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it was getting late by the time I went out, but I had a 6km walk along the coast from one village along to another and out the other end of that one before eventually turning and heading back. 6km of lovely warm fresh air, good light, listening to birds and waves.

I had a toasted chaffle sandwich as planned with the leftover squash curry and cheese for lunch, it was yummy. For dinner it was after 7 before I got home and I didn't want to cook a big meal so I made some soup - modified the tomato soup I made before. I also whizzed up the cream and made half strawberry and half chocolate 'mousse' and had a portion of that.

The soup recipe
1 small onion fried in olive oil, added a bit of garlic, then added carton of pasatta, some veg stock, lentils and chilli flakes, a bit of salt, allowed to simmer, then added some cream. It was lovely and has a bit of a kick. I cut the onion small and didn't bother blending it. The pot will feed me at least twice, possibly 3 times.

This took really hardly any time at all or prep. I use lazy garlic and usually I'd just use frozen chopped onion, but I happened to have some onions to use up. Takes minutes to chop one really. My point is that good food doesn't need to be difficult or take ages to cook.

I didn't want to have more chaffles to dunk in the soup so I chose to have nothing but actually I didn't miss anything it was fine.

I'm sat watching Gone in 60 seconds just now - Angelina Jolie and Nicholas Cage at their best I think. I just fancied seeing it, and now for reasons unknown I'm hankering after older movies, The Lost Boys came to mind for example lol. I'll have to have a netflix browse.
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Just catching up - goodness you've been busy.

I am so sorry about your dad. Very hard to deal with - especially the hospital not managing him safely. The 2 visitor rule is hard. Can yr sister bring him in a wheelchair outside to see you?


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They wouldn't have been allowed that in the hospital and their visits were only 30 minutes so would never have had time, but thankfully they got him home on Friday so I'm hoping to get along to see him next weekend. He's as well as he ever seems to be these days, I'm not sure what will happen next.

So far today I've eaten more of the spicy soup from yesterday and a chaffle toastie. I'll probably skip dinner but bring some food to work, it's quite nice to know I'm only on for 3 nights then off again. I'm just about to whizz around and get a few things done I've been procrastinating as per my usual style haha.

Going to finish that tiny piece of flooring I didn't do, weedkill the front garden, so I can plant the tree I bought later in the week, and tidy my sons room. He's home today after school :)


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I actually did finish the flooring, I did weedkill the front garden, and I did tidy a bit of my sons room albeit not all of it. For once I did what I said I would haha.

I did have a bit of dinner with the kids though and I did eat rubbish last night because I forgot to bring my food. Ah well 1 shift down, 2 to go.

Looking forward to getting son along to school so I can get back home and into my bed. Sleepy Chilli,


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why do I find eating right during nightshifts so difficult? I've eaten loads today I shouldn't have. At least it's only 3 this week and not my usual 5.

And anyway if it takes me another 4 months to lose another stone - so be it. Forward motion is forward motion and I've no problem being a tortoise.

Every week I'm a little healthier than I was the week before even if it's not noticeable or measurable. It's there.

I'll be off to work shortly, I've had a pretty lazy day as is the norm during nightshifts, got my son along to school and went to sleep, got up again in time for school run so not a big sleep. Same again to look forward to tomorrow. I have bolognese from the freezer stock with cauli hash browns for dinner.

On a positive note I've managed to get my son registered with the local afterschool/breakfast/holiday club. So going forward he'll be going 2 days per week. This means I can get a longer sleep on my nightshift weeks and the inbetween week I'll use the 2 days to concentrate on my handmade business plans (1st round - doggy bandana's, bows and ties :) )

It's looking likely my daughter will be leaving school and finding a job which would have made the school hols impossible. But Booking son in 2 days per week for holiday club means I'll be able to sleep even if she has work. So It's all good, and they have a great facility with loads to do and son is excited to go back, he used to go about 18 months ago off and on.


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Our body clock has its own setting and while we can reset it long term chopping and changing as we like doesn't suit. So your changing shiftd mean your body doesn't know what its at.


