Crashed- big time!!


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After 4 weeks on the cambridge diet i have now lost 1st 1lb. Im happy with that but for some reason my willpower failed and i crashed! I ate loads of stuff i shouldnt have, got drunk fri and sat night as i went out with my fiance who i hadnt seen for a month, then we went and got chips etc. Then on top of that, i ate biscuits, crisps, chocolate, sunday dinner, oh my god, just everything i shouldnt have! I feel bad for doing it but it was just like once id started i couldnt stop myself, how awful to have no power over myself! Altho, im not using any excuses, it was all my fault, i put it all in my mouth, no-one made me! But, i DONT want it to continue, i know how happy losing this weight has made me feel and i really want to get to my target for xmas -i have another stone to lose. Everytime i feel like eating something, i will just remember how good it feels to be able to go down a dress size, and how the feeling lasts and lasts, not like a bar of chocolate where the satisfaction lasts 5mins!!
Here i go again, a fresh start!
Katie x
A fresh start is a good thing. Put it all behind you, look at what you have achieved and commit to doing this right NOW for yourself! You can do it Katie :)
Basically yes, the first thing that will have filled will be your glycogen stores - the scales WILL lie to you now so stay away from them - ok?
Kate hun, as long as you start again and forget all about it you should be back on track in no time!! And you'll be able to remember how you feel now, next time you are tempted so that might help keep you on track!
:eek: Katie hun. :eek: Looks like we're in this together from our husk nightmare to eating! I actually planned to eat tonight and had salmon/prawn salad and drank water but i am now riddled with guilt, just hoping Im still in K and the feeling of guilt will be enough to stop me next time! I was planning on maybe trying 790 to tackle last stone but want to stick with LL as i like groups and not sure my LLC will support the 790 plan!

:mad: I guess like me you were just that way out today and I do believe that if we have a craving its best to have that 'whatever' it is and then its done-the feelings after are OMG if Id eaten out in my fat days and had salmon/prawn salad my husband would have thought I was ill! I just hope that when Im eating again 'properly' I will stick to those sensible options(DONT want to be SSing on/off all my life!)

:rolleyes: Katie, sounds like youve done the sensible thing by ditching the scales for now. I too am wondering whether I should start my week, first day back at school after 2 weeks off with the scales moving in the wrong direction!

:D One things for sure, we're never alone on our journey!
:eek: Thanks for sharing.

:p here's to the last stone...cheers!x
Hi guys, thanks so much for being concerned, it makes me much more likely to stick this out!! Im doing ok actually, im doing AAM week as i feel it will stop me picking at stuff (my CDC thinks its a good idea). As im going swimming in the evening it means i can have a shake before i go for some energy, then a small meal when i get back. Its working so much better. I havnt stood on the scales yet, and daren't!:eek: I will leave it this week i think cos i dont know how long it will be before i lose the fluid that i have accumulated over the (disastrous!) weekend. I'll just wait till i step on my CDC's scales on sat morn. I am really determined to lose this stone by xmas, -the first one went in a month so hopefully i can do the same again! Might have to do the rest of it either sticking to AAM or on 790 cos i dont think il be able to go back to SS now.
Nic n libbie, how r u doing, as u have just a stone to go too dont u? Keep me posted on how you're going.
Thanks again to all who are so encouraging and supportive :)
Katie x
Katie - you are doing brilliantly! :D What a major achievement to get back on track so fast! :D :p Good for you hun! You can do this and I'm sure you will!

The exercise is going to help enormously too! That stone will fade away to nothing before you know it. I think it's a massive revelation to have to discover and accept that SS isn't for you - it certainly isn't for everyone, and, having done it for a month you know now what's right for you and this is YOUR journey so it's ace that you and your cdc have sussed it out! :D

You will lose that stone and feel fab - you look fantastic already and have done so well... you are almost there! Keep on trucking!:cool:
Thankyou FF&F!!:) Everytime i log on here i am suprised how nice everyone is and how there is always someone there to prop u up, encourage and support, its fantastic! The only thing im worried about concerning doing 790 programme is losing it slowly and not getting to target for xmas:( . I really want it to go quite quick but would be happy with 3lbs a week, do u still think this will be possible on 790 if im doing some exercise everyday too??

Katie x
I think the support is great on here too! helps keep me going especially when I feel my resolve slipping a bit. :)

I always find Tuesday a 'tough' day for some reason. :eek:

I am thinking of going onto 790 after my AAM week, depending on how I get on over the next 2 weeks, and loose the rest of the weight a bit slower!

Deb x