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Counting syns daily/weekly

Just wondered what the general opinion is on tracking syns and sticking to the 5-15 per day rule or alloting syns for a week to be used over the week.

I don't like the idea of flex days but there may be times when I'd want to use more than 15 in a day.

If anyone does it - does it affect your losses if you go over 15 one day in the week (say 20-30 in one day) but cut down for the rest of the week, so long as you average out at 5-15 per day?
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Hey. I usually keep sins for weigh in night and get a spicy chicken pizza (roughly 100syns+) and still lose 3lb. But ive changed my treat to chicken in blackbean sauce ( 5 syns ) so I have the rest to play about with during the week.
I dont put syns in my dinners I prefer to keep them incase I need crisps or chocolate x

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i like to use a lot of syns in my meals, but on a monday after weigh in if ive lost more then a couple of pounds ill have a choc bar and pick most of the day at stuff i shouldnt hasnt effected me then just stick to my syn allowence daily during the week x
I've always used my syns weekly, not daily. I use most at weekends (not for alcohol), and very few on weekdays. It works for me, and there are a lot of people who do it this way.
When i first started SW this was an accepted practice.
I do a bit of both. Majority of the time I stick to 10 ish daily, but if I know im going out or know temptation is likely to strike I try and save some syns up :)


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well, since January I've used nearly all my syns on a friday on beer in the pub (day1) wi is Thursday night
and had a couple here and there or none, trying to catch-up, and by Thursday, I'm around 70-80syns

However, this last week I didn't drink as much so had more syns left, and some every day - and lost more than expected

So, by way of an experiment, until the end of the month, I'm not drinking any beer, and using 10syns a day to see what happens
I try to stick as low as possible throughout, so normally below 5 syns a day, and that way if something comes up (e.g. a meal out or a night out with friends) I feel I can enjoy it fully without having to feel too guilty. Also, that way, if I don't end up having a bad night, I have a fab weight loss to boost me on! I think it's one of those things you have to play around with and find out what works best for you!
I do a bit of both. Majority of the time I stick to 10 ish daily, but if I know im going out or know temptation is likely to strike I try and save some syns up :)
Very similar to me. I normally use about 10 a day, but this week I knew we were going out for a curry with friends and I calculated I need about 40 syns that day, so I Monday to Thursday saving up for it and I really enjoyed that tandoori chicken and popadums! But knew I didnt have to feel guilty as I had earned it!!

It doesn't seem to affect my weight loss when I save syns for a special day


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I do mine weekly and always have. I have 20 two nights a week where we go to the different parents for dinner and I can't control what I eat (sometimes it's pie!) and there's always a pudding. I usually have 20 on a Saturday too. The rest I spread out over the week. I find it works well, and if I know I have an event coming up I 'save some' e.g. a night out. Not officially recommended but works for me.


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I have to admit I usually use most of mine on a Friday and Saturday night for a few glasses of vino. Then I don't usually have an syns until after weigh in on a Wednesday evening.

It's very rare that we have any syns incorporated into our meals, other than half syn sausages for breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays.

Whtehr it's the right thing to do or the wrong thing, it seems to work for me and I still lose roughly 0.5 - 2 lbs per week.

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