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Usually if I've been sitting and stand up again to walk - that's when it hurts most. It really has been a lot better today, so fingers crossed it's still improving in the days ahead. I've pretty much worn the boots all day today. we're not precious here about taking shoes off unless they're obviously wet or muddy.

Tonight for dinner I had some southern fried chicken that was in the freezer and some cauli hash browns.

I've chilled most of today other than assembling a raised dog bed I bought for training/sleeping in the kitchen for the pup. She won't go on it lol


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The cauli hash browns sound lovely - are they messy to make, though?


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I don't make them I'm too lazy for that lol, they're a bit of a compromise food as they do contain some potato starch and will be quite processed I imagine, but less carbs than the average hash brown. google 'strong roots' cauliflower hash browns, I buy them at tesco.

I was out to lunch today with a friend, and I've eaten LOADS I shouldn't have.

The improvements in my foot seem around the same today so I'm hopeful... not sure how it will be once I'm back at work too though as I can't wear them there. I've just remembered I should really try on those trousers I bought last week for work. I'll be going shopping again tomorrow so I can return them if they're no use. Pretty sure they'll be ok though.

I bought a new crate mattress for my dog so have whizzed up a cover for it with fleece I had sitting, hopefully she won't shred it... it's a bit hit and miss with my dog... She is getting better. Yet again I've not done much of what I said I would this week, but I've done a bit of sorting and the dog bed cover, also I've a friend coming with a van to take loads to the recycle centre tomorrow so that will clear up the garden a lot.

I'm done with eating now until tomorrow. I've not really done well in recent weeks but at least I've not binged and gained all the weight back. I', certain that I'll get there in my own time.

I need to dismantle an old trampoline tonight for the skip pile, but for now I'm sat watching the sewing bee from last night on iplayer :)


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S: 356lb C: 314lb G: 140lb BMI: 55.6 Loss: 42lb(11.8%)
Blimey in one breath you say you haven't done much this week, then next you've whizzed up a cover for the dog's mattress and a whole load of other stuff! :0clapper:

Will go and look at those cauli hash browns, I love them too, but think they will be too high in fat. Of course I could make my own SW friendly ones...emphasis on the "could" :D :D.


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The whizzing took all of about 20 minutes from cutting to popping it in her crate complete, I have an overlocker that makes that kind of thing easy. Sews, trims and finishes the edges for you as you go. It was only 2 side seams to sew.

I want to sew ... perhaps I'll redesign my targets and say I'll make something after 10 (cos I'm past that) then every 5. Or perhaps just every month, provided I weigh less than I did the month before...

I'm all excited again after watching the sewing bee 🤣 only a few episodes left now.

I had thought about starting to paint my hall, that's what I meant about the plans but other than buying filler and sandpaper I've not started at all. Mind you... the thing I love about my life now, and being single too... all the decisions are mine, as well as the deadlines. I'll do it when I'm ready. I tend to have bursts of energy and dive into things then take a break. I have a week off in June too so I may try then.

I don't think the cauli hash browns are really the best option for any of our diets, they are a compromise, better than potatoes, pasta or rice.


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Goodness I'm exhausted already. I've moved most of the pile from the back of the house to the front. 2 old beds, toy kitchen, old sofa, old bench, a bike and a few other random things lol

my scales are up again but I did have a meal out yesterday. I'm now sat at 181lb's, which is apparently 2.5 up from my lowest :( still 10 down tho. and still menstruating. sigh.

PIcking up shopping later today and now we have a panini press the kids want panini's so they can have that and I've have a chaffle toastie.

Lunch, might be some eggs or soup.

Considering trying the recipe for keto naan in the waffle maker - it has more almond flour proportionally so I'm wondering if it would work well. or not lol


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The small gain will be water weight and TOTM for certain, keep on plan and you're bound to see a whoosh soon.

Lots of activity in your household again today! I forget sometimes, having been on my own for a long time (15 years blimey!) the luxury of being able to make my own decisions, in my own timeframe - good to be reminded :).

Enjoy the chaffle.


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Yesterday wasn't really on plan. Today should be though. My friend has been and we managed to fit most of the stuff in do it's all away, it was exhausting and both my foot and elbow are protesting! It was a necessary job though and I'm pleased it's done. There are a few things that wouldn't fit, but they'll fit in my car, it'll have to wait until next week now though! I've certainly had a work out today.

I've not eaten yet but will soon


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So today I've eaten veg and lentil soup, a chaffle toastie with ham and cheese, a cup of tomato soup (the recipe from the other day without the cheese) and some of my fav strawberry cream pudding that we all like.

