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i know what u mean i go 4 a walk when i get them bloody dogs r thinking there greyhounds never mind bichions i am walking them so much lolx


goingtobeslim x
lol that would be good in it taking the OH for a walk, have you got any friends or family near by who got a dog maybe you could have a lend, or just go by yourself round the block but when it's light out and not dark, maybe you could have a relaxing bath, pamper yourself, sort your clothes out etc... weekends are difficult for everyone i think but you just got to try and keep your mind of the cravings..x


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I'm the queen of cravings Hun, all I do at the mo is crave and I've been weak enough to give in n I've sadly put weight bk on...

My new remedy to stop the cravings:
Before I started the diet I went for a meal with friends, I got really nicely dressed up, subtle but elegant makeup, lovely outfit and I was out!

We were having a great night and then they brought the camera out n hey presto there I was smiling away having my pic taken.
Anyway next thing you know the pics are up on Facebook!!!!
Never thought I'd be so devastated!
The pics of me were horrid as all I could see was fat!
So now everytime I have a craving I look at the horrid pictures on my phone and it puts me right off!
Tasty food? No thanks I've got too much lard hanging of my face, ass and thighs!
Glass of water it is then!

I have even thought to try a different diet so I can eat but truth is I just won't stick to it and I won't lose the weight as quick as Lipotrim!

I have now had to train my brain to love the diet!

Goodluck hun, give us a shout when ur craving, I'm sure I'll be able to say something to put you off! Lol
B xxxx
the walk and looking at pictures are great ideas! :) there are some pictures bad enough to make me never want to eat again lol.

i also try phoning someone for a chat, drink a pint of water, or go brush my teeth. they're gonna be sparkling hollywood style by the end of this haha :D

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