I am supporting my husband all the way to lose weight,no choc in house and rubbish. Last night after a large healthy tea, he was going around the kitchen looking for somthing to eat, saying theres nothing to eat in this house, what can i have? I suggest having some water or do some thing to take your mind of it. So what does he do. A packet of crisps,big bowl of ready brek, tuna out of fridge, then crunchy nut cereal i give up :gen147:
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you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink.....not that your husband is a horse (obviously) I understand you are cross with him but he has to take ownership of his weightloss and pay the consequences when he doesn't.

Well done you though for being so supportive.


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It is a difficult one but you cant lose the weight for him. He will have "off" days and maybe having those "treats" will get him focussed again. Apart from the crunchy nut cereal and the packet of crisps, the other items are forgiveable.

Keep the support up andhopefully he will get back on track again.


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You need to give him some sort of incentive!

"A pound lost equals an extra hour in the bedroom!"

Well not quite, but you get the idea.