Cup of tea


I will do this!!!
Me and my OH used to have tea made the same....semi skimmed milk and 2 heaped sugars. Now i have 2 sweetners and skimmed milk. Just had a cup of tea for me and the OH and realised i missed "normal tea so i had a slip of the OH's and OH MY was horrible!!! so sweet and sickly :jelous: Definately wont be having my tea like that again!!!
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go you!!! i did that the other day was at someones house where they had no sweetner and only whole milk it was gross!!!! lol


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I used to always have 1 & 1/2 sugars in my milk but I just can't stand it anymore! It's great when you realise how our taste buds have been retuned by SW!!


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I, for many years have only drank coffee and it has to be black no sugar, even if someone puts a drop of milk in it I cant stand to drink it, it tastes awful, its amazing what you get used to :D

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I have had to make a compromise with the milk as Hubby wont touch skimmed milk, so drink semi skimmed and Im ok with that. Full fat milk makes me gag and sugar is just rank!
It did take some getting used to, but I would never go back to full fat and sugar...ewwww!


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In our house there is no compromise on milk! We are extremists, I'll only drink skimmed, he'll only drink full fat. He also always refers to my milk as "skinny ****" milk, which after a while has seeped into my vocabulary, and I offered a guest the choice of full-fat or "skinny ****" luckily she saw the funny side!

I've only drunk skimmed milk for years now even when not on a diet, I think it was a leftover from when I did SW about 10 years ago. So you're right, you never go back!


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It is really weird isn't it how our tastes can change so quickly and we get used to changes after a while! A good tip for people who want to switch to skimmed milk but just find it too watery is to use the UHT skimmed- it's creamier for some reason, but the same fat content!