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Curvy Chicken's Tale of HOW NOT TO DIET and how I got my dieting mojo back

If you look very carefully on mimimins, in the GI diet section you'll see that I was here two (or three!) years ago trying to lose weight through the GI diet. I was very successful, particularly as it was a diet without a support group (bar the support here of course!) and it was my first ever attempt at dieting. I went from 14 stone and 7 pounds to 11 stone 13 pounds.

In that period of weightloss I was obsessed with dieting, hated myself (convinced that a thin me would make me like myself) and I ate nothing sweet, apart from fruit. The GI diet offers plenty of sweet and even chocolate alternatives, but I went from being a small choc bar a day person to none.

Then of course the inevitable happened - the dreaded plateau! The weight stopped coming off and I found myself craving chocolate. I gave into my chocolate cravings and started eating it secretly.

I knew immeditely that eating sweet stuff secretly was wrong, but I felt ashamed of it. The weight stopped coming off and I when on my own I would eat highly calorific foods, sweet and chocolately food in large amounts. I was utterly distraught, but then my lovely, wonderful boyfriend did something amazing. For my birthday he had brought me sessions with a hypnotherapist - something he knew I had always wanted to try and I could have past life regression or use the sessions for whatever I wanted.

Still being diet obsessed I used the hypnotherapy sessions for weightloss, but in hindsight if I hadn't have used them for that purpose I am pretty sure I would have developed an eating disorder.

I realised that the best use I could get out of these sessions would be for some specific goals, so I asked for the sessions to help me stop eating choc/sweet stuff and to give me the courage to go to the gym as I was painfully self conscious and afraid to go alone.

Hypnotherapy worked so well for both of these things, I am now still now signed up to a gym - which I use without fear! But like most gym users, my use is patchy, however that is down to me not due to fear of using it! And I stopped eating choc for 18 months - impressive! I'm now eating again, but I seem to have reset, its just small choc bars or a piece of cake - not the whole boody thing!

Now I am in a much different place mentally. I am happy and I like myself, it really is ok to be me! Over time I my weight has slowly crept up again (14 stone!) but it no longers stops me from having the confidence to try new things or from doing anything I want to do. But I don't feel as healthy as I did physically when at my lightest and I feel I deserve to do the best my body!

So I am back, I am going to lose weight and I will at some point in the future I will be 9 stone. From all of the dieting mishaps above I have opted for weight watchers online, as I think moderation rather abstinence from sweet things is key for me. I don't have WW group near enough to me so here will be my support!

I shall update here regularly with my progress!

Rach xx

PS I would just like to say that I am not suggesting that the GI diet leads to eating disorders - it was my interpretation of it, plus the fact that I was diet insane that made it horribly backfire on me...
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Mumma K

Gold Member
S: 22st6lb C: 15st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 6st9lb(29.62%)
Hello and welcome back
its nice to meet you, I'm glad you have got yourself together now and that your ready to deal with losing the weight again
look forward to seeing you around and once again welcome :D


Minimin Addict
Hey, good luck with the diet :)
I'd love hyponotherapy, something i've always wanted to try. Do you think its worth the money? (i no yours was a gift but would you do it again)
Hi Nikki

I would absolutely do the hypnotherapy again, it was expensive (so glad it was a gift!) as it worked for me, I realise that I now eat chocolate again after I used some of my sessions to stop that, but 18 months off the stuff gave me some time to reassess and heal emotionally. And I would have never got near the gym without the hypnotherapy!

It definitely worked for me for the specifics I asked, I don't know how well it would work for something more vague...

Will go back one day and try the past life regression stuff.

Thanks for the luck :) xx

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