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crashed on day 17

today has been horrific, i feel sick, have major stomach cramps, have gone white as a sheet, lathargic and nearly passed out at work, so refeed is happenin today, i cant carry on with this with 2 active jobs, so im going to see how the refeed goes. i havent even got the energy to cook right now
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Sorry to hear of your day - it sounds hard and I hope you feel a lot better soon.

I wish you luck with the refeed - with your two active jobs the whole TFR thing was always going to be hard.

You should however be really pleased with yourself - You are 16lb lighter than you were a couple of weeks ago and from what I've read about the refeed programme you still loose weight [allbeit at a slower rate]

Good luck - don't be down or hard on yourself - What you have acheived should be celebrated... :happy096:
Oh foo... so sorry to hear about your day. :( Please keep us posted... we need to know you're OK xx
thanks guys, i feel like a total failure not gettin through 4 weeks but i felt really ill today. had a really small nice tea and a can of diet red bull which was amazin as im not allowed diet drinks, i feel so much better
could it have been a bug rather than the diet? glad your feeling better either way

ive badly burnt my neck in the sun, its blistered, possibly have heat stroke, but i feel 10 times better now ive eaten, its been a good eat though, and i feel great about refeeding, just made my salad up for lunch tomorrow. I dont think it was a bug, i just think my body was fightin the diet, n my body won unfortunately. i WILL get rid of the rest of the weight though some way or another
thanks for your reply though x


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While your in the frame of mind though..... stick to the re-feed diet for a few weeks (you can do that) and i bet you still lose loads more!!! x

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