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I have for the last 2 days suffered some really bad bouts of cramp, in the back of my legs. They are so bad that the have left my legs feeling very sore, even when they have passed. I am such a whimp.:cry:

Hardly ever had it before, could it be the diet and is there anything I can take if it keeps up, as I dont like it it hurts.:wave_cry:

Sorry got to laugh, when I re-read my post I had put crap instead of cramp. he he he he he.
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Salt tablets - you can get them from the chemist. Although you should be getting enough with the packs.


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You're not drinking too much water? It can upset the electrolyte balance.
Karion, I do find water difficult, can just about manage the 4 litres for LL but really have to push myself for more. I upped it to 5.2 litres yesterday.

I do take blood pressure tablets, one of which includes a duretic.

Helen I was told to reduce my salt due to my blood pressure.
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I can't help with this but it might be worth having a work with your pharmacist and seeing if they can recommend anything.
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:confused: I would have said less salt and more water....so I got that wrong!!!

Hope you get it sorted Lady - craps ;) (hehe) are horrible!!! :D

OK OK - it's cramps. I know - but that was so funy what you wrote!



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Hiya, I suffer with terrible cramp if i drink too much sparkling water, something i only found out with trial and error - just in case! I know can only have 1 of my litres as sparlky.

Hope you feel better soon.x
Oooops I nearly drink all sparkling water, think I better try reducing this and see what happens.


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Almost definitely the sparkling water then! Apparently something to do with the sodium levels, but I know as soon as I cut mine back i was ok!! Yey glad I posted now lol.
hi. i had this it only lasted for a couple of day. increase your water and take a couple of paracetmol. its your body rebalancing itself. mine happened in week 3 and its not come back since


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I'm prone to cramp myself but thankfully not since my restart on 1st Jan. I drink 4L of plain water a day + another 1.5 L in tea/coffee.

Crampex tablets and slimline indian tonic water were recommended elsewhere. I bought both but have used neither becoz the crampex tabs asked questions I could not answer so thought I'ld see GP first. Have yet to do so however. The indian tonic contains citric acid so no luck there. I'm just hoping I will not cramp again but apparently cramping happens in bouts. Sure would like to hear about other diet compatible solutions.
Hello - I had this too, for a couple of days. Terrible, isn't it? I asked my LLC and she got in touch with the medical advice people who advised drinking more water (sorry!) so I did and it went away.

If you're already drinking more than 4 litres it might be too much water, though, as others have said...

Best of luck. It should pass. Mine hasn't come back if it's any consolation.

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