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  1. pinkbaileys24

    pinkbaileys24 Full Member

    Hi everyone
    Can anyone tell me wot the current cost of LT is now? The chemist told me it had gone up, but was unsure of the price. I know it used to be £30 a wk. Is there also anyone who is smoking whilst on LT? And does it make a diff to the weight loss if you do smoke?
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  3. HappyNoodles

    HappyNoodles Gold Member

    Hi Gemma,
    I'm in Ireland so not too sure over there but here it's 65euro a week.
    Steeep I know BUT personally I'll be saving money cos I wont be going out on mental nights out, after work drinks, eating out with friends, ordering take aways or getting lunch in work.

    I'm also smoking while doing it-giving up everything at once, nooooo!!
    The pharmacist saw I said I smoke on the form but it wasn't mentioned. I doubt it affects weight loss, hope not!!

    Love Daisy,
  4. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    I do Cambridge which is the same principle and am a smoker, a heavier one since dieting!, and it hasn't affected weight loss.

  5. pinkbaileys24

    pinkbaileys24 Full Member

    Thanks Daisy
    The very thought of having to give up smokin as well as food stressed me out!!! Atleast now i can still have my little luxury. I dont mind spendin the money, from readin all the posts its def worth it. i cant wait to start it and lose weight. I have tried every single diet goin!!!
    Thanks for replies.
  6. HappyNoodles

    HappyNoodles Gold Member

    When are you starting, I;m tomorrow eeek soooo excited!
    More excited than I get going on hols. I'm not into faddy diets but this makes sense!!
    There's far too many sucsess stories to prove it!
    How much have you got to lose?

  7. LizzieB

    LizzieB Silver Member

    Hi, the price goes up to £36.00, not sure when though. In the next few days i think??
  8. pinkbaileys24

    pinkbaileys24 Full Member

    I will start it on mon, wanted to wait til the wkends ova lol and start the week a fresh. Not sure how much i need to lose yet, but i wud love to get down to a size 12 (am a 24 now). this forum has been a huge inspiration to me and all the stories. its so nice that theres motivation and support. Good luck with urs. how much u got to lose, daisy?
  9. HappyNoodles

    HappyNoodles Gold Member

    I'm size 22-24 and like you I wanna be about a 12. I'd still want to be curvey.
    I'm 18st 13pounds! I nearly died when the pharmacist told me cos before stepping on I said "eeek I'm probably about 17" cos I'd been 16st in August.
    Just shows how fast you can lash it on, I'm dedermind to prove now how fast it was be lost!:)

  10. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    Wow that's a big hike in price, from £30 to £36, thats a 20% increase! AND, it will be the old stocks they are selling first too, which obviously were cheaper once. I don't see how they can justify such an increase.
  11. LizzieB

    LizzieB Silver Member

    I know, its bad!! But i dont want to protest incase they dont sell them to me anymore!!! Dont know what i would do without my supply of lipotrim!!
  12. mummytummy

    mummytummy Silver Member

    I bought mine two days ago and payed £36, i asked why it had gone up and she just said that it hadn't gone up in years and it's due to postage costs!
  13. Julie84

    Julie84 Full Member

    I paid £30 on Wednesday but was told next week it would be £36 too. The pharmacist said the manufacturer was putting up the price and there hadn't been a price rise in ages.

    To be honest though, £36 is way less than I normally spend on food and drink a week - no more lunch at the pub Wenesday, no more takeways on Friday/Saturday night, no more meals out etc, or buying nice things from the supermarket on impulse - so I'm not overly concerned.
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