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CsiKitty's Diary

The more I look in the threads on this site the more I like it, great idea having peoples personal diaries on their own threads, I think Im going to like it here :D

My journey began on Thursday 14/5/09 and I went to the Slimming World Class which is directly across the road from me in a function room. I really didn't have any excuse not to go did I! Ive never been to SW before ever and Ive done weight watchers for what seems like forever and then slowly gave up. I moved into my new house 2 weeks ago and managed to lose some weight on my own but decided to give SW a chance. As they say a change is as good as a rest, and in this case I'd had a rest and put weight back on in the process, so now for the change! lol.

My consultant is a guy called Rob, I think, and I was a bit worried at first but for no reason as he seems to be really lovely and has a sense of humour which is important to me as I love to laugh!

I am on day 3 now and so far I have done my best sticking with it. I had to start the weekend when I was going out camping on a bike rally but I took chicken and rice with me to cook Sat nite and this morning we took our own cereal to have :) I did drink a bit but inside my syns as far as I can remember hehehe.

I dont really think this diet is much different from what I've been doing the past month or so on my own anyway and I've lost about a stone doing that so I think things will be good! :cool:

Im intreaged by Thursday's weigh in now to see how this new diet will work for me...
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Welcome to SW and to MM's, you're right - both are great!!

Good luck for WI and let us know how you get on. x
Ive just been through my cupboards, fridge and freezer and written down all the food that I eat that is in them. I was getting annoyed having to pick my book up every 5 minutes to see whats free on what day etc etc. so ive written it all down and put whether its free on green or red days and if it had a syn value. Should make things a bit easier for me now :)

I want it to be Thursday so I can see if Im doing things right and what the weight difference is!


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hi their im in the same position, statred slimming world last thursday and im so exited to see if i loose anything this thursday hehe
good luck
Oooh my legs are sore, I spent half hour on the wii fit this morning and then me and the boyf went on a walk for about an hour around the villiage and the way back was all uphill! Back of my legs are sore now but suppose that shows its doing something good lol.
I feel like no1 on this forum really speaks to me, oh well, im still a noob lol.

anyway, i just went to the reservoir to have a little bike ride, now im used to bikes, just not PEDAL POWER. It was hard work and I had to keep stopping and Im so proud of myself!

Its strange but Im really eager to get to SW tonight and see what I've done. I want to lose at least 2 pounds, hope it will be more :D

Fingers crossed.



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Awww - I read your diary, keep on writing!

Good work on your bike ride, let us know how you get on tonight!
just made the syn free pancakes, taste more like egg custard to me but still quite tasty :) ive made myself a exercise timetable type thing and stuck it on the fridge. 5 days a week 30 mins on the wii fit. thats actually less than i do at the moment. Ive added 60 mins bike ride 3 times a week and 30 minute walk once a week just to fill in the gaps.

That bike ride yesterday, i thought i would be really sore today but actually im not too bad, i just seem to have a sore back when im sat up, going to have a lie flat and see if that sorts it out.


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wow, you had a great first week. Good luck this week, you seem to have set yourself an exercise challenge so hope it goes well:)
I really find it a struggle to know what to eat for lunch on red days.. but then i remembered eggs are free so i had an omelette with about a billion different vegetables in lol. mmm yummy! im sooo full now and i feel like ive been a bad diety girl but i know i havent lol. i was meant to ride the bike for an hour today, well i still will, but will have to wait till food goes down first lol. :D


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9lb in your first week! That's amazing! Well done!!!

I eat salad a lot for lunch - dont know if you like it. I do extra easy though but think this is ok on red - chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, (plus other salad stuff - I dont eat much of it!), parmesan sprinkled over (as a healthy extra) and if Im starved a jacket potato too (think that would be a hex or syned if you're on red rather than ee). It's lovely and quite filling and as you can have as much chicken and bacon as u like i dont feel deprived or like Im on a diet. You could also do a "fry up" for lunch if you're at home, bacon, eggs, tomatoes etc on red and you could even add potatoes and beans too if you do extra easy.

There's some good recipes on here actually for red days so you might find something in there that might help.
Ive been MIA havent i, lol. Had a shitty couple of weeks.
week 1 - lost 9 - hurrah, me = sw angel!
week 2 - put on 4! I was an angel as well :(
week 3 - lost 1! and i was a devil!!!!

been not in the mood but i saw the nurse today and she has given me the option of starting either Xenical or Reductil. So ive looked them both up and i wouldnt be able to take Reductil as it would screw with the Paroxetine i take. So i am going to go back to her and ask her for Xenical. I would never usually want to take something like this, as ive heard bad things about it, but i can always stop taking it if it doesnt work or i have bad side effects.

anyway, hollyoaks is back on lol tata for now.

Its really frustrating,

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