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Crazy kitty food diary (Greenday Veggie)

I figured that this might help me keep track a little better than just writing it in a book cause I know people can see what I am up to!!
So I am trying to loose weight cause I had a bit of a telling off from the nurse and they are going to stop my pill if I don't loose weight in 3 months cause I would be at risk of blood clots :eek:
I am doing SW at home, have done it before with going to class but I don't really like the group in my village and its to expensive to travel into the next town. Last time I lost 2.5 stone but I am sad to say its all creeped on and more. Blame moving in the BF I guess I just got to relaxed.

I have been following the plan for 2 days so far, I am a doing all green days cause I am a vegi, will update my food diary every night as much as I can, and promise to be honest LOL

Oh forgot to mention weigh day for me will be a Wednesday afternoon, using the work scales when no one is looking :D
I want to try to loose 100 pounds which would give me a healthy Bmi but the short term goal is to try and loose 2 stone for when I go back to the nurse on 20th June


HEA - semi milk
HEB - Bran flakes
Free - Wholemeal Pasta,Baked beans, Sweet corn, Onion, Melon, Grapes, Apple,Banana, Strawberries
Syn - Chewing gum (2)


HEA - semi milk
HEB - Bran flakes
Free - Potatos, tomatos, spring onion, sweet corn, lettuce, cucumber
Syn - Chewing gum (2) Rock (3)

I am slighty concerned that I am not using both HE and Syns cause I was saving them for a late night snack of toast to get rid of the muchies but they never came :eek::D I may have to rethink how I get these in.

It may not look like I eat much when its written down but I don't normally eat breakfast or a 'lunch' as such I used to graze on the crappy foods all day and then eat a huge dinner so its taking a bit to get my body used to eating at set times
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Hiya Kitty!

I too am a green day veggie with 100 ish to lose who doesn't go to group. Snap! :D

Maybe you could have your 2nd HEB during the day and syn some toast if you feel snacky before bedtime. You have the syns for it so should use them.

*confiscates rock and wags finger sternly*

Think of your teeth! :p
oohhh nice to meet another person doing the same as me, do you have your food diary online I would love to have a peek :)

I did what you said about the HEB I had wholemeal bread at lunch cause I figured I could syn later if I had the munchies. I have cakes in the kitchen which are 10 syns eat I am saving when I have syns over as a treat. So far I am so stuffed on free food I have not wanted them (this from a girl who would eat the pack in one sitting)

*puts the rock down* but I did brush ny teeth :D
Hey Kitty

No, I don't have a diary here. I couldn't bear the public criticism lol but I record everything in a notebook and I post my tea most nights on the "what's for tea" thread.

One of my weigh-day pals TheMissus has a food diary here. She is a green day veggie too and writes lovely recipes on her recipe thread.

100 lbs might seem a bit daunting at the start. My top tip is to make sure you have lots of variety and eat the most delicious dinners you can. I believe my dinners are tastier now than before SW :D
I will have to have a stalk round the threads later to see some of the tea thread and pinch ideas. :D and also look up TheMissus as well.

Hey Beegee nice to meet another greenday veggi, I am open to any hints and tips you have
Well today was going really well :) I had managed to work in my missing HEA and HEB and even upped my syns a little.

Then tonight happened I was going out for a meeting and meal and new that I may go over syns a little but was ok about it and figured as long as I did not stuff myself I would be ok.
So I get there and the vegi choice is lasagne which I hate I really don't like the cream sauce they use in it, but I was ok cause they had jacket potatoes which I though was great cause thats free :) I was a bit peeved when they told me that they did not know if the cheese was vegi so I didn't have it just in case, filling my plate with the salad.