I made the soup as per the instructions this time with tinned tomatoes and it came out a little thicker, but I actually preferred the flavour of it made with passatta.

I'm not at my best, I think I have a cold. Not in fear of covid, I have slight sore throat, but no cough, and I can feel the mucus in my nose and sinuses. I often have hay fever too so could be that. In any case between the pain in my foot and arm with all the walking and carrying earlier, and my cold, and knowing I've work for 5 nights starting tomorrow... I'm having a bath and bed by 9. I slept rubbish last night too.

I'm thinking of a few things. I keep planning a longer fast but never get there, I do still plan to try it, but not during my nightshifts. I'm thinking of reducing my eating window. At the moment it's around 8 hours, but today I ate within 6, I'm thinking of cutting it down to 5 or maybe even less. I might try and see if I can fast until 4pm. This would be normal days. On nightshift days I'm going to stop eating with the kids, they have me eating with them 9/14 nights I'm sure it won't matter much and I can still sit with them anyway. I've always felt I should eat with them... but then collectively I end up eating more later.

The thing about not eating till 4 may help my days to be more productive. As it is a normal routine in morning is school and dog walk followed by cuppa and a half hour chill, by then I'm thinking there's no point doing anything until after lunch. Then I'll cook and eat lunch at which point there's not really a lot of time before it's dog and school walk again.

If I had those hours uninterrupted by thoughts of food prep and eating.... I'd conceivably have a good solid 4 hours to commit to my creative work/jobs around the house etc on school days.

I'm short changing myself by wasting too many days. I would still take a day every second week to have an 'artist date' now that things are open - anyone familiar with the artists way by Julia Cameron will understand the reference, for those who Don't... the idea is that creativity requires a full well. If we never top it up it will run dry. Artist date should be a weekly outing to anything that feels good. For me - art galleries, museums, old ruins, stone circles, beaches, cafes for hot chocolate, driving in our wonderful scenery etc, cinema. The list is endless really.

I can't always do weekly, with my shifts depending on the kids as well. I also want to do more home meditations. Perhaps 3x per week for 30 mins.

I want it all in my life, and I'm wasting too much of my golden free time.

I want to genuinely commit real hours to writing and making things to sell. I know I need rest time too, but I've been taking too much of it. It's time to pursue genuine balance.


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I love the idea of an artist date, and topping up your creative reserves - all of those thoings you listed are my fav things to do with my spare time. It's like me and the sea, I feel really rejuvenated when I sit at the coast, I don't have to be with anyone, I just sip my coffee and think and look out at the waves. I'd give anything to live in a house that was right on the sea - hoped I could get that where I am now, but can't afford it, sadly. i have a 5mm sliver of sea view from the back garden when the trees are bare LOL.

I also have a friend who posts lots of famous artworks on her feed, and I love seeing the flow of creativity - she loves the Impressionists, like me, and it's fab to be reminded of their enormous talent and contribution to art.


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I was brought up near the sea so I do love it. Where I live now is a good compromise as I we have a small-ish village feel but with everything we need, a few nice walks in the village. I only need to drive for 15-20 minutes to be in dense forests and hills, or 15-20 mins in the other direction to be at one of several beaches. I prefer the quiet ones! Pupster loves them too. Hoping to get back to going there once a week, I too love listening to the waves, and I even enjoy them on dark and damp days, the atmosphere is always changing. I've denied myself many of these pleasures because I've been so intent on saving money, now I can be a bit looser.

I've been a bit naughty regarding money yesterday lol. I'd already ordered 2 desks and 6 chairs, about 200 quids worth from Ikea which I'm picking up in the next couple weeks. I had planned on waiting till after our holidays for a sofa and the kallax set up I'd decided on, but yesterday I just went ahead and ordered everything else I planned on getting. These kinds of things won't fit in the car, but I've arranged delivery at the beginning of July :)

I had money set aside for daughters car, but in actual fact it's at least a year away before she will be needing it. I know I can easily put all the money back in there in time, so I've just used some of it now.

Aside from some plants and pots for the garden, and a few smaller repairs in the house this is the last of the big things I've wanted to get for the house, so I know I can start to save again after the summer hols.

I'm struggling to free myself from the guilt at times for not 'waiting' a bit longer, but I did wait. I've waited over 2 years already for most of these items. All I've done is juggle around the order of plans. My daughter will still have the car money I promised her before she needs it. I still feel like I shouldn't be spending money. But I AM allowed to spend the cash I DO have lol.

