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I have been reading on the DH site that quite a few have crocs and say they are very comfortable. I didn't even know what they were but today I saw them in the window of the local outdoor pursuits shop. So I went in and tried them on and bought a pair of blue ones. Fancied purple or pink but they only had small sizes so i thought I'd buy a pair and if I like them and they feel good for my terrible feet i can buy them in other colours. I got the ones that have a strap around the back and they were £29.

Has anyone got some and what do you think about them? Is that a good price for them or are they cheaper elsewhere

Irene xx
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They are really comfy! I have 3 sets!

The only thing that bugs me is that the 2 pairs I got in England were 30 quid each and in America they are 14 quid for the same Croc!

But they are really comfy BUT not good for driving in I have found.



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i first saw loads of people wearing them in florida last year, wish id bought some now as like icemoose says were 1/2 the price, my step mum got some a few weeks ago for her birthday and shes never got them off her feet :D


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i got a pair a few weeks ago i found they made my feet sweat, & i got a blister, so havent worn them for a while.I can see me putting them on ebay.


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I must admit I thought these were the ugliest things I had ever seen and there was absolutely no way they would ever grace my feet....UNTIL....

A friend of mine came over a few weeks ago, wearing a pair and I certainly didn't miss my chance to ridicule her choice in footwear....what did she do??? Challenge me to try them on!!!:eek:

OMG!! They were so comfy that I ordered a pair online for myself and my daughter that same day....I love 'em - they're still ugly but the best shoes I've ever worn. My Mum, cousins and nephew now all have a pair because of mine!

Definitely worth the money but again, like others have said, they are half the price in the States so as my Aunt is coming over in a few weeks from New York I've asked her to bring me another couple of colours!

Bought a pair last year and wore them practically non stop for summer and autumn i have hip and back joint probs and the cushioning effect they give is marvellous would recomend them


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just wondering if any of you have bought the skechers model of these, if so are they as good,quality wise as thinking of getting these ones as they are slightly cheaper, bout £24 and some nice colours :)
The other half has Crocs...... 2 pairs, one is the normal pair with the strap round the back and the other is a like a ballet shoe/slip on type thing......

Me personally i much prefer my MBT's
Take a bit of getting used to when you first have them on but they encourage you to walk correctly and upright and it helps with muscle and back problems if you have any.

A bit pricey around £135 a pair........ and how many pairs of trainers do you know that come with an instruction DVD?!!



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I LOVE my crocs and I'm thinking of getting a black pair as the ones I have are pink and don't "go" with everything, lol. ie. a red shirt :rolleyes:

My husband and two older children also have a pair and today we bought our toddler a pair as well. :D
I love my crocs, bought a pair (fuschia pink) just before my hols and wore them all week, so comfy and light. On Saturday we were out all day and did a lot of walking and my feet were absolutely fine in them, even in the Spanish heat. Will soon be getting another pair for certain.

My DD (12) thinks they're awful and won't admit they're comfy after trying them on :p


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we were talking about these at work today because our supervisor wears a pair of bright orange ones that do not go with anything she wears but she swears by there comfiness :)

ive seen black and white ones in the market for a tenner but i know theyre not the real thing, i ight go try them on and see;)


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Well I have trouble when my feet get hot and sweaty then get blisters.....do you still get blisters with these or are they a magic solution to dry feet ....lol.
Crocs are supposedly made of anti microbial material, so technically shouldnt encourage athletes foot. However i would imagine that they keep your feet quite moist, which would be good for dry skin. But it really depends if it really is dry skin, athletes foot, or cracked heels Sonya. If its athletes foot you suffer from, stay away from Crocs (because they probably make the feet sweat more than usual, even if they are antimicrobial) and go for a more natural material that will draw moisture away from the feet, eg leather. If its dry, cracked heels you suffer from, you need to get a foot file to file the heels, and apply a foot cream containing urea (eg flexitol heel cream, ccs cream), urea being the magic ingredient to replace the moisture lost from cracked heels. If it really is just dry skin, go for crocs! Hope this helps!


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no just sweaty feet syndrome....lol, then they slosh around in your shoes and end up with blisters, no athletes foot and i moisturise my feet daily so no cracked grotty heels....lol.

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