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crying at work again :(


can see the end in sight!
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i know how you feel hun, i hate mine too. one of the main reasons im moving back to australia in december is because of the lack of good jobs about. pretty depressing! don't cry though, think of your holiday!


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What job do you do hun?

Think of it this way: at this point in time, what would your life be without a job? No Money, increasing bills, turning into debts no doubt, no CD (you wouldn't be able to afford it) and you'd be miserable.

Keep your eyes pealed for something else and actively seek out work, but until then keep strong hun.

Hugs x x x


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its hard to talk about it at the mo as i am at work but i will have a rant when i get home xxx


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ok so now im home! right i work in a betting shop, i have been there a year, i received next to no training before my then manager got fired, which left just me running the shop (there are now 2 of us but i work mon-fri) and a customer came in today asking for a bet i had never heard of as it was a special bet, so when i asked my boss about it i still did not understand it as it involved the distance that the horse run by being converted into "points" anyways i got shouted at on the phone for arguing when i was infact not arguing i was just saying that i still didnt understand.... anyways ive not been feeling well either and all that ontop of everything i have done for this shop just really bloody annoyed me.. ill give you an example of just 1 of the things ive had to do there.... an old man came in and used out loo (which is right next to my desk) and crapped ALL OVER the room, no joke, all over the floor and all over the toilet, even some on the walls. this was at about 10am, i called my boss to let her k now what had happened and said i would not be cleaning this up blahblahblah anyways i was then told she would be down in the evening to clean it up, which would mean me putting up with that mess/smell for at least 8 hours and obviously i couldnt do that so i went to the shop and bought bleach, gloves etc and cleaned it. i felt so sick! i mean im a customer service assistant not a toilet cleaner! ARGHHHH this is what im so annoyed about i try and do my best but my best is not good enough, if its not my boss having a go its her son or the head office you are treated like crap no matter what you do

REALLY sorry for the long post


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That is so so so so so awful, I wouldnt stand for that; but are the customers meant to use your toilet? I for sure would never let them use it again thats a definate!! What a disgusting pig do you think he'd lost a lot on a bet?!

U poor thing....not sure what to say really; I imagine its not the prettiest of environments in a betting shop!

You were right to ask questions, thats really out of order they had a go at you like that; are you going to say something? x
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I am so sorry about that.

I hate my job too. My boss hates me and I am soon not going to be able to face it anymore if something doesnt change.


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and i live in the middle of knowhere, i have an overdraft to pay and i owe the bf money for a laptop... so i cannot afford to quit without another job to go to grr. also i should have mentioned the guy that crapped all over the floor was an old man who was ill i think, but he didnt have the decency to tell me what he had done or even say sorry, and yes customers use the toilet there is only 1 so we all have to share which in its self is nasty, literally you have to walk thru the "bathroom" (one toilet and a sink) to get behind the desk it is literally right where i sit to work grr


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ps thank you for the rep comment who ever gave it xxxx


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aww ta :D and there is no point in saying anything, nothing will change and they will fire me the first chance they get i reckon, and i hate feeling like that, ive worked over 70 hours a week once just to help them out and i have 99.99999 percent of the time been able to help them out at short notice, last year i had to work on my b day even tho i asked for it off, our holiday booking system consists of asking your co-worker for the time off and if they say no then ur probs not going to be able to have it off, with only 2 of us that causes problems... sorry for the rant guys i am looking for other jobs but failed at so many interviews, it gets very disheartening this is only my second "proper" job hrmphh xxxx

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