So today I tried the same chaffle recipe but using the option of coconut flour rather than almond flour. I like them both, and as you use less coconut flour and it's cheaper, I'll probably continue to use this version for chaffles, as I suspect they'll be a regular thing!. Also I thought about making a bunch and freezing, but actually they're pretty simple and fast to make anyway. So I think I'll generally just make 2, as that's what my gadget can accommodate in one go, and that covers 2 meals. I may on occasion make double when I'm planning ahead for work etc, but otherwise they can be rustled up so quickly there's no real need.

As today is a changeover day from day to night I've not worried about my eating window will be extended. For lunch I had chaffle with tomato and cheese soup. Dinner was the other chaffle made into a pizza - which I didn't enjoy as much as the naan pizza so I'll probably stick to naan for pizza. I've got another portion of soup with me for work and a small portion of strawberry cream pudding. I'll try my best not to eat anything else.


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Saturday night was exemplary... I only ate the food I brought. Sunday was equally great, I didn't eat with the kids which was exactly how I planned it. However Sunday night shift came with a massive side helping of stress and I did not behave so well. Clearly I'm a stress eater. We will see what tonight brings later...2 nights down, 3 to go!
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the good behaviour before last night must be helping, I'm back down to 179, so just 0.5 off my logged weight again. Potentially less as I typically weigh a little higher on my nights. I'm going to try really hard tonight to stick to plans. I've a roast chicken in the oven for the kids dinner, and I'll take some to work with ratatouille tonight.

I'm feeling quite sorry for myself, I have a cold probably mixed with hayfever. I'm sounding all rough and throaty and nasally. So off course everyone probably thinks I have covid lol. I've had my vaccinations though and am tested every few days at work. I have a cold. In my run of nightshifts which is THE WORST! I have to blow my nose every 5 mins and clear my throat every 10 mins 🤣

I've just dug out the antihistamines to see if they help at all.

I might make some soup, unless theres any in the freezer. I'll look. You know how sometimes just feel like comfort food? I'm really quite attached to soup. Even though it can be a little higher carb I think it's generally full of good stuff, I never add potatoes, pasta or rice and no longer have bread with it. Keto naans or chaffles.

I've cancelled my meditation group tonight because of my cold, I'd disturb everyone with my noises, but it means I don't have to rush so all good.


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Oh crikey sorry to hear about the cold, but I imagine it's easy to pick up everything going at your work? A mate sneezed at a bus stop the other day and she said heads swivelled so fast towards her and away again, they nearly did a 360 LOL.

Well done on getting furniture you want now, you've waited such a long time - and they aren't a luxury, they are things you need - so enjoy them, and enjoy the power of having a bit of cash and being able to do with it exactly what you want.

Low carb bread question now - what's the most successful breadlike thing you've made so far? I've had a few tum troubles lately and the lovely Mary wonders if it might be gluten intolerance and/or IBS - in which case i will need to stop eating bread 😭😭😭😭😭. I love bread, seriously love it, and it's why i crashed and burned the last time I did LC - so would appreciate your thoughts.

And chaffles of course - and an excuse to buy a waffle maker LOL x


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yes my manager was questioning me yesterday but I have no temperature or cough, can taste everything etc. Sneezing isn't even a typical covid symptom everyone is so paranoid now. But we are being tested so regularly too. Can't be off work for no reason - if I had a cough or a temperature or couldn't taste food etc off course I would take that seriously and be off until repeat test negative, but I have none of that. I don't even feel ill - I just sound ill 🤣 having said that I'm tired and looking forward to my shifts being over tomorrow morning!

@ladyfelsham, as for chaffles - the low carb/keto community seem to adore the mini dash waffle maker and I can see why; it's compact, makes one portion and would probably be perfect for you. I bought a bigger multipurpose one because I wanted the panini and toasted sandwich options for the kids and the double portions for family cooking and the one I have works well for me - it's a Salter 3 in 1 snack maker.

As for recipes I've only tried a handful but having hit on one I like I'm sticking with it unless I come across something drastically different. I woudn't even bother with the basic recipe of egg and cheese - those taste very eggy. The ones with a bit of flour added work well I used the wholesome yum website but having looked around they all seem to be using similar.

1/2 cup mozzarella cheese, 1 large egg (I used a medium and it's been fine), 2 tablespoons almond flour ( OR 2 teaspoons coconut flour), 1/2 teaspoon psyllium husk powder, 1/4 teaspoon baking powder. Just mix it up in a cup with a fork, add it to your pre-heated waffle maker and a few mins later you're done!