Eating Like A Bear plus!
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Great news about the club for your boy - and the sleeping time gain for you.


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yes I think it will help on so many levels.

Looking forward to getting started with projects to sell, and I got a bit carried away yesterday and bought a new sewing machine/embroidery machine. It's both frivolous and an investment! It's far superior to anything I own and will allow all manner of embellishing to my work. The future beckons, time to build a handmade empire.

Also time to cut the crap I've eaten so much rubbish the past few days lol. I've had a toastie chaffle with cheese tonight and I'll get back on track by fasting until tomorrow lunch at least, but ideally 4pm. I'm not expecting a loss tomorrow, but I'll do another 48 hour fast next week if I can. Son isn't at his Dad's next week at all, but I do have him booked at the afterschool club monday and tuesday which I need to 100% motivate myself to look at as 2 days in my new 'job' lol. So I may choose those days to have my 48 hour fast, food is such a distraction at times.

Plan for those days will be son along to school, dog walk, home and 'at work' in my Den by 10 am, working till 1730 then getting son. Deliberately moving between tasks standing and sitting so I don't get sore. Probably Taking a 30 minute break at some point. First things on the menu are a batch of doggy bandana's and bows, which will be easy to sew and give me a chance to become acquainted with new machine, although I may be doing some bits over the weekend anyway.

I don't want to procrastinate continually and end up with the hall finished except for the doors for months but I'm having tonight off and tomorrow I'll start and get a door per night done. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out and it's a fine welcoming space to our home now, very warm and inviting.

Tomorrow I'm going to pick up some compost and plant the tree I bought last weekend, and begin the task of scraping back the gravel in the front garden to replace the weed control fabric underneath, and I've ordered what I need to fill the 2 large pots I have, I want more pots but at the rate I've been spending money I absolutely need to stop NOW. And everything else that isn't essential will need to wait probably until next year. I'm pleased to have had a really good start on everything that needs done here though.

Feeling super upbeat and positive :D


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I nearly forgot I promised myself an artist date today, going into town on the train and going to the art gallery, so I'm abandoning the housework and heading off shortly. I'll buy the compost for the tree when I'm out as well.

My new sewing machine has arrived so I'm all excited :) will get all set up over weekend.

I made more tomato and lentil soup today which I've eaten a bowlful off and also a small bag of peanuts.

Ok have a good day everyone, I'm off to catch a train :cool:


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Sounds like a great plan. I am jealous of yr sewing machine. I have to sort out accumulated junk etc before I can have one. Right now i don't have enough space to work with fabric. Did you see Jess de Wahls' amazing embroidery? Stunning stuff.


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I succumbed to a slice of banana loaf when I was out, and OMG it gave me horrendous heartburn, I've no idea what must have been in it. Obviously I shouldn't have been eating it at all but I did and I'm still suffering.

I really enjoyed the art gallery though, and spent the train journey reading my LIBRARY book (still enamoured with the discovery of the library haha @ladyfelsham ) Handstands in the Dark by Janey Godley, she's not a miserable person but oh my goodness what a lot she had to survive to get where she is. Good on her whether you like her humour or not (might not really transfer to England)

@AliGal until your post I'd not heard of her, but now I've looked and I'm super impressed with what she does and her ethics. I'm very fortunate here that my kids don't mind having our family space in the kitchen, meaning I have a whole room for my creative stuff. It's a bit messy at the mo as all the paint cans and stuff from decorating are in there and loads of rubbish I need to take to skip, so it needs resorting but in fairness it won't take long.

I was going to play with the machine this weekend, but I've decided I really need to get my trailer tent properly cleaned and up for sale, now is the perfect time to sell here, Scotland school hols start in a week, and lots of people are staying in UK and having alternative holidays this year.

I've also decided I need a better printer, for my art. If I make the investment in a good printer capable of A3 prints, I would be able to print my own art and sell mounted prints. A bit like the sewing machine it's an initial high cost but long term gain. If I'm serious about beginning this business properly it does need investment. There is so much I can do. Also if I sell the trailer tent it's money I forgot I had lol. There are obviously bigger printers, but I can't justify going bigger than a3, and I think that would suit most of my target audience anyway.

unless daughter makes me cook dinner I'll probably have the rest of the soup I made at lunchtime for dinner. and maybe a chaffle.


