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Discussion in 'Strugglers and Restarters' started by Lozzie Stardust, 3 January 2010 Social URL.

  1. Lozzie Stardust

    Lozzie Stardust Fat Geek to Thin Geek

    soooo I did really well, posted here regulaly, counting my points like a wizz...

    Then 1st December struck. :( :( :(

    Tommorrow I'm weighing myself again then trying again, I suspect I've put on my 9lbs loss and more :(

    stupid Xmas. :D (it was a fun time though, just too much food!)
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  3. Crazybecky5

    Crazybecky5 Green tea advocate!!

    Ahh, i'm totally with you on that - December was my excuse to pig and i did try to be as good as gold lol - i think i was quite fortunate that i only put 1.5lb on over xmas!! But i don't know how!

    How did you get on with your WI? :)

    (Jack's Mannequin fan, am i right? referring to your sig!)
  4. Lozzie Stardust

    Lozzie Stardust Fat Geek to Thin Geek

    I am a massive JM fan!!!

    I've put 7lb back on but I was reallly reaaallllyy bad! :S so back up to 13st but still 1 stone lighter then this time last year!

    well done on only 1.5 extra!
  5. Crazybecky5

    Crazybecky5 Green tea advocate!!

    Haha awesome! I'm really into my music :) Favorite band has to be Seether - if you haven't listened to them, you must!

    You'll get that off in no time i'm sure - at least you're not in my position...i've got 51lbs to get to my first target LOL :D
  6. fatbunny

    fatbunny Silver Member

    me too, i have managed to put on 10lbs, but new start and all that.
  7. chunkylass

    chunkylass Full Member

    I'm trying to restart today after 1 year off .... ooopsss... good luck! x

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