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Curves Back on Track


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I am sure I started a thread but i have ben searching for it for the past 30 mins with no luck. Anyway i am due to start ss on CD this tues. I really can't wait as i know it works (and fast). My Dr has signed the consent form so i now just have to wait until Tues. I lost almost 4 sones in 07 and am looking to lose at least 3 stones by Aug for my hols. I had my darling daughter (dd)6.5 months ago and I just want to be a yummy mummy!!! I will let you know my stats when i have them all done on tues.
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getting all psyched up to start tomorrow, i really can't wait to see the weight dropping off.xx
Thanks Lyn


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Hey good luck, I guess its tomorrow you start. Its much harder 2nd time around, but stick with it, hey you know it works, and think of your hols.

i got my packs today, i've not been well at all but i still went to pick them up to ensure i can start ssing this week once im feeling better. im so happy that im finally about to start. Nice to see there are new flavours. i bought a few strawberry silk cartons to try and a couple porriges, these didnt exist the last time i did CD. Thanks for all the encouragement guys. i've added my weight loss ticker. 19.6 can u believe it, i can't anyway the only way is down now.lol
i've finally started ssing. I'm so happy as i know now i've done a full day there is no going back. i had my choc tetra with black coffee for brunch, then i tried to have the porridge but it tasted horrible so i tried the strawberry tetra which was ok but atasted a bit medicinal but i think i'll get used to the strawberry. It's so hard to ss this time around with a baby. I'm going to need more will power. I keep visualising myself wearing all my lovely clothes i've been unable to wear which is incentive enough. I also had my before pics taken on Sunday night, it's funny as i didn't realise how big i've actually become, im huge!! im on a roll though

im still hanging on in there i'm quite enjoying it actually


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Well done on doing your first day! I'm restarting in 9 days and I have a baby too (although I suppose she's technically a toddler in 3 days when she turns 1!!) so it's nice to be warned in advance it's more tough! What have you found harder?


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Hey honey, finally tracked you down. Your little angel is gorgeous, and you are doing a cracking job :clap:
Thanks DQ xx
Sunflowers, she's such a good baby it's just that i've found it hard trying to fit the shakes in for 2 reasons, firstly at times when i finally get to sit down to have a shake, i usually mix the choc tetra with black coffee so i was used to sitting down with a flask of hot water and my tetra and coffee but now i keep gettin interrupted by my dd she either wants to be picked up or something, you know how babies are. secondly im sometimes so busy i dont feel hungry so forget to have a tetra so i then have to stay up late to ensure i have it. I guess it all comes with being a mumxx Happy bday in advance to your dd.


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Thank you, I can't believe it's come round so fast!

I was planning on having the tetras when she's eating breakfast and lunch and then having my SS+ meal when we're eating supper (we're babyled weaning so she's self-feeding). The last tetra I was going to have once she'd gone to bed - so fingers crossed it will all fit in..

Your baby looks beautiful in your ticker, very peaceful!
Thanks sunflower, yep im sure it will work that way as your dd is older, good job. Im still hanging in there and glugging the water, lol.
I know i should nt have checked but i did, i've lost 6.5 lbs already!! no more checking for me though. I'm still on a roll. I think i'll to get diff packs next time for more variety.


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Fab loss honey, well done :cool:
im going to get weighed tomorrow.
yipee 8lbs off, i'm loving it. Got 2 weeks worth of packs today so i'll see my cdc in 2 weeks time. im really happy. I was reading the 810 thread, im thinking of doing it. I'm still thinking it through.

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