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i just ate a walkers grab bag!
someone reassure me that as i have only had my slimfast shakes and fruit today it wont kill my losses lol. i reasoned with myself that one bag when i havent had any in nine days is ok. especially when i usually eat 6 in one go~! i have been good, had one blow out on day 5 and made it up so i dont think its going bad but i wanna make sure i aint lying to myself. i feel nice and satisfied after them and dont want more and have more fruit to eat if i want it later so surely its fine?
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You will be fine. Why not have a 100 calorie bag of crisps every day as one of your snacks to stop you craving them and then you won't have a blow out with a grab bag x
i dont really wanna have them every day, an i dont trust myself to have crisps in the house. TBH i think its ok cos that one bag did away with the craving and i resisted it for a whole 2 days before hand. so i was sure i really wanted them and was not just thirsty or having a passing craving. dont want any today and im in work again with them looking at me and its not a problem now. yay me. went up a pound but thats normal as weight fluctuates and i did drink 4l of water yesterday which is twice my normal intake.
well i cant be sure as my origional scales were naff and only went to 19 and i only got new scales on day 4 but i was 19 flat yesterday morning and i think i was about 19.10 ish when i started so 10 lb's or so. not bad for 11 days and a blow out on day 5. booze an a burger lol. took me 2 days to put on cos of it and 2 more days to lose it again.


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One litre of water is about 2.2lb weight! So if you drink lots of water you'll be heavier, but healthier! LOL!
i just wanted to stop drinking fizzy pop, would never even get thru 2 liters of that a day but im detoxing sort of and its flushing out my system adn im exercising more too.

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