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Csn someone please tell me...

Its to check if your body is in ketosis (think that means its burning fat, stops you feeling hungry). Any colour of pink on the stick means you are. I joined class last night and none of the other ladies who are on week 2 pee'd on the stick either. Think its maybe dependent on counsellor.
Thank you will ask tomorrow night at weigh in :)
That is a bit naughty. Your LLC should have you peeing on a stick EVERY SINGLE TIME she sees you. :whoopass:

Make sure she does that - its for your benefit as it will tell you not only if you are in ketosis but if you are dehydrated too.

Thats not very good really - make her do what you are paying her for! :)


Guess who's back...?
I'm with Blonde on this... you/your LLC really should be monitoring this... if you are dehydrated (which this shows) it can mean all sorts of bad things for your system...

As for some background... the sticks measure the ketones in your pee - which are essentially the fat cells that are being burnt off when your body goes into ketosis (using fat for energy). The colour change is darker depending on the concentration of ketones... and therefore the more concentrated, the less water... the paler the pink, the better diluted and therefore hydrated. Women in my group panic if it is very pale - but essentially, if you are losing weight and if it changes even slightly- you are in ketosis and you will reach your goal.

Ask her to start doing ketostix - if not, you can buy a pot from the pharmacy and do it yourself each week - but really, as BL said - you are paying for the same as the rest of us and should be looked after properly!

A x x
My LLc did not make me pee on stix either, only when i lost 1lb.
But i bought some from pharmarcy, im not burning fat yet, because of on sunday, hopefully within a couple of days i will be!
Think this is very naughty of you LLC, we have to do it as soon as we come in and then show her when we get weighed. She told me this week I needed to drink more. Its really important for your health you get tested every week!
I didn't know they were supposed to do it, although I did see ketostix tubs lying about, so at least the people there can use them, I will make sure I use one next week.
:eek:Thank you for the info, I am going this evening for weigh in will also mention about kidney trouble I have had for the past week.

Does or did any of you suffer with aching bones and joints feel like I have been kicked all over?

Now I am getting worried that something isn't right, have found this about ketosis:



Ketosis is a process in which your body converts fats into energy. During the conversion, ketones are produced as a by-product. Ketones can give your breath a sweet, fruity smell that may be mistaken for alcohol.
Your body normally uses glucose to meet its energy needs. Glucose comes from the carbohydrate in your diet. A healthy, balanced diet should provide you with all the glucose your body needs, so that ketosis does not take place. However, if your body does not have enough glucose, perhaps because your diet is very low in carbohydrates or you are starving yourself, it will begin ketosis to obtain energy from its stored fats instead. As a result of this, the ketone levels in your blood will rise. Prolonged severe ketosis can be dangerous as it can change the acidity of your blood, which may eventually lead to serious damage to your liver and kidneys.
Recently, diets that recommend you eat lots of protein and very little carbohydrate have become popular. These high protein-low carbohydrate diets - known as ketogenic diets - are intended to work by forcing your body to begin ketosis to burn fats and create quick weight loss. Because long periods of ketosis can be dangerous to your kidneys and liver, ketogenic diets are never recommended by health professionals for more than short-term use, typically no longer than 14 days. Many nutritionists warn their patients - especially women in the early stages of pregnancy - against following them at all.
NICE guidelines state shouldn't do VLCD for more than 12 weeks, think LL now have a Low calorie week after 12th week where you use milk so that it is a low calorie as opposed to very low calorie diet. Sure there is a Q&A section on lighterlife site that may answer your question.
That is correct Minime. And as for that report - for every negative report you find about VLCDs you will find a Positive one.

Take all you read with a grain of salt - if concerned, speak to your Doc.

If it were dangerous, LL would not still be in business.

It is nutritionally sound, and if yu keep your body full of water, and eat all 4 packs a day - you should not be in any danger.

Personally, I have never felt better in my life. :)
The proof of the pudding oops sorry !

You can see from all the success stories whether it's good for you or not. As BL says you can always find evidence to support any theory. Don't read too much about it, just try it and see - it works. I have never felt better or healthier IN MY WHOLE LIFE.
Good luck.:devilangel:

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