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Crappy week :(

Sorry guys I'm going to have a winge :wave_cry:. I've been finding this week (my 4th) so difficult, and I'd been doing ok up to now - I don't understand? I was so pleased to lose another 4lb last week cos I didn't feel that much had come off (yes I'm a serial scale hopper too!)

I had a blip yesterday, someone gave me a belated Christmas present which included a little box with a few Lindor chocs in - and I ate them! Didn't even enjoy them and of course felt rubbish and really upset with myself afterwards, and annoyed that I didn't just chuck them away when I got them as i KNEW they'd tempt me. Drank loads of water and managed to stay in Ketosis.

Am worried that having the bars is making me crave food so I might have to stick with the soups and shakes from now onwards DAMMIT!

Also really worried as I've got to go on a team lunch tomorrow - I have said no to lunches so far but this is to introduce a new team member so it would be really rude to say no. I'm not sure whether to pretend I'm ill and stick to coffee or whether to have a chicken salad. I start AAM on Thursday...God knows how I'm going to cope!

Anyway sorry for the long rambly moan! xx :cry:

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Dont worry get straight back on it,this my 3rd week found it hard cheated 2 days,but got weighted today and lost 4,keep on in there you will do well.If you wanna chat msn me.
Gemma x


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I've found my 3rd week tough too....I've been adding green veg and prawns or quorn to my savoury soups and whilst I am still in ketosis I'm not losing anymore weight.

I get weighed on Friday so I will see if I can be really really good for the next 3 days and keep myself on track, to lose even 1lb!!

I think everyone has days or a week when it just goes off the boil...luckily I have accepted that about me and I have food in the house that would see me through an AAMW, so I ahve said my 3rd week is my AAMW and 4th week will continue with SS.

Also I will only be getting sweet shakes from now on as that way I can't add veg to them!!(or prawns!!;))

So chin up....we are all in the same boat and should use this to encourage each other to stay strong...afterall tomorrow is a brand new day!:D
Awww Pretty - sorry to hear you're struggling. I was the same week 4 but things are much better this week so please hang in there.
Don't get stressed about your munch on the chocolate - it's done and over with and you can get back on track easily. When you see the weight going down and your clothes getting looser you will be so motivated you will want to carry on.
I've just started with the bars myself and they're delicious - especially the caramel/toffee ones. I had one last night as my last meal and woke up really hungry this morning so there might be something in what you say. They're also very moorish and I could easily eat a few at the same time!lol
Please stay strong and you will see great results.
Take care


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I have days when I really want to eat and its horrid. The bars helped me as I think they make me feel I am having something I can chew, was so fed up of liquid after 2 weeks! Why not try and save the bars till you feel the need for food (mine is always after tea so I save 1/4 till then). I also chop em up into loads of bits and eat throughout the day. If it doesn't help, maybe a week without them is the answer??
thanks for your support guys feel much better today :) xx

I'm having my weigh in tomorrow so will see how it goes and not get upset if I stay the same then get back on track for week 5!

I think I'm going to get a couple of bars in case I feel the need for a treat as you suggested Bobbin, but I'm not going to get one every day as I think it's not helping me stay on track!!

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