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  1. crystaltips

    crystaltips Member

    Hi all

    I finally decided CD was the way to go for me and went for my 1st WI and into to my CDC. She's very nice but very strict!

    Shock horror OMG weighed in at 13st 9.75lbs (im only 5ft tall) making my BMI 37.5! I was told this was very high:(

    Have now got over shock and am determined to get back to a healthy weight. I start on 790 2morrow. Its going to be very tough as my goal weight is 9st 2lb so have got 4.5 stones to lose:cry:

    How did I ever let myself get this way?

    Well wish me luck for my 1st day. I'll keep posting my progress. I need all the support I can get and this seems to be a gr8 place to get it.

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  3. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

    Goal Weight:
    measure up
    Hi welcome and well done for starting a diary.....I will keep popping in to see how you get on. If you are determined to lose the weight you will.
    Be strong and drink plenty of water.
  4. crystaltips

    crystaltips Member

    Day 1

    Woken this morning with a bowl of dry special k from my 3 yr old daughter. Resisted these and had a glass of water and tried a strawberry shake. Only used 1/2 a pack and lots of water and ice. It was really nice. Think I could be quite happy with one of these every morning. Will have the other 1/2 when I get desperate later.

    The sun is shining and I feel gr8 and really motivated. Lets see how I feel later! :)
  5. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Its a lovely day to start CD, well done on starting your diary as well, dont forget, if you need anything just shout, we are always here!

    Good luck, how long are you doing 790 for??
  6. crystaltips

    crystaltips Member

    First day went really well. Kept to packs, drank loads of water. Felt hungry at tea time and in the evening but resisted temptation even when making packed lunches for kids.

    Woke this morning feeling really hungry. Had 3 glasses of water and 1/2 cup of green tea and felt a bit better. Just had 1/2 cappacino shake - really nice. Lets hope today goes as well.
  7. crystaltips

    crystaltips Member

    Day 3

    Felt really ill last night. Have now got bladder infection :(

    :confused: drinking loads of water. Back on antibiotics - lot number 4. Doc says to drink cranberry but im not allowed. Only had 2 packs as was not hungry.

    This morning felt really sick so had a cup of tea and a piece of dry bread. Could not face a shake. Felt a bit better, think blood sugars really low. Will carry on and have 2 packs today. Have not fallen off the wagon completely.
  8. crystaltips

    crystaltips Member

    Day 4

    Help! I'm really struggling. Managed to get down a shake but the thought of them now makes me feel really sick. What I would do for a smoothie instead. Tried to make crisps out of tom soup and they were awful too.

    I've got loads of housework - so much I don't know where to start.

    This is not a good day :cry:
  9. crystaltips

    crystaltips Member

    Day 6
    Read up on JUDDDers forum and think this may be the way forward for me.

    I am going out tonight so today will be my UD. Just had a smoothie for breakfast - heaven :p

    I probably won't weigh myself tomorrow, just after a DD.
    Not sure what to to tell CDC. I'll see how it goes over the next couple of days before monday.

    Feel much happier :D
  10. crystaltips

    crystaltips Member

    Day 7

    DD today. Feel ok about it. Had van shake so far. Am hungry, am tempted to eat but am not going to. I just keep thinking I can have something nice tomorrow and hopefully that will keep me going.

    Will weigh myself tomorrow to make sure the weight is still coming off after eating yesterday.
  11. crystaltips

    crystaltips Member

    First WI
    My scales say I am 7lb lighter than my CDC so I will go with these.

    Told my CDC going to leave diet for a bit - its not quite working for me at the minute. I think I will just try and lose weight by myself for a bit
  12. crystaltips

    crystaltips Member


    I am so useless :cry:

    Was so exited about CD but all thats happened is my ED has raised its ugly head again.

    I cheat - I'm sick - I cheat - I'm sick

    How can I get out of this vicious circle?

    Already put 2lbs back on

    I need serious help

    I'm just a failure:mad:
  13. morphing

    morphing Loving it!

    Hey hun,

    How are you doing? Don't be sad. Try and put it behind you and regain your enthusiasm. You can do this, you really want it.

    Good Luck
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