I've not tried it without the psyllium husk but the recipe says it's optional - as you're worried about fibre being an issue you might want to try without. I've used both almond flour and coconut flour and have enjoyed both. I like them best as a toasted sandwich rather than as a cold bread substitute.

Keto naan recipe from the big mans world website is also worth trying. Those are great with curry, bolognese, use as a pizza base or dunk in soup.

I've not been especially great the past few nights, but it's last night on tonight, so hopefully I'll manage to get back into everything and actually lose some weight next week, it's been a big stall lately.


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Morning all. Well I'm 1.5 down from last week, which given that I've got this cold ongoing (really, still there after a whole week) and I've been on my run of nights I'm pleased to have inched back towards my lower logged weight.

I'm now 179.5, so still 1lb away from my lowest weight. Hopefully I'll dip below that by next week and take a genuine new step forwards rather than this little back and forth I've been doing lately, but having said all of that - I'm pleased. Really pleased that I've not given up and put it all back on by now. I'm still 11.5lbs less than I was mid feb and although that's a small step for many, it's a good step for me, and more importantly I believe it's a sustainable one, provided I continue to be mindful of my choices MOST of the time.

I had a long chat with someone yesterday and on the back of it I feel motivated to push forwards with some things, and have changed my mind about one or two other things, and I think I'm going to shift what I focus on a little.

It's true that I have said before I'm selling myself short in what I can do in my life. I work hard on my shifts and commit to my work, and although I want the fun life can offer, and I want to kickstart my creative ventures - I spend so much time procrastinating, it's ridiculous. I know you guys see what I say I do here, and it's true, some stuff gets done and I recognise and applaud myself for those things - but there are so many hours I waste. Some of it is having 'too many' ideas and struggling to decide which one to do next! Others is just... 'ah I'm just gonna watch another episode of whatever I'm watching' lazy-itis, and suddenly the day is gone. I know I need to allow myself that down time, it's important and I've needed it, but it's really my time now to balance that up again. To work and play and rest in appropriate albeit ever changing quantities. I know some weeks will need more rest than others and it won't help to be fixated on hours, but I think I need a bit more structure to my lifestyle.

Using the cop out of my son being around on different days different weeks and my work being different every second week has meant I've had little real routine, but I can structure life around a fortnightly routine, and stabilise some of it. I have more routine available to me than I admit to...

So here is some of what I've properly chosen to commit to now.

I'm 100% in on my 'artist way' ideas of using morning pages and artist dates and will try to have a weekly day out, I can't always manage this when I've got my nights, but across a fortnight I should be able to mindfully choose an artist date twice during my time off. Watching a new TV series is NOT an artist date! (repeats last sentence 27 times)

I'm going to chase up the after school club regarding booking my son in twice per week. This will work on 2 levels - I'll get more sleep on my night runs, and I'll have 2 full days the following week which I really will commit to my creative business and/or writing. He typically is never at his Dad's the first half of the week it usually varies from wednesday -sunday he's away 1 or 2 nights. So If I regularly book my son in Mondays and Tuesdays after school that should work out most weeks. So week 1 - extra sleep time, week 2 - Monday/ tuesday working on my home business. Then later in the week more flexibly when son is at his Dads I'll choose those days for artist dates. Even if I end up with 2 in a row fortnightly rather than spaced out to 1/week it should still be food for my soul.

1 day per week for genuine catch up of house chores and the on going clearing out. Friday is good for this as a lot gets left undone over my nightshift week, and it's nice to have stuff caught up a little by the weekend.

If I'm invited out to lunch, night out, or (if it ever happens) a date any day I'll be flexible to fit that in, provided I want to. Cos this chick is way past doing anything out of duty lol

This last point is a bit harder to word, so I hope I can do it justice. A part of long term balance is still around my health and I recognise I really will benefit on all levels from continuing to lose weight, but I'm going to try to change my mindset around it and make it more 'matter of fact'

Eating less carbs, mixed with intermittent fasting is now my way of life. Weight loss will probably follow in its own time. A natural by-product of making the right choices for my body, and hopefully leading a fuller and happy life. My cortisol levels have probably been a lot higher over the past few years than I'd like to admit. That's all behind me now and I'm certain my levels will have been dropping. Especially since moving forwards with my finances. Finding balance in my life properly will drop it further too. I'm doing lots that I believe to be right, for my physical and mental health.

I've spoken before about using making clothes as motivation to lose more weight etc, but I'm actually thinking now that using ANYTHING other than a desire for genuine better health probably makes weight loss more of a focus than it should be.

