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cranberry bar

Ohhh havent tried the cranberry but love chocolate, choc/ornage and peanut.

Might buy a Cranberry at my next weigh in.
I was told only from week three. I think the cranberry and peanut are the lowest in carbs but if it was me i think i'd wait another week to be sure they won't kick you out of ketosis, they're well worth the wait :) xx


Crawling to the finish!
I love all the cambridge bars theyre fab! But I went mad and had one a day and it gave me my lowest loss of 2lbs that week, when I was used to it being 4lbs :) I will be trying 4 in a week next week x
I love the cranberry bars 2!!
I haven't had any this week cos I think they has effected my weight loss but I'll get one next week to have after my WI as a "treat" lol
I love all the bars apart from the cranberry, I thought they were horrible! I look forward to having my bar every day, don't think i'd go back to three shakes unless my weight loss really slowed or stopped. Been having them for nearly 3 weeks now.


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
My CDC told me the cranberry bars had more fibre in them so that's why I eat them, not my actual faves but OK. (I need all the fibre I can get - I'm not constipated but certainly don't go to the loo every day, it seems so weird!)


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Haha, oops :eek: - well, if you can't get down to brass tacks on here, where can you??!! :D:D (This is a very special community, and I wouldn't say it if I didn't feel so at home here, lol :))


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I absolutely love the bars, they are what makes this diet so tolerable. I have tried them all, the peanut and the toffee ones are my fav but really I wouldn't say no to any of them, especially if George Clooney was feeding me it (mmmmm) lol
I got myself a cranberry bar to try today. I had the peanut one tonight and I really liked it.
Oh i totally agree, the cranberry ones are gorgeous. And, although they say you can only have 1 a day, if you check the carb content, they have the same amount of carbs as a shake! So my CD councillor reckons you can get away with more than one if you need it!

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