I just tried to make the crisps from a soup pack, is it just me that is doing it wrong?

I can't imagine we are supposed to eat the baking parchment along with the crisps, but I can't get mine off!

so was it too thick? too thin? wrong parchment?

any replies appreciated!

hope there are no carbs in baking parchment lol.

thanks in advance


I had the similar problem as you. If you read the the Tortilla Wrap soup thread, they say it has to be silicone paper or another paper. Greaseproof paper will not work apparently.
Hi Mags, needs to be baking parchment/paper or silicone - normal greaseproof isn't any good for this!
You ladies are fast!

thanks for the replies, it was normal greaseproof I used so that explains it. i am going shopping tomorrow, so I will look for the right stuff and have another go another day.

thanks again

I've have the crisps down to a tea and they are lovely. For me the best thing to use is a teflon sheet ( they are literally a sheeting of plastic non-stick lining) - you can pick them up from sainsbury's. They are also good for biscuits made from the bars. The good thing is you can wash them and reuse them. The cost about £3-4 but well worth the investment.
thanks cake n eat it, I will look for those I like the idea of reusing!

Carrottit, have you tried making the biscuits from the bars? it was really easy. I did mine on a plate just chope the bar into small 'biscuits' around 4ml thick, then microwave. watch them and stop cooking as they change colour to slightly brown. They spread out to make a bigger biscuit than you think so leave room. Allow to cool then peel off with a knife they are yummy.

Like you I have had little success in making much else, the crisps were a disaster, and so was the choc fudge. I am not even going to attempt the muffin, but crisps and biscuits do seem achievable for my cooking ability (or lack thereof lol)

thanks everyone
:p Success!!!

Asda only had their own 'non stick coated' baking parchment, but it worked a treat and I have munched away an enjoyable portion of 'crisps'. I did overcook some a little but its a learning curve.

thanks everyone
not sure if we have poundland up here, unless its under a different name.... we have pound stretcher.... or the 99p store? maybe will try them and see next time I am in town!

I made my first set of crisps today. The first batch were a bit thick but tasted lovely, the second batch was lovvvvely. I was delighted to hear the crunch when I bit into them. I think I will try them again tomorrow. :p
I have made them with thai chilli, chicken and veg soup packs. I didn't mix them up just did a few spoons individually and they all taste fine. I don't like mushroom soup so I never had any to try. I may mix a little next time chilli chicken might be nice!

you mix the pack up with a tiny amount of water so the consistency is like thick custard, then (on the right sort of parchment) drop little blobs on. They spread as they cook so leave space. Then shove in the micro for a little while. About a minute worked in mine but every microwave is different, just watch and take them out as they start to turn a little brown. Leave them in too long and they are yucky burnt.

I always used to find the crisps lovely but such a pain to make - it just took ages!!! So now I just make one great big poppadom!!

I don't even use greaseproof paper...

Mix the soup up with water until you get a really thick gooey substance (like wallpaper paste!).

Spread the goo evenly over a dinner plate. Pop in the microwave for one minute then every 10 seconds until the crisp takes on a golden brown firm appearance.

Once done, take out of the microwave and lift the crisp off with the help of a knife to "peel" it off the plate...

Lush!! and more imoprtantly - very quick!!!!!
only thing about the popadom is I think I would eat it too quickly.... can sort of graze through the crisps if you know what I mean. Although I suppose I could break the big one into little bits and eat them just the same....