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Cravings, help!!

I've managed to stick to the plan 100% since I started. No lapses, not even to lick a spoon when cooking for the family. I've had difficult moments and knew that Christmas would be challenging, but OMG it's been a nightmare! I've still stuck to it but I'm really really struggling. Cooking meals for the in-laws and then having my shake. Ugh. I've been feeling so sorry for myself and deprived. Then last night DH and I would usually have a bottle of bubbly and a take away for new year, but I had mineral water and a Thai chilli soup. Wouldn't have bothered me a couple of weeks ago but I've been miserable about it (inside) all day. Just feel so fed up and so jealous of everyone who decided to lapse over the holidays. No one in my group apart from me stuck to the plan!

Really really craving a >insert food item here< and a glass of >something to drink<, and worried that if I keep struggling like this mentally I'm eventually going to have a huge blowout. I know it's crooked thinking, but would one, planned, lapse, after so many weeks be such a bad thing? Help!!
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Am taking myself to bed for a nap as I think this may be tiredness talking!

Haven't got any words of wisdom as struggling myself but didn't want to read and run. You are similar weight and goal to me and I think the last 14-21lbs are the hardest because I feel pretty good now and think I look alright so what would a little bit of (naughty food) harm? But I have to keep strong as a little bit will turn into a big bit and before I know it, i'll be 15 stone again!

Just keep taking it a day at a time. Ive been trying on all my clothes today that are still too small to keep me focused!

Hope you wake up refreshed and positive

Thanks so much for your post!! So nice to hear from someone experiencing very similar.

I've learnt a useful lesson I think. It was completely the tiredness talking. I have had a nap and feel SO much better. Makes me wonder how much of my previous over-consuming was down to simple tiredness? :rolleyes: I will make a note in future that cravings could mean I need a little lie down lol.

Know what you mean about getting closer to goal though. I'm not completely a size 12 yet (I have some stretchier ones which fit though so can almost kid myself I'm there). I find myself saying "ooh but a size 14 is so much better than where I was..." sort of justifying stopping now to myself, when I know in my heart of hearts I want to finish what I've started!

I think sometimes it's because I've come so far in such a short space of time: my head hasn't caught up with my body yet and can't quite believe/accept that I really am going to do this!
This time of year is so so hard so please don't be disheartened by your cravings! I have also really struggled over Christmas, not only are we out of our usual routine but there is so much more food around due to all the entertaining going on!!!

At one point on Christmas day I was actually in tears over cheesecake - I felt it was just so unfair that I could not be 'normal' and be able to eat like normal people do, but I got past it, I had a really good chat with my sister-in-law and I went and read my RTM books that my counsellor had given me in preparation and do you know what? I feel so proud of myself for staying abstinent over the holiday period and that is how you should feel too - proud of your strength of character, proud of how far you have come and proud that you were the only one in your group with the willpower to do it!!

You have come so far, and you are so close to your goal - remember that when those pesky cravings sneak up on you!!!

Laura x
Hi, I was just the same over Christmas and New Year - I found it very very hard. I'm 115 days in, 25 to go and have stayed completely abstinent. However, the recent festivities were the hardest test yet, and although I managed it, it was very hard. I always planned to stay abstinent and I didn't want to let myself down, but I was so relieved when New Years Eve was over!
Hopefully that is our hardest tests over and done with...?!
Well done for recognising that your 'trigger' was tiredness, mine is definitely boredom...


Ready for the new me!
Hi Spangly,

I cant offer any words of wisdom but im exactly the same as you are at the moment hun. Ive been strong and determined all the way through and i had the same with my LL group they were all eating at christmas and have had breaks through out and i was the only one not eating and stuck to it and i get slated then for not eating?!
I was away for christmas.. myself and partner live alone and he cooks for himself but there was lots of food in everyones houses.. and at first it was easy and i helped out but my partners mother made things particually bad by making me smell her cooking.. so at the end of the week i was in a foul mood and crying over wanting to eat a bloody garlic stuffed olive!

Its just made me less confident in my ability to do this, i was trying to justify eating.. that id got to a size 14 and it was fine and i could quit now. I want to be a size 12 like you but this is so hard now and i just want it to come quickly before i do break it.
Don;t give up now Lucy.
You are doing so well.I'm sure people were jealous that you managed to abstain while they were not able to be so strong over Christmas. Don't beat yourself up - be proud.
It does get hard as you get near to goal. That is when you really need to be determined. You look "normal", feel slim, can buy clothes from any shop, hopefully feel healthier and more confident.
Everyone says you look great and you feel as though you have arrived.
Stick with it and see it through. You should be so proud of what you are achieving.
Now, go to sleep!


Playing the Angel
I can only ofter the same advice as SB, it is the final part that is the hardest as you are so close to goal, stick with it, its worth it, the food will always be ther, as far as I know (and this is what I kept telling myself) garlic stuffed olives are not on the endangered species list and will still be there when you are a fabulous size 12!!! The wine, and cheese and everything I craved whilst in abstinence was all still around when I was done, and when you finally do eat that stuffed olive you will wonder how such a silly little thing had the power to almost make you cry!!! Trust me, not that amazing!! It is hard abstaining over festive times, I abstained over family birthdays, my birthday and even 10 days in Paris. It is achievable, I think if you break now, you will always feel a little regert that you didnt push through, so hang in there, the end is in sight!! Be strong, go out and be fabulous you!!!!

10 days in Paris............................work or play??????????xx;)


Playing the Angel
Lol SB it was in 2009 when I went to do the Paris airshow, so work no play!!! Its Paris airshow again this year, so hopefully I get to try a few things this time not just stick to Badoit and packs!!

Thanks so much for all your support. This forum is the BEST! :grouphugg:You really helped me when I was at a low ebb. I'm feeling rejuvenated and ready for the final push, and very glad I didn't crack!


is Magdalicious
Like Kate Moss once said. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!
And whereas I'm not a fan of her and other anorexic looking models and I don't support the size 0 hype in the slightest, I have to say that fitting into a size 12 dress gives me a much bigger buzz than a piece of chocolate cake!!!
Yeah, but I used to know a lady who said "chocolate cake is better than s*x "
I hear she's now slim after having had a gastric band - must have changed her mind!

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Yeah, but I used to know a lady who said "chocolate cake is better than s*x "
I hear she's now slim after having had a gastric band - must have changed her mind!

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