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craving carbs


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:sigh:Hi guys, really really want carbs, its that time of year, a lovely bonfire, jacket spuds and sausages and hot chocolate, but most of all I want a jacket spud, so ,what did my fella cook himself for dinner, bloody jacket spud, he has sausages earlier, and our fav crisps and flapjacks, its driving me insane.
Not in ketosis, due to having medication with sugar in, managed to make it this far today without it, need to get into ketosis, or Iam not going to make it to goal anytime soon.:sigh:
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I lurve lurve lurve bars
Oh Penny,why does he do this to you,are you alright luvvy?You can have the hot chocolate as for the jacket spud,resist,resist,resist!!


I know I can do it..
Yucky jacket spud anyway... you won't like it! Won't like it one bit!

:( it's hard hon... craving all the time but... think positive! It'll be worth all the effort. Promise x

Serena A

Can't think of a title
Aww bless you penny, you hang in there sweetie.
I wonder how many carbs are in the medicine you're taking? Was just wondering as each CD sachet is around 14grams of carbs so maybe if you could cut down to 3 sachets instead of 4 just while you're on your meds it would be enough to get you back into ketosis? Or are you not technically SS +-ing and need 4 sachets anyway because of your height? xx
Sack your bloke!!!
Lynne xx
Thanks guys, hot tetras all round last night, couldnt have a bar, because my fella will take them if he knows I have them, also because Iam not in ketosis.
serena thats a good thought, but because Iam so tall, iam meant to have the 4 shakes anyway, so not sure, will think about it, any suggestions most welcome.
Wizzbag, cant sack him, could put him in a sack maybe, it is rubbish day tomorrow,lol.


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi Penny,really well done on resisting last night,know that was really hard for you,is it tomorrow you are going to ask about meds,reckon if you can get sugar free you will be in keto really quickly,have you found your stash of tena ladies yet??
Just got the Wii fit out after 190 days of non use( its calculation, not mine).
OH has gained 7lbs in that time, and I have lost, so hes not to pleased, my fitness age is 33, 5 yrs younger than Iam, his was 31, 3 years younger than him,so hes cheered up a bit


I lurve lurve lurve bars
ha!ha! penny put it on again in a couple of weeks and he will probably have gone up by another 7 tryin to get you to eat!!


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Charming I must say!!One of my other mates calls me slapper,although she does have the same mental age as me so thats probably why!!Im fine thanks,how about you?
made some cd crisps, not burnt today, have them in a box in the kitchen, and when I get the nibbles, I have a few of them, they are so salty it makes me drink,so that has to be a good thing.
I have a litre and half bottle of water, which berry flavouring in,and if I get cold ( when am I not), I micro some of that, so today is going well.
Peeing for england, defo going to ask for meds without sugar in, had some today, couldnt do without, its not that I dont want to be in ketosis,I do, its just I cant cope without the meds, bit of a nightmare.
So are you out of those bloody PJ's yet?,lol


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Yes Penny I was dressed by 9 this morning cos I wanted to wash them!Peeing for England good girl, do one for me the next time youre up there,Im running out of loo roll so Im trying to hold mine in for a bit longer!!I quite like the crisps but they do go really salty,like you say its good cos you drink tons of water with them.Have to go now,got to cut Andys hair,deep joy its so freezing down in the room I will have to wear my wheatbag round my neck while I do it

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