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Last night I did have the last of my soup and a chaffle. I've experimented now back and forth and I think I do - very marginally - prefer the chaffles with almond flour rather than coconut, but both are good enough for my purposes. I've not eaten yet today, I'm expecting my daughter will be out, and I've told son he can have anything he wants to choose for his dinner. He'll probably want pasta or something like that.

I will perhaps make more soup, and have a chaffle bacon sandwich, not eating until later if I can manage it, I haven't weighed in, I'm going to leave it for a few days after knowing I was off track this week and I don't want the psychology of seeing a gain 🤣

I think I will go ahead and fast for 48 hours from 8pm Sunday night, Means I'll have less distractions when trying to make the most of my time on Monday and Tuesday. Mind you I've a skype call with school that might be stressful on Monday, so I'm not going to beat myself up if I decide to eat that night.

Today I've started clearing up my mess, I'd really not done any cleaning properly for the past week with decorating then working so there was loads of stuff to be done and loads of rubbish to put out and recycling to take out. I've made a good start on it but still loads to do. I've not dragged out the trailer tent as it looks like rain and I don't want to have to pack it away wet.

I was going to flatten the box my sewing machine came in, but I've not even tested it yet so I'll keep it for now. It's a pain so many places want things back in their original packaging if anything ever goes wrong but who has space to keep all that?

I've gone so crazy lately with spending I really need to stop :rolleyes::stickdance:🤣 but I'm too excited about relaunching my business. I've bought the printer, mounts for prints, the right paper etc, cards for printing greetings cards.

I've decided that I'm going to spend the next 6-8 weeks building some stock, Then after my week away in August I'm going to 'open' my facebook shop, with hopefully a decent range of stuff available. I plan the opening for Friday 13th August :) Because who needs luck? lol. I'm going to start doing lots of facebook posting to try and boost my visibility and audience, including videos and a kind of regular blog type post telling people what I'm working on.

I'm shocked at how motivated I'm feeling, I can only hope it lasts!


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Great plans for the business Chilli. Have you thought about an Etsy shop too?


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I have in the past Tipperary, and used folksy, but they both seem swamped with sellers and new sellers struggle to be seen. I sell so many different things too, and I have new ideas by the day. Even just seeing you mention your dining table again I'm thinking ooh... I can make embroidered place mats and napkin rings...

I stumbled upon a facebook group and joined because I liked the art I saw, thinking it was an art journal page, turns out these people are decorating decks of playing cards! 52 little pieces of art and suddenly I was compelled - I want to do that! I decided I'm doing a mixed media positive affirmation deck. I initially thought it would just be for fun but then I realised... 52 opportunities to create greetings card designs that I can scan and print to sell.

This is how my creativity works, the more I do the more ideas I have, so many ideas I could never hope to do them all!

Years ago I started but never used an instagram page for my business, I signed back in last night and linked it to my facebook. People say you can do better by having both and it's not even double work anymore as you can post on one and have it automatically post to the other. It will take me a while to get to grips with that side of it. I'm going to be brave and start doing videos as well.

I just need to really put myself 'out there' in some ways my husband has done me 2 great favours.

In October almost 3 years ago, he committed to help me, I left my old career on Halloween (gas engineering) to persue this handmade dream, he said he would support me, but decided only 3 months later to leave. On the surface this seems cruel - but actually I doubt I would have been brave enough to leave if I'd stayed in that job until he left. I would have been miserable. So that's favour number 1

favour number 2 - This whole situation forced me so far out of my comfort zone and to begin with was a real struggle, however I came to realise that my comfort zone was an illusion, and actually the 'outside' is pretty interesting and not to be feared. I've come to love the unknown and I'm a lot braver and more driven than I think I've ever been. All because he left.

