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Cruising for Eternity

My Introduction: It's a long one!

I started on the diet back last summer. I found that I lost a lot of the weight, just very slowly.

(I should point out that I'm PCOS and I guess this may be why it was tougher to shift the weight, especially the last few pounds!)

I stuck to the diet absolutely to the word, I didn't slip up or cheat once and to be honest, I wasn't really that tempted to - I'd much rather keep downsizing my wardrobe than cheat for a piece of cake :D

So, anyway, I was doing pretty well, I'd passed the plateau that I'd been stuck at for some time, and as it approached Christmas I was only 6lbs from my goal weight!


After Christmas I becamse really, really sick with the Norovirus, and I couldn't eat or drink for days. I became very dehydrated and all I could take for fluids were icecubes.

I was advised, medically, that the only food I should attempt to eat was potatoes, rice, white bread, and Rich Tea biscuits - basically every Dukan don't :(

I had no choice, the oatbran, yoghurts and eggs made me too sick, so I had to follow the advice and go on a full carb and starches diet whilst I recovered.

Due to the lack of intake of fluids and diet of every conceivable wrong food type (not to mention zero exercise) my weight bounced up - by another 6lbs! I tried to go back to PP/PV but still didn't shift a single pound :mad:

So, here I am: Starting again with the attack phase.
I officially have 12lbs to lose!

Breakfast: Oatbran Galette
Snack: Vanilla yoghurt
Lunch: Ham, Ham, Ham!
Dinner: Grilled Chicken
Snack: Vanilla Yoghurt

Exercise: Running

I hope I get there this time!
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Good luck with getting started again. Have you checked your 'true weight' on the Dukan site?

I wouldn't rely on ham as main protein source in a meal - too salty/processed. Best to have a slice to accompany something else rather than 'just' ham (plus would imagine it's not very filling).
Thanks for the replies everyone :)

My weight on the Dukan site is within the boundaries. It's also a weight I have maintained before for a long time, too.

And regarding the ham for snacking... it meets the criteria set in the book :)
Usually I would have it with a little something else, but as this is the attack phase, I'm sticking as purely to protein as I can until I move on to PV!

I wasn't aware on the dukan site that they set weight "boundaries" he gives you a plain and simple weight to aim for....not a ball park area..with you being 5' 8" i would imagine the figure to be higher than your goal...
Thanks again for the responses everyone :)

On the Dukan site (at least the last time I used it, last year) if you set your target weight as something quite low, it won't calculate the weight for you.

So, if, for example, my aim was to be 100lbs, the site would simply would state that it was too low for me.
My target weight is within the boundary of a realistic attainable and sustainable weight.


Breakfast: Oatbran Galette
Snack: Ham - yes, more ham!
Lunch: No lunch - lazy day Sunday and not hungry enough for 3 meals.
Dinner: Sirloin Steak and Grilled Chicken :p
Snack: Vanilla Yoghurt

Exercise: Running - and it was freezing!

Spent the day in London, so many great places to eat - lucky I took my packed lunch like a schoolgirl whilst my husband raided McDonalds :D

Breakfast: Oatbran Galette with yoghurt
Lunch: Grilled Chicken, Ham, and Yoghurt
Dinner: Chargrilled Chicken

Exercise: Does walking around the city for 7 hours count?!


Breakfast: Oatbran Galette with yoghurt
Snacks: Ham
Dinner: Italian Chicken
Snacks: Yoghurt

Exercise: Stuck to the exercise bike tonight for 16km!

Thanks guys :) I'd like to think that my trek around the city, not least the limitless amount of stairs on the underground would be great exercise, diet or not!


Breakfast: Oatbran Galette, Yoghurt
Lunch: Ham Omelette
Dinner: Home-Made Steak Burgers
Snack: Yoghurts

Exercise: Running.

So, after 5 days on the attack phase, I finally braved the scales: I am now 4lbs lighter.

Moving onto the cruise phase now... hopefully I can keep losing!
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Since I finished with the PP 3 days ago. I've moved onto PV/PP again.

Thursday: PV

Breakfast: Oatbran Porridge
Snack: Yoghurt
Dinner: Indian Chicken with Spinach, Spiced Swede Puree and Mushroom
Snack: Oatbran Galette, Yoghurt

Exercise: Running

Friday: PP

Breakfast: Oatbran Galette
Lunch: Scrambled Eggs and Ham
Dinner: Thai Spiced Chicken
Snack: Oatbran Porridge

Exercise: Running

Saturday: PV

Breakfast: Oatbran Galette
Lunch: Thai Chicken
Dinner: Garlic Chilli Chicken and Prawns with Spinach and Leeks
Snack: Oatbran Porridge, Yoghurt

Exercise: Uh... does walking whilst shopping count?!

So with the initial loss of 4lbs after the renewed attack phase, after the three days of PV/PP/PP I've lost another 1lb. Only a little, but still a loss!


** Chief WITCH **
Excellent loss.

Swede? Is it in the English allowed list?

Garlic chilli chicken - sounds divine. Please elaborate!


** Chief WITCH **
Interesting cos it's got more carbs in it than parsnips!


** Chief WITCH **
It seems to work out so long as no one person abuses on all the queried substances in one meal! So don't eat ham, swede + Muller lites together EVER!

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