courgette soup (Dust!!)


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take 4/5 courgettes and chop
1 large onion chopped
2/3 cloves of garlic chopped
2 ish pints of stock

bung all in a pan and simmer til soft , blitz with whatever whizzer you have and eat!!!!

very yummy and is in fact dust!!!
that is so funny cos i got a recipe last night from celtic chick off this site with something similar only it has carrots and celery and is scrum-didly-umptious!!!!

can't wait to get home to make a pot full for me!!!
I suppose the calorie value of this is virtually nothing!!

yep mike, its dust!!! my favorite soup!!! I defy anyone to be able to go over their cal allowance if they fill up on this!!!
Do you just use oxo cubes for stock?

Well I went to Tesco's last night about 10pm!

Got my ingredients (and I also got a chilli to give it a kick)

Cooked it all up when I got home

Blended it

Then drank a big mug as it was lovely!

And got some in my flask for lunch today.

Thanks for the recipe.

you are most welcome,
i use marigold buillion ( in a green tub with an orange lid) because i cant be bothered to fiddle with little cubes but they are just as good if you aren't lazy!! If you can ever get hold of yellow corgettes , they are lovely too in this soup.!!
Well I made 2 pints and that has been had by me and the family.

So back to Tesco's tonight!!

Mmmmmmmmm I love soup!!
I love it too but do get a little (ha, ha loads actually!!) windy afterwards!!!
Wondering as your whole family are having it ,you could turn this in to an opportunity for a family competition!!! Or even get yourselves some cheap power!!