So, back to the reason we're all here... yesterday I fasted until about 5pm, then ate some stuff I should and some stuff I shouldn't because I was having a 'party' tea with my son. However I haven't eaten again since so I'm hoping the intermittent fast will keep it ok, I certainly didn't binge. I had some cocktail sausages, chicken, a few spoons of pasta salad, a boiled egg, some doritos and hummous, and... a flake ice cream cone.

I'm going to fast until 4 at least. I still haven't weighed.

I know we're not allowed to post self promoting links in here, but if anyone would like to join me on facebook, instagram or on youtube which I plan to start using soon, please send me a message and I'll share the link. (no pressure)


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Hi 👋
What crafty things do you make?
I’ve never been crafty in any way, I bought a sewing machine about 15 years ago, still have it , it’s still like new😂 had intentions of making things but never did..
Only used it a few times for hemming a few things over the years, would probably have forgotten how to use it now🙄😂


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ooh I make all sorts of nonsense, dreamcatchers, dreamcatcher wall hangings, fabric make up bags, hand bags, recycled denim bags, hats, key rings, scarves, bracelets, moving towards my own designs of cards, art prints, and yesterdays idea of my own affirmation cards in a hand made pouch. Dog bandanas, people bandanas, bows and flowers for dog collars... that's what I can remember.

Just a quick check in this morning before school and dog walk as when I come back I'll be busy 'at work' in the Den as I've christened the craft room lol.

So yesterday we had a chinese :| yes yes I know. But I'd spent 3 hours shovelling gravel in the front garden, moving it all to the side, replacing the weed control fabric underneath and shovelling it all back. I decided cooking was OFF the menu. I'm not as sore as I expected to be today... I still have about 1/3 of the garden to do as I guesstimated the weed control fabric I'd need and under guesstimated lol, but I felt good to have taken yet another step forwards in sorting my home. I still haven't painted any doors in the hallway though - welcome to the world of ADHD lol

Today in 'the Den' I'm going to make a few small make up bags, I need 2 for teacher gifts for my son to take to school at the end of the week (last day in Scotland) and I'd forgotten. So - wee make up bag with a handcream in it will do. I'll make a couple extra for stock as it's always easier to make things in batches anyway and I need a few samples, most of what I make will be made to order in the end, people like the idea but want it in a different fabric, but I'll need a few of everything I plan to make to start out properly.

I weighed in at the same, no surprises really, if I can manage it I'll fast 48 hours (since 8pm last night)

Have a nice day all


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I was pondering as I walked the dog this morning that I shouldn't make the make up bags today because if I was really 'at work' I wouldn't first work on stuff I needed for myself. So I'll do them on weds or thursday.

Monday/tuesday this week is official work days but I know I'll work hours here and there all week and do little on my nightshift weeks. I worked it out that I work 45 hours in a fortnight at my care home, so if I did another 35 at home that would be equivalent to 'full time' but sometimes over the next couple of months I'll probably do more as any new project needs a push.

I got started today at 10am as planned but I still had loads to tidy up before I could start. I spent a while getting it ready properly then I made a start painting backgrounds for affirmation cards, and trying to sort out my camera for recording. I have a bridge camera and a tripod and always planned videos but was never brave enough. They will still be kept simple though for now at least. In the meantime they will remain non-existant until I can find the lead that connects to the computer 🤣 but still I feel like I sorted out how to do it and have taken some test footage, I'll need to teach myself how to edit etc. I also put together the seats I'd bought a few weeks ago, as they are a better height for working at the table.

Then my daughter came in and took over my table to eat (because I'd finally put the chairs together lol) and we had a chat. I don't mind a little at the moment there will be a transitional period where the kids will need to learn that I'm genuinely 'working' I may make a sign for the door.

In the afternoon I made and failed at dog bandana's because I completely miss-measured, however I've learned a lot and now I know what I'm doing. I also got my new sewing machine all set up and learned how to use it, and I set up the embroidery side, learned how to use that, and embroidered a piece to try it out, it's fabulous!

I also stopped in the middle to have an hour on skype with school, which was draining but hopefully productive, we will see.

So I feel like I've not much to show for today, but it all needed doing, and now I'm better set up to get going tomorrow.

