowing I can still have a bar at 9 is really working for me. Also, I tend to feel hungry a lot sooner after eating the bars, so it helos to have them closer to bed time.
I too have to cook for the kids. I don't actually find it a temptation, as it keeps me busy. I spend a lot of he day thinking up loads of new healthy recipes for them, so they re eating better than they ever have too. And they are now asking for water like mummy!
Good Luck on your journey. It will be tough, but just remember its worth it. I am on Day 4 & have lost 7lbs & just gone into ketosis. Oh I definately take all your measurements & before photos, so you can see how much you've achieved. xxx
S: 18st13lb C: 18st13lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Gemma
Thanks for ur message and well done with your loss- that's amazing! How lovely to see results so quickly!
Yes have actually been reading a few baby recipe books for ideas for the little one so that's where all of my food enthusiasm will go!
Just sipping on my vanilla shake- I made it hot with a shot of coffee out of the nesspresso machine- yummy. Wondering if I might actually do 4 packs/ day until I get into ketosis. I did the same with the Cambridge before I was pregnant due to my height but then cut down to 3 per day. It shouldn't have any effect on loss should it? Xx


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S: 20st0lb C: 18st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 44.1 Loss: 1st1lb(5.36%)
Hi Nearly30,
I don't think having 4 packs would do any harm. Thats the great thing about this diet, you can do what suits you. Just remember not to have more than 1 bar a day, as they have more carbs in & will knock you out of ketosis. How are you getting on? I tried peppermeint tea yesterday & was surprised that I liked it, as don't drink any hot drinks - not even tea!
I also made a peppermint tea, & when it waited for it to go cold, then used the water to make my chocolate milkshake - mint choc milkshake! YUM.
I was really naughty last nite & got a bit drunk. Me & my boyfriend shared a bottle of wine (I did check first though, & it had no carbs) & had a few vodkas & coke zero. I don't think I have knocked myself out of ketosis, but I am sure it will affect my weightloss, so Im too scared to look at the scales :(
But Im seeing it as a little slip up & carrying on as normal. Hope your doing better than me xxx

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