Craving - I'm so tempted! Help!


Gonna be a 10!
Only on day 4 and although I am not that hungry I am craving something nice and savoury to eat .. a bit of cheese or bit of ham ..... would it completely knock me out?
Really don't want to do it but theres just nothing savoury on CD and the crisps from soup makes me feel a bit sick ... along with the flavours of soup! :(
Don't do it............ get out for a walk, do anything, go to the toilet, drink more water... just don't do it!!!!! it will only last a couple of minutes the craving that is but if you eat ya just don't know what that will lead to!!

hope you feel better soon

Gen xx
Are you drinking enough water?

I know what you mean, I really miss savoury food - far more than I do sweet...

Make a hot water with Summer Berry and sip it.

Nothing will make the craving go away unless you will it to go away...
I know how you feel - but once you have eaten it there is NO SATISFACTION! You get none! You get a feeling of guilt, and then you will want more because you think you need to be satisfied!

Dont do it - drink some water.

I've been there - food baaaaad water goooood!
Can you drink the bouillon? I find that really helps, but only 1 teasp per day alowed apparently. Try to get through till ketosis, it is so close and it will be easier then. And if you find you really can't manage after you're properly in ketosis then ask your CDC about doing 790 instead.
Hi thanks all!

I'm already in Ketosis and have been since day 2 (checked on a ketostick!) so I don't know why I'm feeling this ... I'm not hungry at all and I drink about 5 or 6 litres of water a day.
I really can't face anymore sweet stuff (got a hot tetra sitting here in front of me but will drink it!) but thanks for the hot water and flavouring advice.
I really wish they'd bring out another flavour soup .... :(
Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel flavour lol!

I had terrible cravings in the first week too but managed to resist the urge to 'eat'.

I (dont know about others) but I seem to be going through phases where I could swipe food off other peoples plates or not be bothered at all.

No hunger ...its just manic craving! I noticed aswell first smelt so yummy....yummier than ever before. It had a really strong smell!! I found that very bizarre! :D

Stick with it and it will pass, keep trying to distract yourself with other things, which does help a lot.

Deb x

Yeah .. I'll keep posting on here .... even being at work isn't helping but will continue reading this site and posting and chatting and sipping my hot tetra .....

Heres hoping a new savoury flavour will be out soon!
My CDC told me that ketosis gets deeper as you continue, so the hunger pangs go - don't know if this is true. Also as your stomach stops expecting food it won't ask so much!