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not the most interesting of topics (apologies) but anyone have any tips on what to do when suffering with really bad cystitis?? I've been to the docs this morning and am on antiobiotics but they're obv going to take more than 3hours to kick in!

I didnt sleep at all last night, was rushing to the toilet every 10minutes feeling so desperate for a pee that it hurts, then there's very little or absolutely nothing and it just hurts :-(

Any tips welcome - i'm drinking tons of water and the only time I feel a bit better is when im in a warm bath.

Signing off as a very tired and uncomfortable bunny x
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Cranberry juice always works for me. It's going to possibly blow SW for you for a few days but it's not nice and your health and comfort come first.

Hope you feel well soon x

P.S I just checked syn value for cranberry juice.

250ml Ocean Spray Classic = 6 syns (all plans)

250ml Ocean Spray Light = 1 syn (all plans)
ah thanks sticky! I have some cranberry light in so will get drinking. Fingers crossed the tablets start working before i go to bed tonight x x x x


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Lot's of Cranberry juice and I also take Cranberry tablets too, you can get the tablets from any supermarket or chemist, and lots and lots of water, I hope you feel better soon, it is so miserable having cystitis. X


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I used to get regular cystitis - so much so that it left me with kidney damage. If you get it regularly then I can recommend a book by Angela Kilmartin as it changed my life and I never get it any more.

But back to the immediate problem:
  • Drink one pint of water every 20 minutes for the next three hours to flush out your system
  • Get a bottle of potassium citrate mixture from the chemist - this is the generic equivalent to stuff like cymalon and is really cheap by comparison. Take this or bicarbonate soda in your water every hour during this period
  • Take a couple of painkillers and a hot water bottle will help
  • Cranberry juice is great as it helps to prevent the bacteria from sticking to the walls of your bladder/kidney
Hope you're feeling better soon as cystitis is hellish.
I felt compelled to reply because I feel so so sorry for you. Last time I had it it was horrific...wouldn't go away and kept bothering me for the best part of a fortnight (at times really bad, others just mildly annoying).........I hate it!
Also, last time I had it, I just want to say that even my usual Cymalon didn't work really...normally it sorts it out pronto. I remember running up to Superdrug on my lunch break and buying it and drinking a bit from the bottle in an alleyway on the way back to work, like I was a wino drinking out of a paper bag.....I was SO desperate. I'm a teacher and I thought I might kill one of my pupils or something if I didn't sort it out. Then I read (on here actually - thanks minimins) about the bicarbonate of soda in water and minging as it was, I'm convinved it was a great help to me.
Hope it goes soon,
thanks so much circes - would defo appreciate the name of the book as i've had it a few times and is getting more frequent.

Will follow your advice too.

biggysmalls - thats how i feel! i just want to cry its so uncomfortable, not the most adult response but its so awful :-( x
aw...hugs! It really takes it out of you too doesn't it.....leaves me knackered. I really hope the antibiotics kick in soon and that you have a better night's sleep


Strutting her stuff
The edition I got is out of print but there are newer ones and you could check your library to see if they can got hold of it,

The Patient's Encyclopaedia of Cystitis, Sexual Cystitis, Interstitial Cystitis: Amazon.co.uk: Angela Kilmartin: Books

Angela Kilmartin.com

I used to get a urinary tract infection about every 5-6 weeks and it was like having the flu every month. One time it was so bad a lost a stone in a week because I wasn't eating and throwing up all the time. It was endless courses of antibiotics which of course led to other problems (if you get my drift). The doctor actually gave me an emergency stash of antibiotics to keep at home should I have an attack and not be able to get an appt straight away. As an aside did you know that your urethra that connects the bladder to the outside world is only about 4cm long. In men it's about 21cm - no wonder we get more bladder infections!

Take care of yourself - it'll get better


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I can sympathise, it's like trying to pass barbed wire. The only other thing I'd add is use undyed toilet paper, and sometimes the chemicals in swimming pools and hot tubs can cause it.
brilliant thanks - just ordered a used one from amazon for a fiver so not bad at all!

poor you! I've been getting it every couple of months but it's particularly bad this time - often i can get rid of it by drinking loads of water as soon as I notice but its not worked this time. anywho, off to my water - thanks again x x
Bicarb of soda works wonders. I had it recently and am also a teacher - excruciating (sp?) never knew if i was going to get through a lesson without having to rush out. i was in real agony, felt sick for the whole time too. It lasted about a week even with me drinking cranberry and taking cranberry tablets too. Then my wonderful boyfriend did some research on the internet and looked up the bicarb of soda thing and he force fed me tonnes of the stuff and it worked almost instantly. Really brilliant and i know what to do next time now.

I really hope you feel better soon, its such a horrible thing. xxx
I use cranberry tablets but I also used yakult lite for 2 weeks plus bionetta immune vitamins which I have continued with - this has kept it away so I will continue with them. Good luck cystitis is horrible.

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