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Cross with myself


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I'm so annoyed with myself. Having started really well for the first 3 months, the last 2 months I've really messed about on this diet. I'm finding it so hard to be strict again - and feel really cross that I ever came off it for my birthday, as since then I've found it really difficult. I know I've struggled in my head as well, because of seeing myself as big, but I'm slowly working through that one. Anyone got any tips for how to get back on the wagon and stay being strict (after faffing). I'm now 1.5 days back into TS and keep wanting to pick at something /stretch the boundaries or just outright jump off the wagon altogether.

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Try and remember all the reasons you wanted to do TS for in the first place. You have done so well and have come such a long way to give up now.

Lots of people talk about sabotage when they get to a certain weight....are you sure it is not actually this that you are struggling with and not the actually getting back on the diet?

You obviously have the sheer will power and determination and im sure you just need to get things straight in your head again and you will be able to get back in the zone chick!

Good luck...xxx
Oh hun I know what you mean.... I have 99% and 95% days. I have an agreement with myself that on 95% days I will do a WS day, no carbs or anything not allowed on the WS ketogenic list. On 99% days, it's coffee with milk. As much as I struggle I know that 95% is doable (once a week). I was starting to see WS food as the "forbidden fruit" and I don't want to be Eve lol, we all know what happened to her. Be honest with yourself Rachael, like you have been so far, that if it's hard you will do WS and stay away from the baby's milky stars lol. HTH x
What about trying Beck along side it as motivation? It's working to keep me on the straight and narrow. Or is it time to move onto another diet perhaps if this one is no longer working for you right now?
You've do so well so far and I think there is a tendency to slack once you've had a break. The motivation has to be pretty high to keep you on track.

The thing to remember is that you're not depriving yourself; you're choosing to do this. You can stop it at any time. You can eat at any time. Do you want to do that or do you want to lose weight? I find it easier when I see the diet as a choice. Of course I'd like to order a pizza now and I will in about 4 months time. Today however I am choosing to do this diet.
Rachel - you've had a blip but don't beat yourself up about it. Try and focus and make it 100% through each day without straying - keep remembering how great it was to get to your last baloon......a couple of weeks back on track and you'll get to No7 - keep your chin up and if you really want to get to baloons 7 and 8 and whatever else comes after that then you WILL do it - don't start doubting your focus now particuarly after how far you have already come!!!
I'm finding it hard to be 100% after a few weeks, you have done so well. My mantra is summer's round the corner and this year I will not be envious. Have already picked out the maxi dress I want to buy from monsoon and if I dont get it in a 12 I wont get it at all. (Am also looking forward to not chafing)


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Thank you all :) I think you're right about it still being some of the sabotage going on. I went charity shop shopping this morning, and have found a lovely suit for work in a royal purple which I love. It's too small for me at the moment, but I've bought it to try and give me a soonish goal to get to. I can't wait to wear it to work, as I love wearing bright colours, and most of the work clothes I have at the moment are darker / duller colours.

I'm half way through day 3 back on TS, and my energy is starting to come back and my breathing is better too; I am so determined to see this through and work through whatever issues it's showing up.

I bought the Beck audio CD a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't started listening to it yet. I've just put it on my computer now, so starting to listen to it now.

Little one's asleep, so think I'll do some embroidery and listen to it now.

Thank you for your encouragement :)


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Your weight loss in an inspiration to a lot of us here on this site. Just imagine what you would say to the post if it wasn't you writing it. Think about how you will feel afterwards. I know you have lost a huge amount of weight and people will be saying "hey you look great", "you are thin enough" "you can't afford to lose anymore", but you feel like you have a way to go. Stick with it, don't cheat and get back on the wagon.

Easier said than done I know. I came back from holiday and started again on Thursday. I lasted 6 hours :( I have subsequently ate more at the weekend than I did on my whole holiday. Day 1 (again) for me today and what did I do?? Forgot my shake so had to have a packet of ham and a banana.

There is noting harder than getting back on the wagon. This is the 3rd time I have done a VLCD and each time it gets harder and harder. If I'd known how hard it was going to be, I would have kept my weight off the first time round !!
Thanks Mia, you're right :)

I'm really trying to imagine how it's going to feel, what it's going to be like, and trying to stick with it. I know I want to get to the healthy bmi for me, and find out what it's like!

Just working on a day at a time at the moment :)

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