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Craving wine!!!

i know i am missing my wine too... especially as got a chilled bottle in fridge as got friends over tomorrow!! oh its harsh!!
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OMG me tooooooo :help2:


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ditto ditto ditto! lol :)


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I have never been a big wine drinker the odd glass of Vino Tinto with a meal but i drink Vodka. My DH plays cricket and its very social so all summer i have been out on a saturday night now the seasons over i am staying in on a saturday night and i suppose its all about breaking a habit isn't it? This is part of our journey and i am not missing the drink and the hangover that generally follows the next day, i have found i am up with the lark the next day and sleep so much better so i am trying to turn it into a positive even though i miss the social side which comes with the season.

Well done for having the sparkling water if you add the water flavouring to sparkling it is quite nice and refreshing with some ice.


Mrs Taurus

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Isn't it sad,I hate the weekends on this diet simply because I associate weekends with drinking......mind you doesn't help watching Mr Taurus boozing and nibbling all the time!
However come Monday morning I feel like a saint!:D
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I find the weekends very hard if im not out and about too much

5 pringles just fell into my gob..although i enjoyed every one of them looooooooooooooool :D

*puts halo back on*


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I had expected wine to be what I would miss most but actually I am not missing it at all - which is a good thing cos I don't know if I would resist the temptation is I was craving it.


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I have been avoiding reading this thread! I too am guilty of missing wine :cry::cry::cry: especially red wine :cry: full bodied :cry: californian :cry: oh god...:drool:

On a serious note though, throughout my cd journey I think my toughest challenge has been not having a few glasses of red wine on a friday night.

I do miss it. And shall savour every slurp when I next can have it :gimi:

p.s I am not an alcoholic!!! :p


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i miss having my rioja on a saturday! :'( nothing quite fills the void - i was desperately considering having a coke zero on friday but decided that if i was going to have one, it would be at somewhere like the cinema, so it would be a real treat!


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giving up my friday/saturday night drink wasn't a problem to start with as i was so motivated, through the summer and through family ups and downs I have been a saint it was just this saturday night I REALLY craved it!! It would have meant opening a bottle and as long as one isnt open I wont do it, I am just a bugger for 'open' foods to cheat on!! Anyway, I'm over it now and if I can resist it once I can do it again!!

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