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Crab sticks - any will do?


is gonna do it!!
Hi there, I am going to start Dukan this coming Monday and I have noticed crab sticks are allowed in attack. Now, are ANY crab-sticks allowed? As im sure some of thm have sugar? Can you let me know what types u guys are eating? and also what the best fat free yogurts are?
Thanks very muchly:family2:
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** Chief WITCH **
Crabsticks all contain sugar, so use sparingly if you must have them (maximum 8 per day in any event). They're good in an emergency, but try not to work meals around them.

Yoghurts... this has been done so many times, and the advice on the official site changes with the wind so I'll let someone in the UK answer that one.


Not very good at this!
I'm not sure on the crab sticks as I don't eat them - it is either 6 or 8, but you are better off with non processed food really - try cooking a whole chicken.
The best yoghurt is 0% fat natural yoghurt with a little sweetener or flavouring added.


is gonna do it!!
Yes, I thought it would be too good to be true about the crab sticks, wont bother getting them. Im intending to eat mainly chicken and seafood, especially prawns and mussells, yum. Gotta go on the hunt for some oatbran too. Got all weekend to get the supplies in. Raring to go!
I have eaten tons of crabsticks throughout the diet, I don't eat meat so ate mainly fish and seafood, I've had them from every store imaginable and bar far the best are from Aldi, M&S ones were vile. They have really helped me stick to the diet as I tend to eat one every time I open the fridge, stops me eating anything I shouldn't;)


** Chief WITCH **
just to add, everyone is different and what one person gets away with another may not but the crabsticks never made my weightloss stall, I had a loss every week and have now made it to conso and I'm currently maintaining whilst still eating the crabsticks.

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