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Couple of Questions


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Hi all,

i feel like i've been missing in action this week......have been away all week and didnt take my logon details so could read, but not post.
Anyway, ive a couple of questions:
1. Most diets say.....you must eat breakfast to get the metabolism going, is that the case with LT as i've not been having the first one until 11:30ish

2. I have my first shake at 11;30, even though i'm not hungry, however once ive had it, i'm starving and i then struggle for the rest of the day, does anyone else get that? (i could quiet happily have the other 2 shakes straight away)

3. I met someone this week, that has done LT in the past and she was taking 4 shakes a day, anyone heard of that before?

anyway that all for me, the kids alarm has just gone off, quiet time over :)
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on the up lol
i dont think it matters what time you have your shakes, as long as you make sure you have all 3 , just try spread them out a bit :)
and if you still feel hungry try to drink more and more and more........... ;)

as for the 4 shakes i have never heard of that before, i cant see a chemist or dr giving her 4 a day , * shrugs *


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I have my shakes at 7am, 1pm and 7pm, and have not felt hungry. Since returning to work this week however I do find about 11am and 2pm (which is when I would normally have snacked) I am getting hungry, so I have upped my water intake and I have a cup of peppermint tea which I find is a great help with the hunger.


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I have mine 11ish, 4ish and 9ish hun. The only one i ever feel slightly hungry with is about 2-3ish, before my second, no idea why lol. But nope everyone is right, it doesn't make the slightest bit of difference. Once you are in ketosis it is a continual start so you don't need to kick start it in the morning like you do with metabolism.

As for the four shakes a day, she may have been splitting up one packet into two shakes. Some people prefer to have more smaller shakes throughout the day. Its quite helpful in the evenings when you dont have much to do and if this would be your general time to get hungry or start picking. Hope that helps hun!xx


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Don't really understand why you'd only get hungry AFTER your first shake - sorry. Maybe you could try making it as a mousse and having a glass of water with it (as opposed to IN it)? I'm having ALL mine as mousses now. About 50mls of water, plonk the whole lot in and mix like mad, just with a spoon. I find that better than adding a bit at a time, same as with the shakes really.
It doesn't matter when you have them as long as they're spaced out.

As for having 4 shakes - was it DEFFO LT?? Some other VLCDs have 4 I think. The only people who have 4 on LT (except for those splitting them) is men who are on the women's LT. Not all phamacies stock the male LT which is 2 larger shakes a day so they provide men with 4 women's ones instead.

Good luck and well done on your results so far!! x

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