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  1. Sue9

    Sue9 Member

    Hubby doesn't want me to do this diet as it affects our social life- another words it stops him going out for a drink and a meal

    so tonight I'm sitting in the lounge with a glass of water and he's in the kitchen with a chicken curry

    nows he's gone to bed and I went in the kitchen for guess water MORE BLOODY WATER and he has left chicken curry in the pan which he never does. I grabbed a spoon got a spoon full of curry, opened my mouth then put it back in the pan and cried

    im sure it was easier last time

    I've drank that much water I feel sick
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  3. sweetpink

    sweetpink Gold Member

    Sorry to hear this, I don't really know what else to say other than it isn't up to your hubby whether he wants you to do this diet, it's up to you. You've made a decision to change your life and he should respect that regardless.

    Hope you feel better about it soon.x
  4. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    I have always found weekends difficult as most of them are spent eating out with family and friends and now I bring along my flapjack and have it with tea/coffee with skimmed milk plus plenty of bottled water...not a 100% perfect but it helps me stay on this diet and my sanity!

    The down side is that my weight loss is slower but I am a much happier bunny:)
  5. Markos

    Markos Member

    Perhaps he's scared. He may be scared that you'll lose weight and leave him; or he may be scared because he doesn't understand the diet and doesn't want you to get hurt. Explain the diet to him and why you're doing it - to feel better in yourself. If he still does things like leaving tempting food out, then that's something else.
  6. Sue9

    Sue9 Member

    I say stuff him. I've stated Wednesday morning and got weighed last night ( couldn't help it ) and I'd lost 4lb

    maybe I will get down to a size 10 and will leave him lol

    Think what if is is the social thing of drinking and eating out which we did every Saturday and Sunday which is why I'm in this blooming mess. I've told him we can go out but I'm drinking water and on the way home he can go then chippy because I'm not eating out

    i just need to get over this first weekend as I must admit cutting down through the week never bothered me and in my head it was " get to Friday and binge eat all weekend"

    people les who don't have weight problems just don't get how lucky they are

    boy don't I feel sorry for myself today - but things can only get better because I started this with
    falling out with hubby because he didn't want me to do it
    a really heavy cold
    that time of the month
    step at my front door crumbling
    being short staffed in work

    so anything now is an improvement

    i must say though I drank that much water I felt sick last night when I laid down to sleepsleep
  7. LCH


    Hi Sue - how are you feeling today?
  8. Sue9

    Sue9 Member

    Hi LCH
    im ok today
    got weighed this morning lost 5lb upto now in 4 days
    went out with hubby last night, drank water
    he brought chicken kebab meat in and the smell was mmmmm. Tried to get me to have one piece, then went to bed and left it in tray in kitchen, I threw it straight in bin
    said it's his worst weekend ever because we haven't been out to eat. I said I'm not stopping u. He is making lamb curry for supper I'm having a strawberry shake mmmmmm lol
    to be honest if you asked me what I wanted now I would say I'm not hungry. I think it's the fact that you can't have it
    water still making me feel a bit sick but not as much as yesterday. Think I might have drank a bit too much yesterday. Had 3 litres today and what I put in the shakes
    im going to get there this time
    My breath smells, I have a few spots but at the same time my body feels better, no bloating and feeling full
    hope your doing ok and thanks for asking
  9. LCH


    I am glad you doing ok? How much do you have to lose? I need to lose 3 stone which I did on LT three years ago so am really determined to do it again. 5lbs is a really good loss - you are doing well. And why is it those that should be supporting us don't? Scared I guess? Keep going and stick to it. I always find the weekends so hard. Looking forward to the next 5 days as it's easier when I'm working. Good luck and stay in touch :)
  10. Sue9

    Sue9 Member

    Hi LCH

    i want to get to about 10stone I think. I'm 5ft 3. Last year I was 13.8 and got down to 11.1.

    I did one week on this and lost 10lb then lost the rest on slim and save which is what I am planning to do this time. The only difference is last time I thought I could control it and do it by myself and I couldn't. When people asked me how I put my weight back on, it's simple, I love food. There isn't anything I don't like and my portion sizes are massive

    this time I'm going to join slimming world

    this is my plan
    1 week on here which will end on Tuesday night, I'm hoping for at least another 2lb which will take me to half stone. From Wednesday I'm going on slim and save as I have lots of products already in. Quite a good diet they do lovely banoffee porridge, chicken curry soup and chocolate bars

    to be honest I was going to do another week on this but if I'm only losing between 5 and 7 pound, I was losing 3 to 5 pound on slim and save and it wasn't as strict. Also I could vary it so on work days when I wasn't going oumnt I would do 4 packs. At the weekend I would have 3 packs and a meal out such as a small piece of salmon and veg. You can also have coke on that at Ribena plus. I just find it easier to do

    yes re hubby because he doesn't put weight on he is always wanting to eat out so this week he has been off Friday,Saturday, Sunday and today so we would have eaten out nearly every night but we haven't on any because of me. At least from next weekend I can have one meal out

    he has this thing about you only live once but I can't control what I eat and I love the big portions so I would be 20 stone before I knew it and I don't feel good when I put weight on I get really unhappy. This is my worst thing ever- it's a hot day, time of the month, I'm getting ready to go out for the day and I'm putting these pull you in things on and my tummy sticking out and the pull you in pushes all the fat round my bra which starts to hurt as does my tummy with the pull in. I'm trying to pull dresses that are far too tight on or lay on the bed and fasten jeans that are going to dig in my stomach.The longer you have the pull in on the more it hurts. It starts to dig in everywhere. Now that will make sure you keep to your diet lol

    even the 5lb loss makes me feel different, not as bloated

    what is your long term plan?
  11. LCH


    Hi Sue - I am just going to carry on with the lipotrim. Last time I did 4 months and lost 3 stone. I had a couple of days where I did eat in the 4 months but for 99% of the time was completely shakes only. It does work and gets easier with time. Unfortunately this week I haven't felt well so not been on shakes but not eaten either. Only lost a pound so am going to re-start on Monday and be 100% next week. I have got to get the weight nailed!! And am really determined. Loved your descriptions of how your clothes feel when you are overweight - I feel the same and really ugly at the moment because I do look so different when I am 3 stones heavier. Keep in touch as it's really good to have someone to share with - Louise
  12. Sue9

    Sue9 Member

    Hi louise

    started slim and save on Wednesday and I got weighed today and I'm gutted I've only lost a pound and I've kept to it 100% the admin says it might be because of the change from one diet to another but last year I lost 5lb on the changeover week. Haven't been on it for a week until Wednesday so might loose a few pounds

    im having 650 calories or less a day and 70g carb, 3 ltrs of water and two cups of tea with semi skim milk. On both diets having what we are allowed you can't but lose weight surely.

    I would have stayed on lipotrim but I go out with hubby every Sunday to eat. On slim and save you can have 4 of their packs a day or 3 and a protein meal such as steak, chicken and veg

    Mid September I am going to join slimming world I just need a bit of a start

    keep I touch on here so we can give each other support. Hope your feeling better


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