So I'm going to make clothes, whichever clothes I feel like, whenever I feel like. I'm not going to use anything as 'motivation' for the coming week or whatever. After all - surely my real health should be a much bigger motivator.

I want to live, genuinely live. Not just exist and drift through the life years I have left.

I've put my mechanisms in place to move towards better health, by choosing lower carb and intermittent fasting, and my dog walking. I don't really need to stress or over focus on it. It will happen, it its own progressive time. I'll still weigh in every week and I'll still keep my diary as otherwise I suspect I'd go back to sandwiches, cakes and pasta lol. I'll be joyous when I lose anything and congratulate myself, and if I haven't lost well... to hell with it I'll be joyous those weeks as well.

I started this message in the morning, but stopped and started and have been to the fabric shop with my daughter!

I have fabric for a dress for her, either a top or dress for me (I've not decided yet), fabric to make a hoodie for my son, and fabric to make some doggy bandanas... let the fun begin! I've a friend asked for adult bandanas as well so I'll get on it soon.

Food I've not eaten yet today but I've just made 2 chaffles and in a while once the thing cools down I'll change the plates and make a cheese, ham and tomato toasted sandwich with the panini plates. That's the only problem using a machine that does more than one job, but a little forward planning accounting for cooling is fine. I said before I wouldn't make batches of them as they're really so fast to make, but I'm now erring on the other side. They're so fast to make so why wouldn't I make a batch? then I'd not need to switch out the plates for a bit. My kids are enjoying being able to have paninis, so the panini plate is the one we'd use most of the time other than chaffle batch cooking. So I may do just that, make up a weeks worth and pop some in the freezer.

It's just me for dinner later and I've not planned anything yet. Might try something new.

Have a lovely day people, and feel free to help yourself to my optimistic vibe today, I'm more than happy to share it! Plenty to go round x


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Hey Chilli, I'm loving the optimistic vibe, well done on the losses. whether your a tortoise or a hare on this weightloss journey it don't mean a thing if you cant sustain it and maintain your hard worked for goal. It makes sense to me to make it a lifestyle that you enjoy, so you never go back. Good luck with the the new structures your putting in place, sounds so creative :)


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Absolutely loved this post!

Partly because it's so uplifting and positive, but also because you've done some really challenging soul searching/life laundry and come out the other side with a brilliant 'menu' for how you want to get the best out of life.

That's something I feel I'm also doing at the moment. Like you i want to really live and not just feel like I'm letting time slip by. Wonder if that's an effect of lockdown?, My spirits are also very high, like yours, as a result - what a great feeling! Keep it up hun and I want to hear all about it!

Thanks too re the Dash waffle maker recommendation - I lurve the shape etc, just wonder how much of a gimmick it will be for me. Can't quite believe I am actually showing any restraint - normally I scream, "New gadget! I must have it!" :D :D.


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I'm happy to be sharing out the uplifting vibes. I'm really very happy with how everything is going, there are still so many unanswered questions about where I'm going in life and what happens next but I find that exciting now, a few years ago I would have found it frightening but the unknown is no longer a place I fear. It's full of potential to explore!

@ladyfelsham I think we're channeling the same energy lol, If I was alone here I would have bought the dash, but as I've said I do prefer my chaffle sandwiches toasted so perhaps I wouldn't! but it is the perfect size for one chaffle. I might try a sweet tasted one soon. I'l look at the recipes but I have a recipe I used to make with almond flour for pancakes so if the recipes I find don't work I expect that one will. For me I don't think it was lockdown, I think it's just general progression and recovery and life changes.

I had a lovely chat with my mother in law earlier, I'm so glad that getting rid of her son doesn't stop her and I getting along like a house on fire. I've booked our holidays now, spending a couple days with her then we're all going to Glastonbury for a few days then back to hers before home again, the first couple of days I'm going to help her try to get a storage unit emptied. Still a couple of months to go tho.

I bought my son a really basic phone, it's not a smart phone just an old style. It's just for phone and text so he can go a little further away from the door when he's out to play. We had a nice walk around as I showed him his new boundaries (a bunch of streets about a half mile in every direction with no busy roads) and then he played out for about 30 mins. Texting or calling me every few mins to announce he was 'ok' 🤣 Bless him. He's nearly 9 and we live in a pretty safe place.

I think he's more enamoured with the phone than the freedom, he's texting me from the other side of the room.

Lunch today was a chaffle bacon sandwich, which was far too filling I only ate half the chaffle.

I think it will just be son and me for dinner not sure what I'll make for us yet.

I'm trying to decide what to make with the fabric I bought yesterday lol.