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ProPoints Crels Bubble Butt Begone Diary

Have restarted WW today after 7 weeks on Slimming World. SW did not work for me. The free foods/syns combination gave me too much freedom.

So I weighed in today, I've eaten the following:

Breakfast: 7
1 x Choc Weetabix 2
Activia Berry Yoghurt 2
Butterkist Popocorn 30g 3

Lunch: 10
Glorious Skinny Miso 1/2 pot 3
2 x wholemeal multiseed bread 4
1 tbsp of houmous Reduced Fat 1
Activia Berry Fat Free 2

Dinner: 12
Prawn Bhuna with half sauce 6
Rice + Veg 6


My points are 29 daily/49 weekly

My plan is not to binge on the weekly but spread the 49 over a weekend
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Pro Points: Sun 23/1/11 40 points...

baked bean/veg sausage combo + scrambled eggs/wrap [10pps]

wrap/cottage cheese/ham
slimfast bar (10 pps)

chicken breast/ spinach/stock/WW cream/ Sweet Potato + sprinkle of parmesan. [9]
3 glasses of white wine (9pps)
Stewed rhubarb (1pps) + LF Amrosia Custard (3pps)
Weetabix Mini Choc Crisps 5pp
3 x Mini Crème Eggs (5pp)

Smoked Salmon (3pp)
Crumpets x 2 Tesco (4pp)
Low Fat Cottage Cheese (1pp)
Cherry Tomatoes (1pp)
Skips (2pp)
Diet Coke

Total for Lunch & Breakfast: 19pp

On the advice of my WW Leader, I am working on 29 daily/7 weeklies per day rather than over indulging on the weekend!
4th Feb 2011

Crumpet + slither of red leicester (3pp)
Honey Nut Crisps + Skimmed Milk (5pp)
Total: 8
Reduced Fat Rich Tea (2)
1/2 WW Bar (1)
Jaffa Cake (1)
Total: 4

Glorious Toulouse Soup (5)
Food Dr Pitta (4)
Low Fat Houmous (1)
Total: 10
2 Discovery Wholemeal Tortilla Wraps (5pp)
2 x Grilled Chicken Thighs (7pp)
Gherkins (0)
Low Fat Houmous (1)
Total 13

29 daily/7 weekly

Also 2 glasses of white wine but I am in denial about the points involved!?
I put on 2lbs overnight!!! So having a very low point day today:

Sunday, February 06, 2011

200 g Fruit Salad, Fresh, No Added Sugar 0
raspberry mousse - Quick-added food 2
Subtotal 2

28 g Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Plain, Reduced Fat 1
24 g Bread, Wholemeal, Sliced 1
2 slice(s) Turkey Breast Slices 1

Subtotal 3


165 g Activia Activia Fat Free Raspberry Snackpot 2
60 g Chorizo Sausage 5
3 tablespoons Beans, Butter, Cooked or Canned 2
1 1/2 individual Chicken, Thigh, Skinless & Boneless, Raw 6
1 pub measure Rum, 40% volume 2
Subtotal 17

Any Time
1 individual Mini Babybel Light 1
1 biscuit(s) Jaffa Cake 1
1 medium Banana 0
1 slice(s) Mango 0
1/2 bar(s) Rich Toffee Bar 1
Subtotal 3

Food ProPoints values total used
25 Food

values remaining
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Weigh in tomorrow, 7pm - really hoping that I can actually show a minimum 1lb loss this week - it's going to be touch and go. I will have to starve myself tomorrow :)
OK my weight home went down 1lb and the scales at the WI showed a 0.5lb loss. I was wearing the lightest clothes that I could bearing in mind the weather, I doubt it was a loss at all :-(

Yesterdays Menu:

Monday, February 07, 2011

1 bar(s) Alpen Alpen Light Summer Fruits Cereal Bar 2

1 portion(s) Fruit Salad, Fresh, No Added Sugar 0
M&S raspberry mousse - Quick-added food 2


1/4 tub(s) Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Plain, Reduced Fat 1
Quavers - Quick-added food 2
Chorizo Bean Stew 6
Subtotal 9

Frittata Bolognese - Quick-added food 12
Subtotal 12

Any Time

1 sachet(s) Belgian Choc 1
2 x biscuit(s) Jaffa Cake 3
13 g Chocolate, Milk 2
WW bar - Quick-added food 3
Subtotal 9
Food ProPoints values total used
29/5 weeklies
Today so far:
Choc Chip Cookies (left by client in the office - too delish to pass) guessing (7pps)

Fresh Fruit Salad (0)

M&S Count on Us Chilli Con Carne snackpot (really yummy)
Reduced Fat Cottage Cheese (6pps)

Dinner to follow...
Dinner was:
Crunch Stir Fry (Asda)/2tsps of wok oil (6)
Mussels in white wine sauce (8)
2 crackers (2)

Handfuls of haribo jelly babies/marshmallows (??)

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