I'd forgotten my daughter has a job interview I'll take her along to tomorrow morning, but obviously I don't mind giving her time for that! We'll be home by late morning and I'll just get going after that. I can also continue tomorrow evening if I want to as we've no plans it's just that working when the kids are around will mean frequent stoppages.

I haven't properly fasted today, so I'll try again from tonight. I've just nibbled a few things though, not had anything proper and I'll be off to my meditation group shortly.


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That’s some variety of crafts!😮👍😀
it's the good side of ADHD lol. I write and paint as well. I could probably excell in one area if I focussed on it, but a life like that is unimaginable, missing out on the diversity of activity would be the death of my creativity, so I scatter on and I expect to (hope to) try many more before I'm gone.

Well today has been segmented, and I still haven't fasted, but I've not binged either. I'm also menstruating. Annoyingly regular on low carb (yay for less ovarian cysts but arrgh for having to deal with ovulating and all that) I've been trying to explain the link between insulin and hormones but my daughter refuses to listen. She is 16, very irregular cycles - just as I was at her age. She isn't overweight but definitely eats too many carbs. I'm not wishing it on her, but she's going to end up just like me if she doesn't address it, I wish I'd known then what I know now.

So this morning my daughter had an interview in nearby town for apprenticeship in a nursery (wish her much luck!) I drove her there and walked the dog up and down the street waiting for her expecting it to take maybe 30 mins, but she eventually emerged 80 minutes later! Poor dog and me were about keeling over in the heat. I think she has a real chance though, if they weren't interested in her they wouldn't have taken their time with her.

By the time we got back that was the morning almost done. I also needed a run to the recycle centre as I had the boxes from my printer and sewing machine to get rid off (now they've both been tested) and loads of packaging, so I got rid of that then had a chaffle toastie for lunch.

I got a bit of sewing done, had a few troubles with one of the designs but in the process I learned I need to make sure the foot doesn't come loose, so probably worth checking that every couple of designs sewn. Anyway I've everything cut, zips with little sewn on tabs prepared and 5 fronts embroidered ready to complete 5 small make up bags tomorrow.

The afternoon was also interupted, although my son had after school club, a friend called in a panic as she was going to be late picking up her daughter, so I nipped up to school for her and took her home. It was nice to do something to help as this lady is always helping everyone all the time, it did take up a little time and I stayed for a cuppa. I did sew again a bit this evening, the good thing about the embroidery is that you can pop it on and nip away to do something and pop back, if the thread snaps or anything it just stops. When it's time to change colour it just stops, it's really very clever and fascinating to watch. I've got my usual sewing machine set up opposite the embroidery one, so I was sewing on zipper tabs today one one machine whilst the other one embroidered. I'm sure once I get a bit more organised I can learn to be more productive.

I've also started up a new business spreadsheet to keep track of spending and (eventually) income. I don't want to be frantically working it all out in reverse when I need to do a tax return. My current deficit is £1270 :cool: which in fairness isn't that bad given everything I've been buying. I'm grateful to have had the money to invest to give this a chance. I'm broke again for now tho, but at least it will pass quicker than last time, I'll be fine by September lol.

Tomorrow I'm nipping to tesco as the food situation is becoming desperate but I'm thinking I may do a click and collect after school, pick up son and go straight there. That way I can get some more done tomorrow when he's at school and there are less distractions, 'working' from about 10-1430.

I'm supposed to be sawing some legs off a mid sleeper bed for a friend tomorrow night as well, hopefully all goes to plan.

Well I best go do a click and collect order or I'll have to go actual shopping which I do not like, although we'll likely go into home bargains as well.

Night night all


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morning all, will today be a fast day? who can tell haha.

WE're about to leave for dog walk and school, I plan to get home, make up those make up bags and then as today isn't strictly a 'work' day and I want daughter to have her dress this summer I'll be cutting out her dress. I may cut out something for myself as well I'll see how it goes. Then I'll zoom along to school get son and go to tesco, then home for dinner, then over to friends in the evening to saw legs off a mid-sleeper bed.

Never a dull moment in the CQ household.

Have a lovely wednesday :)