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:angeldevil: Hi can anyone help me? I've been on the cd for 3months with great sucess but then i went on hol and since then i've just lost the plot!!!! I'm back on it again but have put on 11/2 stone aahhhhh!!! Does anyone know why i never seem to learn!!? Why do i go on self destruct mode over and over again when i was doing soooooo well, i only put on 8l?bs on my hol which is ok so why didn't i just get back on it straight away ?
Also i've started to lose my hair quite badly which my hairdresser said is down to the diet as he has clients on the lightalife diet and they are told to expect hair loss, has anyone else experienced this as i'm getting quite worried?
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Hi Crazyangel,
I did a similar thing - lost six stones on CD, kept it off for 18 months more or less, then went on holiday. My first time in Butlins and it turns out I really like their half-board food... put on about 7lbs on holiday and by the time I got home my sugar addiction was back on overdrive and I got to two stones heavier.
Now I'm back on CD and halfway to getting it off again.

I think what I'm trying to say is: you're human, you're not the only one who does these things and you know that you can fix it so don't beat yourself up. Just focus on the diet and watch the pounds come off. I'm actually enjoying it more this time, knowing how great it's going to feel when I'm done.

I also had hair loss but it started growing back while I was off CD.

Good luck!

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Hi Crazyangel, have you got a new goal to look forward to? I find once I reach a goal, if I don't have another one to aim for immediately, I lose the reason to lose weight and go back to scoffing. Once you get on that treadmill it's sooo difficult to motivate yourself to get back on...but you are still on your journey until you decide to give up. Don't give up. Get back on track, do what you can until your head 'clicks' and keep going. Find yourself two new goals, one to aim for now to get rid of the weight gain and then one a few months later so as you are reaching one goal there is another to focus on straight behind it. Icemoose gave me this idea and it is really helpful to me, I hope it helps you too.

Good luck - Joe
that is what terrifies me the most - regaining the weight and hair loss!!!

god help me!

Thx Anna for your reply and well done on losing 6stone, sometimes it helps to know other people are going through the same stuff:), I'm back on it now and i know i really have got to get my head around the fact that when i'm not doing the cd that it doesn't mean its a free for all :eatdrink051:where foods concerned!!! This time its got to become a life style change and that certain foods should always be limited! I have a 1year old daughter now and i really don't want her to have any food issues because of what she's watched me doing.
Again thx for your help hope your getting on well x
your so right

Hi Artyjoe, you are so right, looking back over my years of yo-yo dieting I've always dieted for a reason then once that reason has gone then I'm back to eating,i think either I'll have to stop dieting for a reason or like you said get my next reason all ready lined up in my head. I was saying to AnnaNimity i have a 1year old daughter and i don't want her to have any issues with food because of anything she's had to watch me doing so perhaps i should make her my reason PERMANTLY :)
Thx again x

LOL x God won't help you :innocent0001: Just don't have a reason to break the diet until your at your goal, then you'll be so slim and gorgeous your life will be filled with more than food :) Good luck Leeds123