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im not pregnant but... when you have a baby i notice some people put on alot of weight and some dont put on much n get back to original weight after not long... is that due to genes or to do with yourself and what you eat, how you look after yourself etc??
Hi Charisma :)

I think it's a bit of everything really. Well it was for me. I have 3 kids and each pregnancy was different and very different as far as how much weight I put on.

First pregnancy I suffered terribly with morning sickness until the 5 month so I actually dropped a stone before I started to put any on. Put on approx 2.5 stone in total and after giving birth was immediately 19lbs lighter! Baby was 10lbs though!!:eek:

Second and third pregnancies I put on approx 3.5 stone each time even though I ate healthily I feel and worked up until 8 months. No morning sickness with either so I guess that had an effect compared to the first one.

All in all, although I was overweight before all 3 pregnancies. I did manage to shift what I had put on within about 6 months after giving birth. Just the rest of it that I need to shift now:rolleyes:

Lacey xx:)


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Agree - my two pregnancies are very different in terms of weight gain and losses.


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Well...think eating healthy helps to keep gains at a min.


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Right are you ready for it. My first pregnancy I put on 8 and a half stone (I know, I know), although I lost 3 stone giving birth and the other 5 and half stone I lost within four months of having my son.

My second pregnancy I put on 5 and half stone (again I know) and again lost 2 stone giving birth to my daughter. This time it has taken me two years to lose it all. I now weigh less than I did when I first got pregnant (with my son).

My excuse - water retention!!!!



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so is it harder to get baby fat off than normal fat or just the same?? also did u work harrd to get it off or did it come off quite naturaly while u was looking after baby!! :)


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To be honest it depends on you. With my son I was determined and therefore got the weight off quickly whilst eating what I did prior to getting pregnant (rather than eating for two ;)). With my daughter to be honest it too me too long to get into that mind frame. I decided in January I was determined to lose the weight and got on the scales weighing 13stone 13lbs. I am now 10stone 11lbs so you can do it if you want to.

Are you planning on trying?


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well id love to have one now and got nothing stopping me i just asked bout weight cause i didnt wanna be more unhappy with myself then than i do now!
If you eat sensibly there is no reason you will put on excess weight. In fact you may lose in the first few months (due to morning sickness etc).

Good luck



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Definately loosing it second time around seems harder.....keeping it off long term is my problem......going back to work, no sleep etc leaves you energy drained and eating kicks in.......


Don't worry, be happy :)
I put on very little weight with both my pregnancies, to the extent that afew people didnt even notice i was pregnant until they were told. Basically it was all baby. I ate basically anything i wanted during my preganncys, not binging but still had crap like Mcdonalds etc.

I lost the weight very quickly both births and was back into my size 14 about 2 weeks after, water retntion after birth made me totally balloon.

My biggest problem now is my jelly belly :(. It's like an apron and it feels like its gonna take forever to shift (if ever!) but I wanna be a yummymummy so i've got to get my act together. At the end of the day the flabby tummy and strechmarks are the price i had to pay to create the two most beautiful and amzing people in my life.

Good luck if your TTC.

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