I was munching through my potato when I noticed the salad had BACON BITS in it!!!! Gaahhhhh I mean why would you put bacon in a salad?????? :mad: it put me right off my dinner I did not even finish my potato

Now I am sat at home hungry and I can't be bothered to get anything to eat, and to make matters worse my BF has just had a go at me for getting home and not talking to him cause I was typing on here

Pretty much a crappy night think I am just going to head to bed and give up on today :cry:

HEA - semi milk
HEA - 2 babybel
HEB - Bran flakes
HEB - 2 wholemeal bread
Free - Pineapple, potato
Syn - Chewing gum (1) Time out - small bar (4.5)
Bacon in a salad? That's just manky. Who does that? :confused:

As for your BF, he has obviously not thought his huff through...no minimins > no weight loss > no pill > no nookie!

He needs to look at the bigger picture! ;)

Sleep tight Kitty and have a better day tomorrow :)
I like your way of thinking Silly Sausage :D
Today has been a much better day, all round just waiting for the BF to come home and them we can get dinner, I am thinking chinese and using syns

So far I have munched

HEA - 2 babybel
HEB - 2 wholemeal bread
HEB - 2 wholemeal bread
Free - banana
Syn - Chewing gum (1)

but I have been out all day was good though and took my own pack up!!
just a quick update to the rest of what I have eaten tonight

HEA - 2 babybel

Free - Rice, Beans

Syns- 4 mini vegi spring rolls (no clue on syn value but they were yummy) :D
I am so stuffed :D
Just had a plate of pasta with loads of vegi in it, it was lovely and all FREE. I have to admit its nice seeing a plate full of colour rather than the 'yellow' food I normally eat. I am not even missing the big bag of crisps which I normally munch through on a Sunday afternoon

HEA- 2 babybel
HEB - 2 wholemeal bread
Free - Wholemeal pasta, tomato, onion, sweetcorn, pepper, banana

I have also bought some snack a jacks as well gonna munch those when I get back from a youth meeting I am doing tonight
ok I so did not realised Pepsi was 7 syns!!!! :rolleyes:
We had no diet drinks and I was really thirsty so grabbed a can, about died when I got home and saw how many syns I had used.
So much for having the cake I had saved (10 syns) guess tomorrow

Rest of todays food was

HEA - 2 babybel
HEB - 2 wholemean

Syn - gum (1) Pepsi (7) snack a jack (4)
Men!!!! or rather the BF LOL. He means well but he keeps trying to give me naughty food to eat! Yesterday he ordered a takeaway for us, I managed to convince him all I 'wanted' was a portion of wedges but I had a battle on my hands he wanted to get me a pizza which is 20 syns a slice :eek:
I am not sure how many syns were in the wedges but I am hoping not to many and I had them with baked beans so at least I know they were free.
Its really fustrating cause he seems to be able to eat what he wants and not put on much weight, we dragged out the wii fit and he only put on 8 pounds where as I put on 2 stone yet he eats more junk than me:mad:

Anyways yesterdays food ended up looking like this

HEA - 2 babybel
HEA - Milk
HEB - Bran flakes
HEB - 2 wholemeal bread
Free - Lettuce, baked beans
Syn - Chewing gum (1) Snackajack (2) Wedges (?)

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I hoping for a good loss as its the first week. Also have a friend who is going to start doing it as well with me so thats gonna make things more fun
Only a short post with todays food

HEA - Semi milk
HEA - 2 babybel
HEB - Bran flakes
HEB - 2 wholemeal bread
Free - lettuce, pineapple, melon, grapes, kiwi, pepper, potato, baked beans, cucumber, spring onion, sweet corn.
Syns - Gum (1) snackajack (4)

Once again was planning to have the 10 syn cake as a snack in the evening but I am to stuffed on the free food :)
First weigh in tomorrow I hope I have lost something
I weighed in yesterday and I lost 2 pounds. I am very pleased that my weight is finally going in the right direction. Its made me really motivated for this next week now, hoping that I have a bigger lose as thats what happened last time I did SW

Food for yesterday was
HEA - Semi milk
HEA - 2 babybel
HEB - Bran flakes
HEB - 2 wholemeal bread
Free - lettuce, baked beans,onion, sweet corn.
Syns - Gum (1) snackajack (4)

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