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Cute, but psycho!
It's scary, isn't it?

Just got a new bike, for the first time in years and to help my diet, which I've taken round the block this morning. Scary stuff. I remember when I was young that my bike was part of me and I just hopped on and off...but now I feel like the bike's actually in charge and I'm just holding on to it!
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Oh bless you!! How are you feeling after your ride? My bum always absolutely kills me when I go on my bike! It's got to be doing some good!!
Well done you. xx
Oooh well done on getting a new bike and actually using it.

I'm after a second hand one to just try out and see if I'll actually use it before I take the plunge and buy a new one. My plan is to cycle to work (5 miles each way) but I think I'll need plenty of practice before I do that. Did the traffic bother you?

My local council do free bike lessons for local residents, you can go to group lessons or have 1 on 1's and they'll tailor the course to your particular needs .... might be worth checking if your local council do something similar?

I was never off my bike when I was a kid ... totally fearless!

Jo x
my boyf has a bike and one day im going to get on it lol. my dad said he has a bike i can have but he hasnt brought it round yet but maybe i will get on the boyfs bike tomorrow if it ever stops raining! im used to riding a bike, just not the pedal power one! lol
I bet you'll soon get used to it Jes - do you have any country paths or spare land near you that you could practice on?

I only live 5 mins from a morrisons with a mahoosive car park so thought I might practice on there in an evening when its closed, just until I get used to the bike .... then I'll take on the traffic. Eeeek.
I'm a postie so I'm on my bike everyday and love it! I have legs of iron!! They solid, mind you I've been doing it 10yrs! I love my bike but it's different from my bike at home,different feel I get scared on that one! you'll get used to it and you'll be whipping through the traffic! Wear a Hi-Vis vest if you a little unsure ;)



Starting over
:greenapple:yay you've got your bike!

Try and practice off road or on quiet roads at first. Have you got any cycle routes near you? They can be a fun way of taking exercise, you can even take a picnic!
I live right on a coastal cycle route, it's fairly flat and we cycle 6 miles and have a coffee at a beach cafe, then stop at the pub on the way back:eek: then head home. Really good afternoon out, doesn't feel like a 12 mile bike ride.

Good luck:p
Fantastic Jes! It's great fun and exercise :D

I cycled for miles yesterday with my daughter.....abd today I've got serious saddle bum!! lol

K xx
My top tip is get a gel saddle. Ive had my bike since the new year and am getting more confident now.

I go on the roads when its not too busy and when it is I get jeered at on the pavement by pedestrians instead! Id rather be jeered at that squashed so hey hum.

Good on you, once you get in the swing of it you'll be addicted and those pounds will melt away! I double my weight loss if I go out on my bike for 5 miles a day, so its a great incentive :)
Well!!!! (LOL).. there's nothing like a bit of physical to get you nice and warm, and its also great for burning up a few calories .

Phil x

Phil x


A moaning old boot!!!!
Good on you gettin on your bike!!! Im too much of a chicken to go out on a bike so I have an exercise one in my living room instead!


Cute, but psycho!
Well, I've still only been round the block, once, so far!

It's been back to halfords, and had it's saddle lowered and it's handle bars heightened and yet it still feels too high when I'm on it but they've suggested that it's a confidence thing - so I just have to bite the bullet and practice more

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