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I'm a Totaller but just jumping on here for a min ;) I have found that the chocolate coated toffee bars really kick off my cravings - I love the bars but suffer after I've eaten one. I don't know if there's anything that you're eating that is triggering off your cravings?

TO be honest, apart from cutting these out I haven't found a way to cut the cravings either so would be really interested to read any other replies here x
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I cant go near the bars for the same reason and dont get them from my counsellor at all now and stick to soups/shakes and my meal. Think the cravings defo linked to negative emotions and boredom. Guess its a case of recognising what it is and learning how to deal with it... easier said than done! lol x
I've only just started lighterlife lite so i'm not too sure how bad my cravings are going to get!!
from past experiences of dieting i found the only way i could overpower my cravings was to drink lots of water & then a cup of black coffee to make myself feel bloated & then just sit & think about all the times i've cried & not wanted to go out in the summer because of feeling self conscious. that usually puts me off wanting junk!
and think about the money as well, i'm not sure who's in the same boat as me with money but this is really expensive for me so giving into junk would be like flushing my money down the toilet! stay positive & think about where you're going to be in a month's time if you stick to the diet.
eventually we're all going to look hot in our swimwear & it will all be worth it. sign in everytime you're having a particularly difficult moment & people you talk to will get you through it!

Good luck xxx


...we're sinking deeper.
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Cravings will be pretty bad at first... Just keep ignoring them... By week 5 they will subside because you'll have forgotten what the 'bad' foods taste like.

I think you have to make a choice. Your happiness and success - or a moment of pleasure and another painful 3-4 days of carb withdrawals.

Plus, my LLC said something interesting the other day: when some people in her many groups give in to a craving, let's say with a small chocolate, she says to them:
"That bar of chocolate just cost you £54" (on Lite). And it really is. If you're going to break the diet, you're also putting ALOT of money down the drain!
S: 12st0lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 35.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks ladies. Not a good week (emotional roller coaster and self medicated with food - 2lbs back on!) but started the Transitions Module today which was useful. Time to get back on track :)

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