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serious advice needed

I am currntly on day 2 of ts exante diet, i am doing 13hours a day at work & have been the last week,

ive just had a major episode went white as a sheet shaking like hell & went freezing!!

i nearly passed out

everyones gone mad at me & made me eat small pack of pretzls

is it better if i start teh diet when i am not on these long shifts starting monday??

I cant keep feeling like this i have zero energy!!!
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Hi Sophie
Sorry to hear you're not feeling so good :(
Are you on TS? Maybe it would be worth trying WS while you are working such long hours?
I would suggest trying the small meal a day option and see how you go.
i am lucky that I only work 2 night shifts a week and always time my restarts so that i am off for the first 3-4 days which I find are the hardest . I find that I have no energy for the first 4-5 days then I am fine , so if you can find a time when you are not working such long hours i would try and start again then
Hope that helps x
Hey I do long days and nights as well.

For long days I tend to have my coffee in a shake while driving to work 7am eek, bar at about 11 for tea time and then soup at 3. I find having them all earlist helps better than trying to space them out.

For my first night shift I do coffee shake at 9, soup at 1pm, soup at 6.30pm and then have a bar about 1am, and then a shake before I go to bed about 9am.

Then when I wake I have a soup about 5, then my bar again about 1am and again my shake when I get home!

But, yes there have been a few light headed moments, and sometimes when I'm driving home which isn't good!

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You may need to actually quit having caffeine while on total solution. Some people can be sensitive and not realise it until they are eating no food. I know that I used to guzzle caffeine like nobody's business, but the days when I am having shakes or soups only, and I have a coke zero, the caffeine hits me extremely hard. If you are having coffee in a shake, the comedown from all the caffeine combined with adjusting blood sugar levels could be giving you the shakes.
that is a long time to work maybe have an extra pack til you are used to it after 4 days i felt as weak as a kitten then bang i felt great make sure you drink plenty i know as soon as i dont drink water i gain weight goodn luck
Hi all,
Thanks for replys. I ate yesterday, today im feeling quite tearful at the prospect of eating anything.

I am so depressed about my weight its unreal.
somebodys just showed me photos of a holiday we went on 2 years ago i was a stone & 3lbs lighter!
I look so much better for it!!

I feel really upset & depressed.


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oh honey you will get there! ok you have a choice you cant go around fainting so you could try 4 packs if you dont want to eat food or if you feel like you can control it then add a meal. You will be fine I was the same in the first few days but you WILL get past it and you will get to the weight you want to be. forget yesterday, today is a new day.xxxxx
Hi Sophie. I space 1/2 my packs out every two hours. 1/2 at 9, 11, 1, 3, 5 and 7. I make sure I put loads of hot or cold water in. With shakes I add coffee and ice for an iced coffee affect, with the soups I put some pepper in to give it a little extra flavour. I find feeding my metabolism smaller amounts and more often usually staves off the hunger. Although I did have a little turn yesterday due to over-exertion and stress. Are you doing a lot of physical exercise at work?
i am at work i am going to have a salad from boots, then i will have 2 products 3 if need be lets see how that goes.

I just dont want to waste my products when i want to start fresh on monday walking to work & trying ts because i am on my normal shifts then.

If i can lose a stone by 26th august i will be more than happy, you thinks its possible if i eat healthily over the weekend then start ts monday?? x
Thanks! Ive just eat a boots shapers prawn sandwich. Its just proper stressing me out! x
My problem is i can never see past week one! I need to get out that mind set i see everyone else doing fantastic so i know it can be done!


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Hi hun, I definitely think, having some food will help you, it's awful to be feeling like that and quite dangerously really, so maybe upping things until you can loose weight safely is the way to go. Don't forget the water too :)


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Dont get stressed about eating, not if youre eating sensibly *HUGS*
Couldn't agree more, negative feelings do not help, and you are doing what you can!! You need to not ignore your body. You'd be better sticking to keto food, yes, but what's done is done, and even that shouldn't make a great deal to your losses xx

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