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Cruise phase


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Until you reach your true weight hun


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Thank you for clearing that up. Thats fine, hope it doesnt take too long, I have a tendency to stay the same weight, no matter what I do, I put all my weight on during pg and my body just never seems to let it go. After my first son, I lost it quickly because I could just walk all day and not eat much, with my 2nd son it was a bit more difficult as I had a part time job, 2 kids a husband and a house to look after, with my 3rd we lost her and I had put a stone on as I was 29 weeks when she was born, I didnt care about an extra stone all I wanted was to be pg again, so when I eventually did get pg I put on a perfectly normal amount but no matter what I do It will not come off. I have stayed the same weight for 5 years now. I am fabulous at maintaining, just crap at loosing. This is my last attempt at dieting, and when my youngest goes to school in August I will be able to walk all day again, sod the housework!


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Hi Cathy,

yes you're in cruise mode now till you reach your goal. :D However Dr Dukan does say (Jo will correct me, my book is at home!) you can 'start over' with an attack if you have slipped or if you are stuck for 10 days or more.

You said you're a good maintainer. Me too, I've been maintaining at 74-76 for years, lost all pg weight and more after first pregnancy without trying, but after both pregnancies, despite losing the weight, the mummy tummy stayed... So this is my one and only attempt to shift it and go to a weight I have not been for 20+ years (aaargh, oldie here). I am just fitting comfortably into my 'old old' (sizing is different) sz16 shorts so something is working :). New size 16 shorts I can pull on without undoing the buttons now! Wierd experience.

I'm going on holiday next week, luckily it's self-catering and I intend to be strong, but I accept that I'll eat some things that are off limits (real bread!!) so when I come back I might have to do a bit of catch-up! The scales are staying at home too!


** Chief WITCH **
Remember to post your menus each day...

Ref restarting and doing attack periods ad nauseum - best not... keep it in mind for a REAL problem a long way down the line (but it's too often used and abused... and it doesn't work indefinitely alas...)


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Thanks, yes I had already decided that the attack phase was just that, and could use it if I had a couple of pounds to quickly loose for a special occasion, or if I had been on holiday and needed to get back into it. I am finding it really easy, I do eat mainly protein, fish usually and never eat bread , so its not difficult, the only thing I really miss terribly is crackerbread and cheese :(, everything I eat usually is low fat , lol, I should be at target already by looking at it written down. I will do it, and this time I am not telling anyone in real life that I am doing it, everytime I do that I fail :)
Stick with us Cathy :)...these girls are wonderful :) I got warm fuzzies today....want to give each and every one of you a GREAT BIG CUDDLE!! :D


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we love you too. Isnt this site great :D has been my life since january!


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its addictive!!!!!! better than food though. real friends who go through the same you do :F


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deffo. im up for that. where you at in the country hon i cant remember x


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lmfao i Love it. south yorks? Im more like north yorks x
ooo I'm in Yorkshire too

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